Trump says he will not participate in a virtual debate after the announcement of the commission that regulates them

Trump will not participate in virtual debate. The US president considered the change in the Presidential Debate Committee “ridiculo...

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  • Trump will not participate in virtual debate. The US president considered the change in the Presidential Debate Committee “ridiculous”
  • The commission announced minutes before that, due to Trump’s covid, the next debate will be virtual
  • They detailed that the format will be in the “town hall meeting” style, in which the candidates would participate from separate locations.

Trump will not participate in virtual debate. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, said that “I am not going to have a virtual debate” with the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and called the decision of the Committee on Presidential Debates “ridiculous” in an interview with Fox Business.

“I will not waste my time. They are trying to protect Biden, “he said. The Committee on Presidential Debates announced Thursday that the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, scheduled for next week, will be held virtually, they reported. media national.

The switch to a virtual format comes as Trump continues to be treated for COVID-19 at the White House after being discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center earlier this week.

The next showdown between Trump and Biden will be a town hall meeting-style event, “in which candidates would participate from separate remote locations,” the commission said. The participants of the ‘town hall meeting’ and the moderator of the next debate, Steve Scully of C-SPAN, will be located as planned at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, in Miami.

Great moments of the debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris: the fly arrived, saw and won

For the first and last time in the election campaign, the Vice President of the United States, Republican Mike Pence, and his Democratic rival, Kamala Harris, met in a debate this Wednesday, which took place as a face-to-face to use in a civilized tone and whose prominence in social networks monopolized an inopportune fly.

These are the main moments of the meeting, which was held at the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City.


The first minutes of the debate were dedicated to COVID-19, in which the applicants showed the great differences that separate them.

Harris said that if the experts recommend it, he will be vaccinated against COVID-19, but that he will not do it if President Donald Trump asks for it.

“If Dr. (Anthony) Fauci (the chief epidemiologist in the White House), if the doctors tell us we should put it on, I will be the first in line to put it on, absolutely. If Donald Trump tells us we should put it on, I won’t, ”Harris said in the debate in front of Vice President Mike Pence.

For his part, Pence defended his attendance at an event eleven days ago at the Rose Garden of the White House, which could have been the focus of contagion between the staff of the mansion and the president himself.

“My wife Karen and I were there, and we were honored to be there. Many people who were at the event, Susan (moderator), many actually took the coronavirus tests, and it was an event in the open air, which all our scientists advise regularly and routinely, ”said the vice president.


“I am not going to sit here to be lectured by the vice president about what it means to apply the laws of our country,” said the senator for California and former attorney general of that state, after the Republican said that the Democrats “insult” the security forces when they affirm that there is systemic racism in the country.

Pence also called the cops an “insult” “when (Joe) Biden says he believes the security forces are implicitly biased against minorities.”

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One of the low blows of the debate was when Pence assured that the Administration of Barack Obama (2009-2017), of which Biden was vice president, allowed the expansion of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS), and that Kayla Mueller’s parents, A young American woman killed by jihadists in Syria in 2015, they think she would be alive if Trump had been in charge when she was kidnapped.

“If President Donald Trump had been president, they believe Kayla would be alive today,” Pence said.

The young woman’s parents, Marsha and Carl Mueller, were among Pence’s guests for the debate at the University of Utah.


The fly that landed on Pence’s head for two minutes and three seconds was undoubtedly the queen of the night on social media in the US and the unwanted guest of the debate.

The dark spot on Pence’s white hair mesmerized Americans and sparked a flood of comments and memes on Twitter.

Photographs from all angles of the insect were disseminated on the popular social network and even the Democratic candidate for the White House, former Vice President Joe Biden, joined the wave, publishing an image of him with a fly swatter in hand.

“Contribute $ 5 to help this campaign fly,” wrote the Democrat, whose team took the moment to post a tweet with the image of a fly swatter and the caption: “Drive away flies and lies.”

The ingenuity of the supporters of the electoral face-to-face was not far behind and one of the Twitter users published, in English and Spanish: “And the winner of the vice-presidential debate is… LA MOSCA !!!”.

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