Unclothed! Aracely Arámbula receives the month of March from the bathtub as ‘God brought her into the world’ (PHOTO)

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Unclothed!  Aracely Arámbula receives the month of March from the bathtub as ‘God brought her into the world’ (PHOTO)
  • Aracely Arámbula welcomes March in a spectacular way in the tub with foam
  • The actress takes off her clothes and poses for the camera in the bathroom
  • The image was shared on social media

Actress Aracely Arámbula causes sighs on social networks, welcoming the month of March with the best attitude, and taking off her clothes to pose in a tub, full of foam.

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Once again the Chule demonstrates the beauty that he possesses, and is that constantly in his account of Instagram shares images showing off his incredible figure, being one of the most attractive celebrities in show business.

In the latest publication of her social network, the artist shows how to welcome the third month of the year in the best way, since as usual it is when the heat arrives, and Aracely knows how to welcome spring.

Aracely Arámbula takes off her foam bath clothes


The publication accompanied her with a message for her followers: “March has arrived, my beautiful family, wishing you infinite health. Pic by my adored director of photography from La dueña, and talented @mudodo. You are strange little mute, let’s go film ”.


Very romantic and knowing that the hot season is approaching, the 45-year-old actress poses for the camera naked in a tub full of foam, and accompanied by candles that illuminate the image.

Aracely Arámbula takes off her clothes tina foam 2


Although he appears taking a relaxing bubble bath, he never loses style as it is necessary to highlight the hairstyle he achieved with some horns very in the style of the nineties.

Once again, the actress Aracely Arámbula caused sighs to her followers thanks to her publications on Instagram, and that is because Chule always knows how to make people look at her and take advantage of her great beauty.


Aracely Arámbula tina. Several Internet users were present in the comments of Aracely Arámbula’s publication where she decided to share the image that boasts her naked beauty in a tub.

Aracely Arámbula takes off her clothes tina foam 3


Some took the opportunity to send good vibes to the Mexican actress: “May it be the best month, my queen. With your beloved children and my Coco, kisses and hugs !!! ”.

Some showed their admiration and pride for the beauty of the actress: “How proud to have an idol like”, “Hot what a good bath at the beginning of the month, good morning”, “How rich you look baby.”

“What a desire to be there”, “My beautiful girl “,” My Favorite Doña “,” March is here, many blessings for you my beautiful Ara “,” my beautiful and beautiful lady “,” Oh but what a beautiful, Happy month of March beautiful. It is your month “,” Infinite health and happy month of March my beautiful Aracely “,” You are a beautiful my beautiful love “,” Happy beginning of the month. HAPPY MARCH ♡ May the blessings and love be infinite “,” Few days until your birthday “, were some of the comments made by his followers.

Archived Aracely Arámbula takes off her clothes in a foam bath

The Mexican actress and singer shared a photo without clothes

Aracely Arámbula tina. Previously, the Mexican actress and singer Aracely Arámbula shared a photograph “how God brought her into the world”, which shocked her followers and provoked all kinds of comments when she appeared without clothes, including those of several celebrities, such as Maribel Guardia.


Through their social media, Luis Miguel’s ex, 45 years old, left nothing to the imagination and uploaded a black and white image that to date has more than 250 thousand likes.

“For a 2021 full of Health, abundance and well-being, my beautiful Ara family. That his work is not confused with his life, nor the value of things with their price, that they are not believed more than anyone else, because only the ignorant do not know that we are nothing more than dust and ashes ”.

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