Trump tweets from his hospital bed sick with coronavirus (PHOTO)

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Trump tweets from his hospital bed sick with coronavirus (PHOTO)
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  • Trump tweets from his hospital bed sick with coronavirus
  • He is expected to spend a few more days at Walter Reed Medical Center.
  • A person familiar with the president’s condition said his health is concerning

Trump tweet hospital coronavirus. From his hospital bed where he is hospitalized for coronavirus and after an alarming report on his health was revealed, President Donald Trump wrote a tweet this Saturday at noon.

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“The doctors, nurses and EVERYONE at the GREAT Walter Reed Medical Center, and others from equally amazing institutions that have joined them, are AMAZING !!! Tremendous progress has been made in the last six months in the fight against this PLAGUE. With your help, I feel good! ”, Says the message that the president issued through his official Twitter account.

Trump From Coronavirus Hospital

PHOTO: Twitter

Despite what he said in his recent tweet, the president is expected to spend a few more days at Walter Reed Medical Center, located in Bethesda, Maryland, to take the necessary precautions against the coronavirus.

According to the president himself, he was infected due to the contact he had with Hope Hicks, an adviser close to the administration who tested positive for COVID-19.

In a video posted a few hours ago, Trump noted that he feels great, as is first lady Melania Trump.

Trump’s tweet was published after a person familiar with the president’s condition told The Associated Press that his health is worrisome, denying the assertions of the medical team in charge of President Trump’s health, which had indicated that the condition of the president is positive.

After his first tweet, the president took up his Twitter account again to call on the approval of a new coronavirus aid package: “OUR GREAT US WANTS AND NEEDS STIMULATION. LET’S WORK TOGETHER AND DO IT. Thank you!”.

Trump From Coronavirus Hospital

PHOTO: Twitter

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They deny Trump’s doctor. President Donald Trump’s doctor on Saturday portrayed an optimistic image of the president’s health, while he remains hospitalized “as a precaution” after testing positive for the coronavirus.

But that assessment was immediately contradicted by a person familiar with Trump’s condition, who said the situation had been very concerning. The Associated Press.

Even the sunniest press conference the Navy commander, Dr. Sean Conley, and other physicians at Walter Reed Medical Center have ever experienced, raised more questions than it answered, including whether the president ever required supplemental oxygen and exactly when. got sick.

On Friday, President Trump received supplemental oxygen at the White House hours after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and before being transferred to the military hospital.

A person familiar with Trump’s condition confirmed that Trump received oxygen at the White House, after Dr. Conley sidestepped the question at a press conference on Saturday. Conley said Trump was not given oxygen on Thursday or since he was a patient at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Trump tweet coronavirus hospital

PHOTO Twitter

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However, according to a person familiar with Trump’s condition, some of Trump’s vital signs over the past 24 hours were “very concerning.”

The person, who was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his attention.

Conley had said that Trump has been fever-free for 24 hours while updating the nation on the president’s condition. Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center Friday after testing positive for the coronavirus and has been in treatment.

While Conley said the president is not currently on oxygen, he declined to say whether the president has ever taken oxygen, despite repeated questioning.

“Thursday without oxygen. None at this time. And yesterday with the team, while we were all here, he was not on oxygen, “he said. He added that Trump’s symptoms, including a cough and nasal congestion, “are now resolving and improving.”

“He’s in a really good mood,” said another doctor, Sean Dooley.

Trump tweet coronavirus hospital

PHOTO Twitter

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Something that characterized the Trump administration was the lack of transparency about the president’s health when the virus spread within the White House. Those close to him had refused to share basic medical information about the president, including a full description of his symptoms, the tests that were performed and the results. The first word that a close associate of Trump had been infected came from the media, not the White House.

In a memo posted shortly before midnight, Conley reported that Trump had been treated in the hospital with remdesivir, an antiviral drug, after taking another experimental drug at the White House. She added that Trump “is fine” and “does not need supplemental oxygen.”

The White House said Trump was expected to stay in the hospital for “a few days” as a precaution and that he would continue to work from the hospital’s presidential suite, which is equipped to allow him to fulfill his official duties. In addition to accessibility to tests and equipment, the decision was made, at least in part, on the understanding that moving it later, if it got worse, could send a worrying signal.

White House COVID Testing System Failed to Protect President

President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis is raising new questions about the White House’s strategy to test and contain the spread of the virus, with a president having been arrogant since the coronavirus landed on US soil, it reported. Eph.

The president has said that the people he meets with are tested, as if to generate a security shield. But he himself has almost always avoided wearing a mask and distancing himself socially in meetings, trips and public events, while organizing rallies for thousands of supporters, who do not wear masks either.

The Trump Administration’s COVID testing strategy is based on antigen testing, which does not require a traditional laboratory to quickly process and obtain results. But these results are less accurate than those of PCR tests, which take longer.

The tests “are not safe conduct,” said Dr. Alan Wells, medical director of clinical laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and creator of his own test for the coronavirus. Overall, antigen testing can miss up to half of the cases detected by polymerase chain reaction tests, depending on the patient population tested, he added.

The White House said the president’s diagnosis was confirmed with a PCR test, but declined to say which test was used for the initial result. The Administration has been using a new antigen test from the Abbott laboratory to detect COVID-19 in its staff, according to two officials.

PHOTO Twitter

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