Trump Candidate to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Get Senate Vote, McConnell Says

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Trump Candidate to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Get Senate Vote, McConnell Says
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  • The death of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg already unleashes a political storm in the United States.
  • Trump’s candidate to replace the judge will win the Senate vote, McConnell said shortly after Ginsburg’s death was announced.
  • McConnell’s statement on Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court comes despite the judge asking not to be replaced until there is a new president.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday that he will vote on President Donald Trump’s candidate to fill the vacant left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

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In a statement issued just over an hour after the Supreme Court said that Ginsburg had passed away, McConnell indicated that Trump’s nominee, who has not yet been named, “will receive the vote of the plenary session” of the Senate. CNBC.

According to the aforementioned outlet, McConnell’s promise sets in motion what will likely be a historic battle for the Supreme Court in the heat of an already intense election year.

Trump candidate

The Efe news agency explained that to confirm a new judge, McConnell needs a simple majority, something he could achieve if 53 of the 100 Republican senators stay loyal to Trump.

However, the confirmation process could be complicated if there are defections among the more moderate Republican senators.

Trump, who battles former Vice President Joe Biden in the November presidential election, is expected to act swiftly to name his conservative candidate.

The president did not make much comment Friday night beyond telling reporters that Ginsburg “led an incredible life. She was an amazing woman. “

Instead, the Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, considered that the president of the United States who is elected at the polls on November 3 should be the one who chooses a replacement for Ginsburg.

“Tonight and for the next few days, we will be focused on the death of the judge and her undying legacy. But so that there is no doubt, let me be clear: the voters must choose the president and the president must choose the judge for the Senate to consider, “said Biden in a statement broadcast live from his home in the state of Delaware and cited by Efe.

In his statement, Biden recalled that, in 2016, after the death of the conservative Supreme Justice Antonin Scalia, McConnell ignored the replacement elected by then-President Barack Obama (2009-2017) and did not even submit his nomination to a vote, with the argument that it made no sense to pass it in an election year.

But, contrary to what he did at that time, on Friday night McConnell promised to put the candidate that Trump selects for the Supreme Court to the vote, Efe pointed out.

CNBC noted that McConnell’s statement marks a contrast to his position in the last election cycle, in which he refused to hold hearings for former President Barack Obama’s candidate, but is consistent with the statements he has made since Trump was elected.

The Republican’s comment comes despite reports that Ginsburg told her family before she died that it was her “fervent wish” that she not be replaced until new elections were held.

CNBC stated that if Trump nominates a candidate to replace Ginsburg by Tuesday, and that nominee is confirmed before Election Day, it will mark the fastest period between nomination and confirmation since Ginsburg was appointed by former President Bill Clinton in 1993.

On average, it takes around 70 days from the nomination date to the confirmation vote, according to the Congressional Research Service cited by the aforementioned media.

On the other hand, the highest ranking Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, advocated waiting until after the election.

“The American people must have a voice in selecting their next Supreme Court justice. Therefore, the vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president, ”wrote on Twitter Schumer, who used exactly the same words that McConnell used to oppose Obama’s appointment, Efe said.

The news agency recalled that the Supreme Court of the United States is composed of nine judges with life positions and that they have the power to change the laws of the country for decades. Specifically, they play a crucial role on issues such as abortion, migrant rights, privacy, the death penalty and the possession of weapons.

The magistrates are appointed by the president and have to be confirmed by the Senate, Efe emphasized.

For the Christian right, the Supreme Court is a central issue and, therefore, this month, Trump renewed his promise to appoint judges who oppose abortion and promise to protect the right to bear arms.

Ginsburg predicted the storm

According to the Efe report, the judge herself knew that her death would cause a political storm in Washington and before her death she dictated to her granddaughter a phrase that was collected by the NPR chain: “My most fervent wish is not to be replaced until let there be a new president ”.

In this way, Ginsburg made it clear that his desire is for politicians to wait until the elections before seeking a replacement for him.

Nominated by former President Bill Clinton in 1993, Ginsburg was the oldest judge of the nine who make up the Supreme Court and had suffered from different types of cancer for years.

Ginsburg had worn the black Supreme Court robes for nearly three decades, arriving in 1993 as the second woman in history to serve on this court, after a career dedicated to feminist causes and civil rights.

On Friday night, the 87-year-old judge died surrounded by her family at her home in Washington, DC, due to “complications from a metastasis in pancreatic cancer,” the Supreme Court indicated.

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