A typhoon hits Shanghai and floods the city’s roads (PHOTOS + VIDEOS)

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  • A typhoon hit the city of Shanghai in China, flooding the roads.
  • About 500,000 people have been transferred to shelters.
  • Flights and trains were canceled and many offices were closed, including the US consulate in Shanghai.

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated from their homes after a strong typhoon dumped heavy rain in the Shanghai region on Monday, filling roads and low-lying areas with water and knocking down billboards and signs in its second impact in eastern China.

Authorities in Shanghai, a city of about 26 million people, canceled flights and trains and closed many offices, including the US consulate in the city, said NBC News.

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated because of the typhoon in China

Photo: AP

Schools and kindergartens, parks and the famous riverside Bund also closed. About 500,000 people have been moved to shelters due to the storm hazard and others have been asked not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary, The Associated Press reported.

“We will do everything we can to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property and we will do everything we can to minimize disaster losses and strive to achieve the goal of no deaths and few injuries and economic losses,” he said. Yuan Jiajun, secretary of the Zhejiang Province Communist Party on Saturday, state media reported.

Winds have felled more than 30,000 trees

thousands of evacuees
Photo: Twitter

Local authorities said the winds have knocked down about 30,000 trees, 268 billboards and store signs. Power outages affected 110,000 users, with 12,700 homes still without power. Subway services in Shanghai were partially suspended to prevent possible flooding.

At noon, Typhoon In-fa centered about 60 kilometers (37 miles) southwest of Shanghai, with sustained winds of about 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour. It made its first landing on Sunday in Zhejiang province, south of Shanghai, then moved north through Hangzhou Bay before making landfall again at the southern tip of Shanghai.

Tens of thousands of homes without electricity

typhoon china
Photo: Twitter.

In Zhejiang, more than 1.5 million people have been moved to safety, according to the provincial government. The provincial government warned of possible mountain torrents in 23 districts and counties. A less severe alert was issued in neighboring Jiangsu province, where nearly 10,000 people were evacuated to safety.

No deaths or injuries have been reported, although losses in agriculture are expected to be significant. The typhoon had already thrown rain on Taiwan. In-fa is expected to move north-northwest further inland, steadily weakening as it progresses.

Typhoon advances towards the east coast

thousands of evacuees
Photo: Twitter.

In central China’s Henan Province, the job Rescue work in the wake of the flooding that began on July 17 was ongoing, and supplies were being trucked in before more heavy rains were expected in the forecast.

The floods have killed at least 69 people, including 12 in the Zhengzhou city subway system. To see the impressive videos of the typhoon in China press HERE, HERE Y HERE.

14 found dead trapped in flooded tunnel in China

Photo: Twitter

The bodies of 14 workers trapped in a tunnel under construction that flooded last week were recovered, authorities in southern China said last Thursday. The brief statement from the Zhuhai city government on social media did not offer further information on the cause of the tragedy of July 15 nor the deaths.

The Shijingshan Tunnel is a section of a highway under construction that passes under a reservoir in the city of Guangdong province, near Hong Kong and Macao, reported The Associated Press.

Tunnel flooded after collapse

china flooded tunnel
Photo: AP

The rescue effort involved divers, remotely controlled submarines and other high-tech equipment, while workers on the surface rushed to pump water from the tunnel. At times, work was hampered by carbon monoxide fumes from machinery used in the tunnel as part of the operation.

While the cause remains unclear, reports say abnormal noise was heard and pieces of material began to fall from one side of the tunnel. Evacuation was ordered as the water rushed in, but the 14 dead were unable to escape in time.

Flooded tunnel had previously presented safety issues

Photo: AP

The construction project appeared to have had security problems for some time. In March, two workers died in another part of the tunnel. Zhuhai is a relatively wealthy coastal city at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta, now being developed largely for manufacturing and high-tech industries.

It was one of China’s first special economic zones when the ruling Communist Party began opening up the nation’s economy some 40 years ago. Demands for skyrocketing economic growth, poor adherence to safety regulations, poor maintenance and corruption among law enforcement agencies are to blame for frequent industrial accidents in China.

Other accidents

Photo: Twitter

Those responsible are often meted out harsh punishments, but high demand and the desire for profit often outweigh concerns for safety.

Among the worst accidents is a massive explosion in 2015 at a chemical warehouse in the port city of Tianjin that killed 173 people, most of them firefighters and police officers. The explosion was attributed to illegal construction and unsafe storage of volatile materials.

Severe flooding in China

What is happening in China?
Photo: Getty Images

On the other hand, the constant rains in central China resulted in serious floods, which caused growing concern for the inhabitants of the area and the passers-by who were outside their homes; According to different media, the site that was most affected was the Zhengzhou subway, where at least 25 people lost their lives.

The users were the ones who reported the impressive event, sharing the videos and images of the event on different platforms, where it is observed how the water reached their necks and they could not escape. Several of those clips have remained as testimony of the minutes of amazement and fear that they lived; TikTok is one of the social networks where they expressed themselves, asking users to realize the situation they are going through and warning about ‘climate change’.

China TikTok flood videos: Flood in Zhengzhou, China

China flood videos TikTok: Flood in Zhengzhou, China
Photo: TikTok

One of the first videos that stands out in TikTok searches is that of a man who is in his car, while he watches with shock how the streets have turned into rivers, due to the heavy rains that have afflicted the area for days; he can’t do more than watch and wait for someone to show up to help him.

In the shot it is observed how the water reaches new levels and sometimes covers the windshield, while the man who is in the pilot’s seat does not know how to react, another person travels next to him who is the one who is recording the event that impacted others; In the description of the video, it is mentioned that so far the floods in China have left a balance of 12 dead in the Zhengzhou subway station, although reports indicate that rescue teams are still searching. Filed Under: Typhoon China.

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