Unrecognizable, Adamari López boasts a new look and is told that with so much photoshop she does not look like her (PHOTOS)

Adamari López surprises so much with a new look that they even tell her that she looks unrecognizable Toni Costa’s wife boasts a mo...

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  • Adamari López surprises so much with a new look that they even tell her that she looks unrecognizable
  • Toni Costa’s wife boasts a movie hairstyle and makeup, but they criticize her use of filters
  • People are not satisfied with the host of Un Nuevo Día and they tell her about everything on the networks

The host of Un Nuevo Día, Adamari López, wife of Toni Costa surprise so much with a new look that they even tell her what she looks like unrecognizable.

The followers of the short after seeing a photograph that was published in the official account of the program in Instagram.

The postcard has been so successful that as of the afternoon of October 4, it already had more than 14,300 likes and more than 350 comments.

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

The most impressive thing for the fans was her face, since many people did not believe that it was the presenter, since some considered that they missed the application of photoshop and filters.

The truth is that the artist looks incredible with that change of look, in which her hairstyle and makeup stand out, which are surprising to the public.

To make the publication more interesting, the account administration wrote the following message: “We love the photoshoot of our @adamarilopez for @selectainsider, what do you think of that look?”.

In the image, the short girl appears with an impeccable white dress on the grass of some landscape, while she smiles for the camera towards the horizon.

People who saw the photo immediately reacted negatively, as they felt they used too many filters to make it look almost unrecognizable.

Then we leave you the first criticisms received: “It does not look like her”, “Who is she?”, “It does not look like her at all and bad pose”, “That photo is retouched, I mean it is not her, why They do that'”.

However, then came the most offensive and negative criticisms towards the host of Un Nuevo Día, Adamari López, since that photograph makes her look very different from what she is.

Then one person commented on the photo of Toni Costa’s wife: “Her face is, but her body is not, do your job as it really is, deceive yourself, she is beautiful as she is, with her defects or is it to sell” .

“She looks very different, she’s more beautiful how she looks every day”, “she doesn’t look like her at all”, “it’s not her, they look a little bit like”, “excellent photoshop, she’s already beautiful, I don’t understand why they have to make photoshop “,” they went over photoshop “, said various followers about the new look of Adamari López.

Others said: “It does not look like it”, “she is beautiful and simple, she does not need a photo arrangement … it does not look like it, they will not recognize her”, “sorry! But what an ugly pose, it doesn’t look real ”.

For one person it was evident the use of technological resources to make it look different and he wrote: “What? I mean, is that photo recent? Or it’s from another era, I mean more years ago because she doesn’t seem like her… Oh blessed, blessed photoshop, what would so many famous people do without you?

A new day

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

The results of that photograph were not what the administration expected and could be seen in the comments they made to the host of Un Nuevo Día, Adamari López, who showed off a new look.

“Too much retouching that it doesn’t even look like her”, “no, no, not that it’s that falsehood, she’s beautiful, why did you let Adamari see you differently?”, “The hair shows that it’s not Adamari’s, but It is very pretty “,” the photo is very well arranged “,” My God, but why so much photoshop? “were some of the expressions and questions of the people.

Some more said: “She is beautiful just as she is, unfortunately they remove the essence with the photoshop and make her look completely different. Let people see how they really are! Personal opinion “,” exaggerated photoshop “,” terrible. I thought it was sarcasm. Those photos are even strange from so much retouching ”.

The general opinion of the people was clear, who did not like that they retouched so much the photograph of Toni Costa’s wife, because she did not look like her.

“Very pretty, you look very different”, “they edit her photos a lot, it doesn’t look like her, she’s pretty and doesn’t need much retouching”, “I thought, who is that?”, “Finally without those little dresses at the waist… no It has and a not flattering length… She is nice but I don’t understand her looks ”, expressed more followers.

Toni Costa

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

But other people considered that the photograph was so well done that even Adamari López looked younger with her new look.

“She went back to the time of 18 years”, “as always with filters or putting her with photos when she was young, leave her alone, when she is fit she still needs a little bit”, “you look more stylized with long hair”, “too much make up, nothing to do with its naturalness “, more Internet users told him.

But one person defended the driver: “Waw very beautiful, she is pretty and photogenic, she does not need much and that she is full and that you have to look at the person for their values, which are many. Suffer the vivid ”.

However, the criticism continued: “But they gave her the skin, Morgana and she is white”, “naturally she looks prettier because she is so without the need for anything else.”

Adamari López new look

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

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