He-Gifts: 9 Offbeat Stocking Stuffers Your Man Will Absolutely Love

Coming up with unique boyfriend gift ideas can be a high stress challenge. Here are 15 holiday gifts any guy will absolutely love.

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Stumped when it comes to boyfriend gift ideas? Gift-giving season is here which means lots of shopping and even more stressing. Well, look no further. We’ve done some digging for the perfect present so you don’t have to. After all, guys are not easy to shop for. Don’t be fooled by the fact that your man refuses to retire his ripped t-shirt from 1993, guys can be picky too. You don’t want to just buy them any gift; you want to buy them the right gift. And like it or not, the gift he really wants might not be the gift you wish he had. You’re going to have to think out of the box if you really want to make his holiday season merry.

While Thanksgiving just came and went, there is no denying that the holiday shopping frenzy has been going on for some time. In fact, the Washington Post reports, “A holiday shopping survey by Accenture found that 19 percent of consumers said they had already spent between $100 and $500 on holiday gift purchases by mid-September of this year.” Show offs. Other consumers have been busy, so it’s time for you to play catch-up. Fear not, we’ve got 15 offbeat items that your man will love this year. Happy gifting!

1. Fancy Glassware


If your man likes to indulge in a stiff cocktail or a tall glass of something special at the end of a long day (or at the start of a really long, and probably drunk, day) then give him something cool to drink out of. Plastic solo cups won’t cut it any more. You can treat him to beautiful Mixed Cut Double Old Fashioned Glasses  that he’ll use to sip his scotch. Either way it will take his cocktail hour from sloppy to sophisticated.

2. Ice Cube Trays

And what is a great glass of scotch without the right ice cube? Oh, you thought that store-bought cubes that you used to pack into a cooler at tailgates would cut it? Not so much. The right cube makes a big difference in how your drink tastes based on how fast the ice melts. Nobody wants a watered down whiskey. You can get inexpensive trays, like these Red Ice Cube Trays that make perfectly formed square cubes.

3. Personalized Artwork

15 Unique Boyfriend Gift Ideas for Xmas

If you and your man have been together for a long time you’ve probably made a lot of memories. And if you plan to be together for the long haul, you’ll want to keep those memories in a safe and highly visible place. For this holiday season give him something he’ll cherish for years to come by using past memories to create custom artwork. You can use one photo and turn it into a Warhol Style Panel or go to My Year Printed to create a one-of-a-kind print of all of your 2021 Instagram photos.

4. Speaker System

If your guy loves music then isn’t it time he listens to his jams on speakers that can do the music justice? Good speakers don’t need to be big, bulky or incredibly expensive. We can’t live without our Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker.

5. Nike iD Custom Sneakers

A close shot of men's tennis

Every guy loves a cool pair of sneakers, and you can kick that gift up a notch by creating a pair of customized Nike iDs (prices vary) in his favorite colors, style and with his name or nickname. It’s a thoughtful gift he’ll actually wear (without you having to bug him to wear it).

6. Spirit of the Month Club

For men who like their alcohol, there’s really nothing better than trying out new, delicious liquors. We’re not trying to turn your guy into a big(er) drinker, but it’s the holidays, you have to indulge him a little.

7. Birch Box for Men

15 Unique Boyfriend Gift Ideas for Xmas

For the man who doesn’t really know what he likes or needs and the woman who has no clue what to get him, go for Birchbox ($20mo). It’s a monthly gift where each month your man will receive a box (hence the name) of different personally grooming samples and one full-sized product. He’ll get to test drive different products and you can basically get him hundreds of manly gifts in one.

8. Steak Knives

Boys and their toys. We don’t really get it, but they love knives. At least if you buy him steak knives there is the promise of juicy steak. We love these Laguiole knives, which are classy, cool and top quality. Plus you can choose from a selection of materials and colors so you can find knives that fit his (slash your) style.

9. New Sweatshirt (that feels old)

15 Unique Boyfriend Gift Ideas for Xmas

Your man literally lives in an old sweatshirt from high school that is about to fall apart and smells terrible even though you wash it constantly. Sound familiar? We’re with you. Buy him something that feels old (aka incredibly cozy) but is brand new. Distressed sweatshirts look cool, feel great, fit well and aren’t harboring nasty germs or smells from a gym locker 20 years ago. We love these from Aviator Nation.

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