Twitter and Facebook take action on Trump’s false statements

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Twitter and Facebook take action on Trump’s false statements

For some months now, political experts announced that Donald Trump could speak out against the presidential elections on November 3.

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Today, those predictions seem to have come true; However, the media and social networks have begun to implement emergency measures in the face of the spread of false information or information considered dangerous to the interests of voters.

Twitter and Facebook have been the social networks that have shown the most interest in protecting the veracity of the news shared, starting with Donald Trump’s tweets.

How did they do it? Discover it here!

  • The presidential elections in the United States have resulted in the implementation of drastic measures to prevent false information on networks
  • Twitter and Facebook have taken emergency measures in the face of the most recent statements by current President Donald Trump
  • The president has sent a series of communications via Twitter in which he invites to pronounce against the legitimacy of the voting

On November 3, the presidential elections were held in the United States, in which the two main opponents were the Democratic and Republican candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

So far, no official information has been released regarding the voting results; However, it has been the current president Dondald Trump who has issued a series of statements that Twitter and Facebook have classified as potentially dangerous.

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Donald Trump invites the cease of the vote counting: How have social networks responded?

According to information from the BBC portal, among the measures that Twitter has implemented It is found to have hidden the first tweets of the current president, a day after the presidential elections.

In one of these tweets, Trump hinted that the votes had been negatively intervened towards his candidacy, expressing that the advantage he had in some states “began to disappear as if by magic.”

The measure that the platform has implemented is simple, but effective: Twitter has decided to hide Trump’s messages under a warning label.

In it, it is detailed that said statements could be erroneous, create confusion or not confirmed.

This measure not only affects the way in which Donald Trump can share this type of message, but also the access that users have to it.

For example, with this tag, Twitter users are limited in the ability to ‘like’ or share the message.

It is not the first time that Donald Trump has been censored by the platform, since one of his first statements after the preliminary vote count was released, the Republican candidate wrote on his social networks that “They are trying to steal the election” .

These social networks also include Facebook; However, this platform has made the decision to add a check box to the messages issued by the current president, without this implying a restriction on his messages as such.

In one of his tweets, Trump wrote that “Yesterday I was leading in many key states […] then, one by one, the votes began to disappear as surprise votes were counted. VERY STRANGE.”

In subsequent tweets, the president said, “They are working very hard to make a 500,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania disappear.”

This measure also includes the censorship of tweets in which victory has been declared for any of the candidates in states where the official vote count has not yet been confirmed, as was the case in Wisconsin, when a member of the Democratic party announced Biden’s triumph in that state.

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This is not the first time that Twitter has censored Donald Trump

Measures to prevent the spread of fake news began long before the voting.

From the first days of October, it was announced on social networks that drastic measures would be taken during the months of October and early November to prevent the spread of false communications.

Among these measures, he highlighted the slowdown in retweets, through the implementation of a series of steps that users would be forced to follow before sharing news.

Twitter announced that lUsers who wanted to retweet a publication would be redirected to a screen where they would have the option of adding a comment to the retweet they intend to share.

In a blog posted on your website, Twitter stated that “Our hope is that it encourages everyone not only to consider why they want to comment on a tweet, but also to increase the likelihood that people will share their own ideas, reactions, and perspectives on it. conversation”

In the middle of the electoral period, Twitter has made sure to provide tools to its users, so that they are ‘agents of change’ in their communities.

One of these changes is that, anyone who wants to use the ‘Retweet’ option on a tweet that has been labeled ‘disinformative’ will receive an alert that will cover their entire screen.

In it, Twitter will let the user know that the information they want to share may be false, and will share a link to a website where the user can find more information about it.

Twitter executives acknowledge that the platform plays a “critical role” in protecting presidential elections 2020. Therefore, the company wants to closely monitor all this generation of information and channel the efforts of users so that they “respond quickly” on Election Day.

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