Trump criticizes his impeachment as “political theater”

Trump criticizes his impeachment as “political theater” A few hours after the second trial against him begins, Trump ‘b...

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  • Trump criticizes his impeachment as “political theater”
  • A few hours after the second trial against him begins, Trump ‘breaks the silence’
  • The former president’s lawyers presented their defense this Monday

This Monday the lawyers of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, presented his defense before the second impeachment that the Republican will face for “inciting insurrection” starting this Tuesday.

The 78-page document presented to the charge of “inciting insurrection” before the deadly attack on the Capitol on January 6, argues that Trump’s second trial is “unconstitutional.”

Trump ‘breaks the silence’

Trump’s defense alleges that the second impeachment would violate the Republican’s First Amendment rights, and is based on “carefully selected facts and comments,” according to the newspaper. USA Today

The House of Representatives indicted the then president of the United States, a week after the mob of ‘Trumpists’ stormed the Capitol, which according to the court document did not allow to adequately comply with the process.

Trump criticizes impeachment, second impeachment

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The former president assures that the ‘impeachment’ was rushed

“This hasty and unique article of impeachment ignores the very Constitution from which its power comes and is drafted in a defective way,” says Trump’s defense in the document cited by the US newspaper. In addition, Trump claims that this impeachment seeks “to indulge the House Democrats’ hunger for this political theater is a danger to democracy.”

Trump criticizes impeachment, second impeachment

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The arguments presented this Monday also indicate that Trump did not incite the insurrection, despite the fact that moments before hundreds of supporters of the former president violently entered the federal building, he gave a speech in front of the White House where he asked that they fight “with fury.”

Trump’s new lawyer

Also, the former president’s lawyers assured that the attack on the United States Capitol was planned in advance of the “explosive” speech, where he also asked that his followers “march” to the federal building.

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In this second political trial against Trump, a new lawyer is mentioned, the specialist in “personal injury and criminal defense” Michael T. Van der Veen, adding three defenders in the ‘impeachment’ that differs from the first, where he had ten lawyers says USA Today.

Due to Trump’s trial, delivery of the third check would be delayed

Because of the second political trial against former President Donald Trump, he would delay the delivery of the third check if it is approved in Congress.

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Trump will face the second impeachment against him, which will lead the United States Senate to delay activities such as the discussion on the third check, among other issues, to address this controversial process, reports the Herald of Mexico.

With these issues at the Senate’s doorstep, the vote is expected to be delayed until the end of February once the trial against Trump concludes.

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Senators ‘defend’ the former president

Donald Trump’s defenders in the Senate stood in solidarity with him Sunday before his impeachment trial, which they dismissed as a waste of time, notes The Associated Press.

In addition, they alleged that the passionate speech of the former president before the invasion of the Capitol does not make him responsible for the violence of January 6.

“If accountability means being impeachment by the House of Representatives and found guilty by the Senate, the answer to that is no,” said Republican Senator Roger Wicker.

Other sanctions for Trump?

The Republican senator made clear his view that Trump should and will be acquitted. Asked if Congress could seek another sanction, such as censorship, Wicker said that “that ship has already sailed.”

And is that according to the senator, the House of Representatives with a Democratic majority had that option before, but rejected it to give preference to impeachment.

Many senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, immediately denounced the violence and blamed Trump, although over time those comments were ‘softened’.

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