Trump’s ‘close ally’ investigated after sex scandal

Trump’s ‘close ally’ investigated after sex scandal Republican Matt Gaetz to be investigated by the House of Representa...

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  • Trump’s ‘close ally’ investigated after sex scandal
  • Republican Matt Gaetz to be investigated by the House of Representatives
  • Gaetz had allegedly asked Trump to pardon him, but the former president refused.

The Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives will launch an investigation against the Republican Matt Gaetz, a “close ally” of Trump, after a sex scandal that ended up with him being accused of having had a sexual relationship with a minor, and having paid for sex.

“The Committee is aware of public allegations that Representative Matt Gaetz may have engaged in sexual misconduct and/or illicit drug use, shared inappropriate images or videos on the House floor…” said the Committee’s chairman, as cited by AP.

Investigated into whether he violated laws on sex trafficking


Gaetz, a representative of the western districts of Florida, is accused of having had a sexual relationship with a girl under the age of 17 and having paid her to travel with him. It is being investigated whether he violated federal sex trafficking laws, a person familiar with the case told The Associated Press.

The investigation began nearly a year ago and Gaetz had known about it for months, the source said. The Justice Department is also investigating whether Gaetz, 38, had relationships with other minors, the source added. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because he was unable to publicly disclose the details of an ongoing investigation.

Gaetz ‘denied’ everything

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Gaetz told the online news site Axios that his lawyers were aware that he was the subject of an investigation “relating to sexual conduct with women,” but that he was not the target of the investigation. He denied having sex with underage girls and said the allegations against him were “as caustic as they are false,” according to the AP.

Conventionally, someone whose actions fall within the scope of a criminal investigation is considered the subject of an investigation, while a target is someone on whom prosecutors have gathered evidence linking them to a crime. During the investigation, the subject can become a target.

Trump’s ‘ally’ ‘played the victim’

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The New York Times newspaper had the scoop on the investigation. Transporting a minor from one state to another for sexual purposes is a federal crime. Gaetz said the allegations were part of an extortion scheme by a former Justice Department official.

“Over the past few weeks, my family and I have been the victims of organized criminal extortion involving a former Justice Department official who is trying to obtain 25 million dollars while threatening to tarnish my name”, Gaetz said in a statement issued Tuesday.

Did you not know? Trump denies being asked for clemency


Former President Donald Trump pointed out last Tuesday that Republican congressman Matt Gaetz, investigated in the framework of a case of sex trafficking of minors, never sought him to request a preventive pardon, according to Efe.

Congressman Matt Gaetz has never apologized to me. We must also remember that he has totally denied the accusations against him, ”said Republican Trump in a written statement issued by his office, despite no longer being in power.

Did you defend it?

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The claim is in response to a newspaper report New York Times According to which the Florida legislator, and a loyal supporter of Trump, asked privately in the White House and during the last weeks of Trump’s mandate “general preventive pardons for him and his unidentified allies in Congress,” Efe indicates.

This, for whatever crime they may have committed. According to the newspaper, it is not clear if at that time Gaetz or the White House knew that the legislator was subject to an investigation by the Department of Justice, and that it included the suspicion that he paid trips to a 17-year-old girl with the who allegedly had sex in 2019.

Trump denies ‘forgiveness’

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In any case, in the White House of former President Trump, they rejected the request because they considered that it would set a bad precedent, according to the newspaper, which also does not indicate whether Donald Trump himself came to address the request with the congressman from Florida.

Matt Gaetz, 38, responded on Monday to the voices calling for him to resign his seat, including the Florida Democratic Party, and pointed out that he will not go anywhere “and that he is not” a monk “but” neither a delinquent ”, before the scandal.

Matt Gaetz makes ‘scandalous’ statement

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“I am going to fight like a demon for my clients and for the country that I love deeply. You do not deserve less, especially now, “he wrote on Facebook, according to Efe. Since The New York Times uncovered the investigation last week, Gaetz has claimed he is the victim of an extortion attempt.

Also, he said that his alleged involvement in sex trafficking is a “lie”. The Florida Democratic Party notes that the revelations surrounding Matt Gaetz put “tragically” into perspective the fact that he was the only congressman to vote against the 2017 Human Trafficking Act.

Are you hiding behind the scandal?

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said last Thursday that the Ethics Committee should take action on the matter. Gaetz has remained out of the public eye since the Justice Department investigation was uncovered.

In addition to another one carried out by the FBI, and it has barely granted an interview to the conservative chain Fox, in which it denied the accusations, reveals Efe. However, he is scheduled to participate as one of the keynote speakers at a conference ‘close’ to Trump.

Matt Gaetz to speak to women Trump supporters

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The congressman will speak at a conference to be held from Thursday at Trump’s golf club in Doral, Efe indicates. Same, which is organized by Women for America First (Women for America First), an organization formed by women supporters of the former president.

The head of this organization, Amy Kremer, told the Washington Post that Gaetz is “innocent until proven otherwise.” “We know firsthand what it’s like to be treated unfairly by the mainstream media,” Kremer added.

Do they abandon it?

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CNN citing “multiple sources” said last week that Gaetz used to brag about his feminine conquests and to show photos of naked women to other members of Congress. Additionally, Luke Ball, director of communications for Matt Gaetz, resigned from his position.

The Orlando Sentinel newspaper published a statement in which Gaetz and Ball’s office simply indicated that they considered that “it is best for each of us to go their own way.” Gaetz represents a Northwest Florida district in Congress.

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