Travel: is it safe to go on vacation amid the pandemic?

Interview with Miriam Chamorro, from Fiesta Tour Travel With this company you will find all the help you need to start your next trips Fo...

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  • Interview with Miriam Chamorro, from Fiesta Tour Travel
  • With this company you will find all the help you need to start your next trips
  • For more information you can contact 404-728-0442 or email

Travel, is it safe? I bet you missed traveling and going on vacation as much as I did, and it is very normal that you have not yet decided to go on a trip for fear of the pandemic.

But do not worry, there is an expert on the subject who will provide us with the security measures and some recommendations that are being taken to be able to grab your suitcase and resume your travels.

Miriam Chamorro, a travel specialist, has been working for her company for several years Fiesta Tour Travel and he told us that the purpose of his company was to help Spanish-speaking people of all nationalities and he assured us that they are still focused on continuing to help precisely that Hispanic community.

Why do you think it is a good time to resume your travels?

“Because there are good deals, promotions like never before, to various destinations, especially here in the United States. We have tempting offers, really. Several destinations such as Disney and New York are accessible and close at hand, ”said Chamorro. According to the specialist, this is an excellent time to resume your trips to various destinations in the United States and the world.

Chamorro added, “Many places in the Caribbean like: Santa Lucía, San Pedro and Santo Tomás, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, are open to go on vacation. Yes, it is that they have stopped the locations due to the pandemic in Latin America, in general it is still 50% open. So the Caribbean is the place where I recommend vacationing. “

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Where can we find more information about travel restrictions?

“For those who are not so good at navigating Internet sites, they can call us and we can interpret any information in Spanish about their trip. But if you are planning to travel and you have concerns like: what are the restrictions for that destination? Where are you going? There is a page that we share in our page advertising center Facebook and InstagramChamorro said. He also explained that they can enter Fiesta Travel and there you can find all this information with recent updates. So that everyone is aware of the changes that are being published about travel.

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Fiesta Tour Travel

What security measures are airlines and airports taking, such as the airline exemption?

Chamorro said airlines were focusing on keeping planes clean. “The air is filtered every two or three minutes. Then there is complete assurance that there will be no contagion ”. He also added that airlines are placing people in different areas of the plane, to maintain social distancing. “There are healthy people who really want to travel and can do it. There is nothing to stop them. It is an uncertainty. It’s probably like going to the supermarket, the bank or certain places. You have to have that measure of protection using the mask and distancing yourself, ”said Chamorro about safe travel.

For more information you can contact: 404-728-0442 or email

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What to do if you are an immigrant and suffer a work accident?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suffer a work accident and if this could in any way affect your immigration status.
In an interview for Mundo Hispánico, attorney Ángel Figueredo, from Figueredo Law Office LLC, says everything immigrants need to know about workplace accidents and immigration status.

Figueredo said that anyone, regardless of their legal status in the country, has the same medical rights and benefits.
“You still have the right to medical treatment and, during the time that you cannot work or the doctor says that you cannot work, you have the right to income benefits,” explained attorney Figueredo.

The expert added: “For me, that is a pretext to try to cut profits, because many times companies already know about people’s well-being … Then they force them to comply with all these requirements.” Travels

What is the maximum time a person has to report a work accident?

“The person has 30 days to report someone at work, to a supervisor or someone in charge at work, who suffered a work-related accident and, then, from the accident, they have one year to start their formal claim and register their case with the state”.

Could a person’s immigration status be affected by opening a legal case against the company where they work?

“It is not a criminal case … No one is going to take their fingerprints or anything like that, so the truth is not going to affect anything with ICE if they present the case.”

Figueredo commented that many times undocumented Hispanics feel fear because they believe that companies are going to call ICE and could be deported, but this does not apply in these cases, since this would be considered a civil case.

Is it important to contact a lawyer in case of a work accident?

“I think it is very important, since many times what happens is that at first some people think that the company will be helping or that the insurance is helping me.”
But, “both the company and the insurance companies only look out for their own interests.”

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If the accident leaves sequels and there is still an open case, could the affected person have some kind of help in the future?

“Yes, that person has the right to medical treatment for those problems and if they cannot work because of those problems, then they will be entitled to an income benefit during the time that person cannot work. Now, that is usually not for the rest of the life, normally it is only up to 400 weeks after the accident. Travels.

Could a person get medical benefit if they get into a traffic accident while on their way to work?

“This is also considered a work accident. I have seen companies that have a person who brings together many workers, they take them to the construction site and if something happens on that road, then that could be a work accident and a traffic accident. That person can have two cases ”, to present to the authorities.
For more legal information on what to do in the event of a workplace accident, you can contact Figueredo Law Office, LLC at 770.594.1805.

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