Unpublished photographs of Octavio Ocaña are revealed

Octavio Ocaña’s sister reveals photographs. Bertha Ocaña took the opportunity to show touching images of the actor. “There is no doubt th...

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  • Octavio Ocaña’s sister reveals photographs.
  • Bertha Ocaña took the opportunity to show touching images of the actor.
  • “There is no doubt that he was always the light, life, and angel that always gave that special touch to everything,” wrote his sister.

Bertha Ocaña, actor Octavio Ocaña’s sister, shared a couple of touching family photographs of “Benito Rivers” with her followers. She mentioned how special the memory of those photographs was. A couple of weeks after the death of the Neighbors actor, which has impacted the entertainment world, his family continues to seek justice.

On October 29, the Televisa actor lost his life after being chased by the Mexican police. Since then, the family has been on a quest for justice. They insist that there are several “loose ends” in the investigation. They also question the role that some law enforcement officers may have played in the actor’s death.

The actor’s unpublished images

Photo: Instagram

On Instagram, Bertha Ocaña posted a series of photographs of her brother and the special moments they shared as a family. The 28-year-old showed fans of Benito Rivers a couple of photographs from the XV year party, where 10-year-old Octavio stole the spotlight and people’s hearts.

Bertha said her brother took the escort role very seriously that day, and he never wanted someone else as his sisters’ escort. In the images she shared, one can see how little Tavo dances in the company of his twin sisters and escorts them during the celebration.

Also, in the stories Bertha shared, they were dusting the photo albums while being filmed by cameras from the lawyers’ office.

Unpublished images of Octavio Ocaña

Unpublished images Octavio Ocaña: What did Bertha share?
Photo: Instagram

On social media, Octavio Ocaña’s family often shares images of the actor and memories that they have of him by their side. This time, Bertha Ocaña spoke of the XV year party they had where Tavo served as his twin sisters’ escort. In the images, one can see how the actor is happily escorting the two young women, who were in matching dresses in different colors, while “Benito” proudly wore his gala outfit.

“Octavio was 10 years old, and we were turning 15. I still remember that we did not want to have escorts because we knew that we had the best one at home and it was him. Without a doubt, he loved the idea and promised to be the best escort,” Bertha shared on Instagram. Filed Under: Unpublished Octavio Ocaña Images

Unpublished images of Octavio Ocaña: “A special moment”

Unpublished images Octavio Ocaña: "A special moment"
Photo: Instagram

According to Bertha, Octavio rehearsed the waltz on that special day with his sisters. The young woman said that it had been a very special day for the family. She pointed out how the photographs show her brother’s dedication to his role as the escort. In the photos, a young Octavio is seen dancing with his sisters.

“We rehearsed a lot to to make it perfect, and everything turned out beautiful and perfect that special day. The photos speak for themselves. Today, I got out this album of that special day for the family again,” said the 28-year-old woman when she posted the images of the XV celebration 13 years ago. Octavio stole all the attention then. Filed Under: Unpublished Octavio Ocaña Images

Unpublished images of Octavio Ocaña: “We were lucky to have you”

Unpublished images Octavio Ocaña: "We were lucky to have you"
Photo: Instagram

In the description of the images that she shared with her followers, Bertha Ocaña explained what Octavio meant to them and their lives. She commented that he was always the light in their lives and that he added a special touch to the moments that he shared with them. Bertha felt lucky to have had Tavo as her brother.

“There is no doubt that he was always the light, life, and angel that always gave that special touch to everything. We were very fortunate to have you as a brother,” wrote Bertha Ocaña in the caption of the images she shared on Instagram. In the images, it can be seen how Octavio was surrounded by the twins and how much he enjoyed being by their side at that special party. Filed Under: Unpublished Octavio Ocaña Images

Unpublished images of Octavio Ocaña: “Your parents were very lucky”

Unpublished images Octavio Ocaña: "Your parents were very lucky"
Photo: Instagram

Bertha said that they felt extremely fortunate for the time they shared with Octavio. However, they still have a hard time understanding why he is no longer physically there. The young woman stressed that, with the photographs, they would always remember him. For them, it was a clear example that his memory would last.

