Truck driver wanted to earn $1000 and ended up in prison for transporting illegal immigrants (Photo)

Authorities arrested a truck driver in Texas for transporting illegal immigrants. The truck driver admitted that he wanted to earn a thou...

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  • Authorities arrested a truck driver in Texas for transporting illegal immigrants.
  • The truck driver admitted that he wanted to earn a thousand dollars just for hauling a load.
  • At a checkpoint, the police discovered that the vehicle was carrying hidden illegal immigrants.

The ‘business’ went wrong. A closed box truck driver wanted to earn $ 1,000 just for hauling a load, but ended up in jail when police discovered he was carrying undocumented people.

US Border Patrol agents prevented a new human smuggling attempt after locating more than 20 migrants hidden in a truck, according to an arrest affidavit cited by the newspaper LMT Online this week.

They captured a truck driver after noticing that a foot was sticking out of a box

truck driver

A white closed box truck, or container, arrived at the Border Patrol checkpoint on Interstate 35 in Laredo, Texas, on August 22. Later, a police dog (K-9) alerted about the contraband that was taking place inside the vehicle, the aforementioned newspaper reported.

“(The officers) inspected the inside of the truck bed and discovered wooden crates, one of which had a protruding human foot. (The agents) inspected all the drawers and discovered 23 people, including an unaccompanied minor, ”described the affidavit quoted by LMT Online.

For $ 1000, truck driver ended up in prison

truck driver
Photo: Laredo Police Department

During the inspection, it was determined that all were undocumented migrants who had crossed the border illegally. And the agents identified the truck driver only with the name of Valdez, who was arrested along with the other people. National Security officials took over the case, the local newspaper noted.

In questioning after he was arrested, the driver Valdez allegedly admitted meeting with people in Laredo to transport the truck to San Antonio for the payment of $ 1,000.

The truck driver thought he might be transporting “something illegal”

truck driver
Reference photo: Shutterstock

“Valdez said he thought he might be transporting something illegal,” the arrest affidavit said. However, the truck driver seemed not to give it much thought, as he decided to continue with his task and set off.

The authorities did not offer further details of the event, but it was learned that Valdez is now being accused of transporting, attempting to transport and conspiring to transport undocumented migrants.

María Alejandrina is arrested after slapping her husband for not returning her cell phone

Maria Alejandrina

For assaulting her couple tHe ended up in prison. A woman identified as María Alejandrina Teniente was arrested after she slapped her husband during an argument on a cell phone.

María Alejandrina Teniente, 37, was arrested for slapping her husband in an altercation over a cell phone, authorities quoted by the newspaper said. LMT Online Wednesday, August 25.

Husband confessed that María Alejandrina slapped him for not giving him his cell phone

Maria Alejandrina
Photo: Laredo Police Department

According to the aforementioned local media, María Alejandrina was arrested and charged with assault, family violence, against her husband in the town of Laredo, Webb County, south of the state of Texas.

Laredo police officers responded to an assault report around 1:13 p.m. on Aug. 24 in the 1500 block of Main Avenue. Upon arrival, the officers met with a man who claimed that his wife had assaulted him. Later, the authorities identified his wife as María Alejandrina Lieutenant.

María Alejandrina ended up in jail after slapping her partner

María Alejandrina ended up in jail after slapping her partner
Reference photo: Shutterstock

The victim related that he and María Alejandrina had been arguing over a cell phone. He had his wife’s cell phone and refused to give it back, authorities said after questioning.

María Alejandrina then “slapped” or slapped her husband in an attempt to retrieve his cell phone. Immediately afterwards, the woman “tore off” his shorts and it was at that moment that the man dropped the cell phone, the police said, according to the LMT Online account, which did not specify further details of the case.

They capture Miguel González, a sex offender, upon entering the US again

Miguel Gonzalez
Reference photo: Border Patrol

Went back fall in a prison. A sex offender identified as Miguel González Guel was arrested by border agents while illegally entering the United States through an unpopulated area.

The convicted sex offender was caught while trying to illegally enter the country over the border in rural Webb County, Texas, according to the United States Border Patrol, cited by the local newspaper. LMT Online.

Miguel González falls again

Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel González Guel is arrested. Photo: Border Patrol

The agents attended the report of an individual who was lost in the brush on the night of Sunday, August 15, near the US83 highway, several miles northwest of the city of Laredo, in southern Texas.

According to the LMT Online report, agents located the missing man and later identified him as Miguel González Guel, a 30-year-old Mexican citizen who appears in police records as a sex offender.

Miguel González was registered as a convicted sex offender

Miguel Gonzalez

Miguel González had been convicted in Dallas for the crime of indecency with a child through sexual contact in 2016. At that time, he was sentenced to two years in prison. The court records also revealed that the detainee had been previously deported, the aforementioned newspaper detailed.

Now Miguel González remains in federal custody pending trial again for his violations of immigration laws, they said. KGNS and LMT Online, which also mentioned that to report suspicious activities such as people or drugs smuggling in that city, you can download the “USBP Sector Laredo” application or contact the Laredo Sector Border Patrol at the toll-free number 1-800-343-1994 .

They went to rescue Miguel González and he turned out to be a sexual offender

Maria Alejandrina
Photo: Shutterstock

The newspaper The morning He also reviewed the capture of Miguel González and said that he had gotten lost inside a ranch northwest of Laredo, so he decided to call 911 to rescue him, since he was walking aimlessly, water or food.

Then, according to El Mañana, Border Patrol agents came to rescue him, but after reviewing the digital systems of the authorities in the United States, they found that Miguel González was registered as a sex offender.

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