Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus: His Age and Weight Would Be Risk Factors



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  • After President Donald Trump announced that he tested positive for the coronavirus, experts believe that his age and weight may be risk factors.
  • Trump reported that his wife Melania also tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • The president and the first lady are already quarantining.

Experts believe that President Donald Trump’s age and weight make the coronavirus particularly dangerous for him after he announced that he tested positive.

Trump is 74 years old and overweight, putting him in a higher risk category for coronavirus patients and making his health now the center of attention just one month before the US election, he noted. Bloomberg this Friday.

According to the aforementioned media, the positive diagnosis of the “most powerful man in the world” and the first lady Melania Trump threw a new key in the gears of a chaotic campaign that many see as a referendum on his handling of Covid-19.

Trump’s age, weight and gender make him more susceptible to complications from the coronavirus than his wife Melania, who is 24 years younger, Bloomberg said.

Trump Melania positive coronavirus

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Yet even at Trump’s age, the outlet added, most patients experience only mild or moderate symptoms, but researchers are still baffled as to why some get so seriously ill.

“Covid is like playing Russian roulette,” Brian Oliver, a respiratory disease expert at the Sydney University of Technology, told Bloomberg.

The specialist added: “It can greatly affect anyone, but we know that when people are older and when they have more pre-existing comorbidities, the chances of being affected and having a more serious reaction are much worse.”

Bloomberg noted that it is not yet clear if Trump has any symptoms after testing positive for the coronavirus. However, Melania mentioned in a tweet that she and her husband “feel good.”

Although Trump has dismissed preventive measures such as the use of masks, which increases the possibility of further transmission in Washington, he and the first lady plan to remain in the White House “during his convalescence,” the president’s doctor reported. Bloomberg.

Trump positive coronavirus

People ages 65 to 74 are five times more likely to be hospitalized and 90 times more likely to die than those ages 18 to 29, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), she explained. the aforementioned newspaper.

Men have accounted for 54% of coronavirus deaths in the United States, the CDC figures cited by Bloomberg indicate.

Trump’s body mass index (BMI), a measure based on height and weight that doctors use to measure body fat, also creates potential dangers, Bloomberg noted.

At the time of his annual physical in June, Trump was 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 244 pounds, giving him a BMI of 30.5. And a figure of 30 or more is considered obesity, explained the aforementioned media.

Although experts caution that the relationship between obesity and mortality from Covid is not well understood, a meta-analysis of global data published in August suggested that obese people were 48% more likely to die from the coronavirus, compared to those who were obese. people with a BMI in the normal range.

Among the nearly 17,000 patients hospitalized for coronavirus in the United States, more than three-quarters were obese, according to another study cited by Bloomberg.

“Men are at higher risk, unhealthy men are at higher risk, and it’s not necessarily just obesity, but the other factors that accompany obesity, particularly cardiovascular disease and diabetes,” said Gary Wittert, professor of medicine and Director of the Freemasons Foundation Center for Men’s Health at the University of Adelaide.

Trump, of course, will have access to top-notch medical care and monitoring, and with an annual salary that places him in the top tier of Americans, he belongs to a demographic that did relatively well during the pandemic.

Another point in his favor is that Trump neither drinks nor smokes, which should improve his overall health. The risk of serious illness or death increases dramatically in older patients with pre-existing conditions, such as heart disease or cancer.

The United States has reported about 7.3 million cases of coronavirus, with approximately 208,000 deaths, the highest number of any country, the aforementioned outlet said.

The World Health Organization’s technical leader on Covid-19, Maria Van Kerkhove, has said that several studies put the death rate from the disease at 0.6%, although with a wide variation for age.

Treatment options are better now than they were last spring, when hospitals in Europe and the United States were flooded with Covid patients.

Some therapies like anti-inflammatory dexamethasone and antiviral remdesivir have been shown to benefit patients, and doctors now know better when to use ventilators or when to use less invasive ventilation, Bloomberg detailed.

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