Two workers rescued after construction site collapse in New York

A construction site collapse left two workers trapped. Operations to rescue the victims of the construction collapse lasted just over an ...

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  • A construction site collapse left two workers trapped.
  • Operations to rescue the victims of the construction collapse lasted just over an hour.
  • The construction site collapse was recorded in New York.

They live to tell the tale. As the country mourns the tragedy of the building collapse in Miami, two workers were rescued after the collapse of a construction site in Brooklyn, New York, the local newspaper ABC 7 NY reported shortly after midnight this Saturday.

The two workers were rescued after being trapped in debris during an accident at a construction site in Brooklyn on Friday afternoon, the media said.

Two injured from construction collapse

construction collapse

The construction collapse was reported at 439 Lincoln Road, around 2:00 p.m. local time, when part of the roof and walls collapsed, ABC 7 NY detailed in its report.

As the building was being demolished, a brick wall collapsed on the workers on the second floor, causing the roof to collapse on them, explained the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). .

Workers were trapped after the construction collapse

construction collapse

The victims were trapped between the ceiling, the brick wall and the floor. And rescuers had to prop up the building before they could get the two workers out, the ABC 7 NY report added.

“We had to prevent the building from falling more on the workers,” said the deputy deputy director of the FDNY, Joseph Ferrante, according to the aforementioned newspaper. “We had to stabilize the conditions of the workers, which we did by bringing in our EMS rescue doctors to start the IVs and assess their conditions.”

Victims with serious but stable injuries

construction collapse

According to ABC 7 NY, it took one hour and ten minutes to safely remove the first worker and one hour and twenty minutes to rescue the second. Both workers were pulled out of the collapse and taken to hospital with serious injuries. Apparently they later managed to stabilize them.

Neighbors described the scene as a collision and a (formation of) dust cloud, to later observe a massive response from fire engines and ambulances, reported the local media.

Construction collapse during work to expand it

construction collapse

“I saw them literally pulling them out of the rubble,” said neighbor Maahad Hassan. “It was weird, because it’s the scaffold on top and the scaffold consists of all the iron on top that covers the workers below. That thing fell and ripped the brick wall of the other house with it. ”

In its report, ABC 7 NY mentioned that there are active building permits on site to execute the vertical expansion of the existing two-story building to a future five-story building.

Workers carried out demolition work

construction collapse

Inspectors from the Department of Buildings said their preliminary investigation has determined that construction workers were carrying out demolition work on the second floor when the partial roof collapse occurred.

Authorities issued a total arrest warrant for the work at that site, at least for now. There have been several tickets issued earlier this month for maintenance failures at construction sites.

America needs more construction workers

America Needs Workers: Construction Workers

The pandemic significantly affected workers in construction, hotels, restaurants, among others, who, not being a ‘first necessity’, faced the total closure of their businesses, causing an increase in layoffs and people who had to search a job in places that didn’t pay well.

That is why this year, United States It has estimated a desperate and even incredible increase in the hiring of employees for construction work, since there has been a considerable decline in a trade that is one of the best paid in the country and which was currently going through one of the worst streaks.

Construction workers

America Needs Workers: Losses During the Pandemic
Photo: Shutterstock

According to CNN, it has been detected that the construction and improvement of new homes is increasing, after one of the worst streaks that could have lived due to the pandemic that affected the entire world last year, this is due to the lack of investment in a real estate market and more people working from home.

Before the pandemic, the construction industry already had few workers, so in this process of readaptation and new modality it is estimated that construction companies will be willing to hire 430,000 workers this year and 1 million more during the next two years to keep up to date, as has been pointed out by the Associated Builders and Contractors Organization, who at first felt hopeless about the casualties.

Losses during the pandemic

America Needs Workers: Masser's Testimony
Photo: Shutterstock

The portal of CNN reported that the construction industry closed for a few months last year during the pandemic, because at first it was not considered essential, but as the months passed and seeing the needs of a population in crisis, they removed the prohibitions for workers , making it quickly become essential.

This news caused the projects on pause to continue, causing companies to begin to resume their rebound, but this stopped when in that short time, the sector lost more than 1 million workers, causing the industry to take time to recover from that gap complicated; today the industry has recovered almost 80% of its workforce since then.

Masser’s testimony

America Needs Workers: Owner of Schimenti Construction Company Speaks
Photo: Shutterstock

What is striking about the losses in the construction businesses is the way in which the owners have been recovering and returned to the construction path with the people who want to integrate into the work, even if these are minimal and the salaries were converted in a matter of concern about the increases that had to be handled to recover personnel.

CNN presented the testimony of Matthew Messer, who is the owner of New York Solar Maintenance and who just decided to talk about the situation he was going through and only has one worker who helps him, since for a couple of months he cannot find more workers who wish to join your small business; Masser’s case became the perfect example of the situation the country is going through.

The owner of Schimenti Construction Company speaks

America Needs Workers: The Problem Has Not Been Solved
Photo: Shutterstock

It was not only Messer who wanted to speak on the subject, in fact Matthew Schimenti, who owns Schimenti Construction Company mentioned that “they are losing more people than they are bringing into the industry”, which has become a serious problem for try because it was hundreds of workers who decided to pause their jobs to pass the pandemic in a remote place.

“We are losing more people than we are bringing into the industry,” he told CNN. “People made decisions in their lives to leave the region and the industry. It was like putting a puzzle back together to restart where we literally asked for a pause ”, making it clear how he is currently restarting with work and with a high number of vacancies for that job. For more details read this note.

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