Trump receives court protection and his taxes could be made public after elections

Federal appeals court granted temporary protection for President Donald Trump’s tax returns The statements are unlikely to be deliv...

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  • Federal appeals court granted temporary protection for President Donald Trump’s tax returns
  • The statements are unlikely to be delivered before the November elections
  • Trump is the only modern president who has refused to publish his tax returns

A federal appeals court on Tuesday granted President Donald Trump a temporary pardon in the long fight over his tax returns, preventing Manhattan’s top prosecutor from obtaining the records as Trump’s attorneys embark on another attempt to overturn the subpoena that requests them, in accordance with The Associated Press.

With a temporary stay in place and Trump awaiting a return to the Supreme Court, it is unlikely that the case will be resolved or that the tax returns will be submitted before the November election.

The three-judge panel ruled after hearing brief arguments from both parties.

Trump taxes: court offers Trump tax return protection

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Trump’s attorneys argued that a stay keeping tax returns secret will protect him from irreparable harm, such as leaks of secret grand jury proceedings, as they appeal a lower court ruling that two weeks ago awarded the president. district attorney Manhattan’s Cyrus Vance Jr. office access to Trump’s tax returns.

A lawyer in Vance’s office argued that further delays in the execution of a subpoena issued nearly a year ago would only hamper his investigation, which he said covers a wide range of businesses related to the Trump company, the Trump Organization.

One of the three judges on the panel, John M. Walker Jr., said the subpoenas cover 11 entities involved in business as far away as Europe and Dubai.

“The question at this point is quite simple but also quite important,” argued Trump’s attorney, William Consovoy, at the hearing.

“Will the president be given an opportunity to appeal that decision before his personal records are released to the grand jury and the status quo irrevocably changes?” Consovoy asked.

Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, said they were pleased with the ruling. So far there has been no comment from Vance’s spokesman.

Trump’s attorneys appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit last month after a district court judge rejected their renewed efforts to invalidate a subpoena issued to his accounting firm.

A hearing on the merits of the appeal is scheduled for September 25.

With Trump’s side sure to appeal an unfavorable ruling, “Vance is unlikely to see the records anytime soon,” said Carl Tobias, a professor at the University of Richmond law school.

The Supreme Court ruled in July that the presidency itself does not protect Trump from the Vance investigation, but the superior court returned the case to the courtroom of United States District Judge Victor Marrero to allow the Trump’s attorneys raise other concerns about the subpoena.

At that stage, Trump’s attorneys argued that the subpoena was issued in bad faith, too broad, could have been politically motivated and amounted to harassment.

Marrero rejected those claims. Consovoy, for his part, told the judges on Tuesday that he thought the investigation was an “arbitrary fishing expedition.”

Trump has criticized the search for his financial records as a “continuation of the most disgusting witch hunt in the history of our country.”

Carey Dunne of the district attorney’s office said Trump and his attorneys have long misrepresented the scope of the investigation, focusing primarily on the money payments paid to protect Trump from adultery allegations prior to the 2016 elections.

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Vance’s attorneys have said they have a legal right to extensive records to aid in a “complex financial investigation.”

“The president has complained at every turn that we have not announced what the grand jury is looking at as if that in itself was in bad faith,” Dunne said. But, of course, what the grand jury is seeing is secret.

We are not allowed to make that public, which is what has led him to speculate on the scope of the grand jury. But none of these speculations is plausible. “

Even if Vance obtains Trump’s tax records, they would be part of a confidential grand jury investigation and would not automatically be made public.

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Vance, a Democrat, began looking for the Republican president’s tax returns at his former accounting firm more than a year ago, after Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, told Congress that the president had misled officials. tax, insurers and business partners on the value of their assets.

Congress is also investigating Trump’s financial records, although last month the Supreme Court withheld the bank documents and other documents that Congress has been seeking and sent the case back to a lower court.

Trump is the only modern president who has refused to release his tax returns. Before being chosen, he had promised to do so.

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