“Your parents were very lucky to have you as a son. Although it is difficult for us to understand that you are no longer here physically, you will always be in every moment, in every memory, in every word, in every day we live. The sky is beautiful since you are now a part of it,” Bertha concluded in the post she shared on Instagram. Filed Under: Unpublished Octavio Ocaña Images

Unpublished images of Octavio Ocaña: His memory

Unpublished images Octavio Ocaña: The memory of Octavio
Photo: Instagram

In one of the photos, Octavio is wearing a black dress suit and plays his role as an escort. The 10-year-old Octavio is surrounded by his family. The photographs are moving, as they show the great bond between the three siblings.

The young women stand out in their pink and blue quinceañera dresses that flatter them. Two photos are of the three siblings dancing the waltz. The subsequent ones are still from the celebration, one of which is with all five members of the family. Octavio stands out in his dance with Bertha and in the company of Ana, looking quite happy in the church where the ceremony took place. Filed Under: Unpublished Octavio Ocaña Images

Octavio Ocaña had bought alcoholic beverages before he died

Octavio Ocaña and his girlfriend

A YouTube video addressed the many theories about whether the Vecinos actor was fleeing from the police because he was carrying alcoholic beverages in his vehicle and wanted to avoid being arrested. Some images show that on Friday, October 29, Octavio Ocaña did stop at an establishment where he bought alcohol.

“We are going to show you what Octavio Ocaña did before he died, before the incident with the police… Octavio made a stop on his way to a business, took a picture with someone … with these girls. It specifically says in the text to buy ‘the chelas’ in a store, and we have the exclusive photos…,” Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain are heard saying.

Fans saw Octavio Ocaña buying beer before he died

He bought beers before he died
YouTube: Gossip no Like

Journalists say that Octavio Ocaña’s own father authorized them to publish the photographs. They include images of the actor on the day of his death with two girls who recognized him. The actor from Vecinos kindly agreed to take photos with them, not knowing that they would be the last he would take before dying.

Wearing a black cap, a white shirt with black sleeves, and gray trousers, Octavio Ocaña can be seen minutes before his death, smiling with two girls who were Neighbors fans. However, a question arose about the date of the images because the actor was not wearing his iconic neon hoodie at the time of the tragedy.

The last photographs of the Vecinos actor before fleeing from the police

Octavio Ocaña before dying Neighbors
YouTube: Gossip no Like

“These photos show that he went to buy beer before he died. His father gave us permission to publish them, and he took them with the fans,” says Ceriani. Elisa Beristain weighs in on the matter of the sweatshirt he was wearing at the time of the tragedy.

“In these photos, many of you are going to say that he is not wearing the neon sweatshirt. He put it on later. This supports the text that we had exclusively presented before because many people tried to discredit this text, that he stopped there where these fans ask him for these photos and that he and his companions bought the chelas, that is, the beers,” states the journalist.

Another woman saw Octavio Ocaña on the day of his death

He bought the drinks that ended up killing Neighbors

A girl named Bethza, interviewed by the Chisme No Like hosts, said that on the day of the actor’s death, she also saw him go by in his car: “I saw him go by. It was more or less half a day, four or five hours before the pursuit. I did not see him drinking or doing anything improper,” said the girl who works at Azteca México and does psychic readings.

“He demands justice. He is very hurt. He is worried about a child and his partner, a child of about four to six years old, and he needs to be with the child. He needs to rest. He thinks that everything that he worked for has gone to waste and there is some very big intervention that does not seem fair to him. For that reason, he demands justice, and there will be, but it will take time … but he is not resting,” said the psychic.

More unpublished images of the Vecinos actor

Octavio Ocaña from Neighbors

Does it rob you of fame? In a video on social media, Galilea Montijo’s son “humiliates” Octavio Ocaña during his appearance on Televisa’s morning program Hoy. Did Galilea Montijo help his son do that to the late actor who played Benito Rivers?

On October 29, the unfortunate death of 22-year-old actor Octavio Ocaña, known for his role as Benito Rivers in the Mexican comedy series Vecinos, was announced. This happened after the actor crashed his truck, causing his gun to go off accidentally, killing him. HERE, YOU CAN SEE THE IMAGES OF OCTAVIO OCAÑA WITH THE FANS BEFORE HIS DEATH (Everything starts from minute 1:14:00).



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