Three people including a child died when a train hit their car (PHOTO)

Three people including a child die in a terrible train accident. A train runs over a vehicle leaving several children injured. So far the...

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  • Three people including a child die in a terrible train accident.
  • A train runs over a vehicle leaving several children injured.
  • So far they have not revealed the identity of the passengers.

Train hits minivan. Tragedy on the train tracks, in the early hours of this past Saturday, three people, including a child, died after the vehicle in which they were traveling was run over by a train leaving three more children injured, media outlets reported. The events took place in East Chicago, Indiana.

The events occurred when a minivan was hit by the train at a railway junction in Indiana, on Saturday morning, where apparently the culprit was the driver of the Honda Odyssey vehicle, for not respecting the signs indicating that the locomotive was about to pass, according to CNN.

Train hits vehicle in Indiana

Train hits minivan leaving three deaths

Several identical accidents have occurred in recent years, revealing the negligence of the people who drive their car, and that they do not respect the safety signs, since in most cases they seek to arrive a little faster to your destiny

Through the images, it can be seen that the caution signs were working correctly and the doors were closed at that time to prevent passage, but the vehicle circled and entered the train path, according to a press release from the Department. East Chicago Police Department.

Train hits minivan: three dead and three minors injured

Train hits minivan killing girl

The accident occurred on the morning of this Saturday, causing so far 3 deaths, including a 10-year-old girl, who was also inside the minivan, who did not respect the safety limits, and caused this terrible tragedy.

The authorities have already identified the passengers, but for security reasons they have not revealed their names, it is only known that the driver who lost his life was a 36-year-old man, and a female person who also died was 38 years old, adding to the less than 10 years. The other three minors are in serious condition at the hospital.

Train hits minivan: Internet users do not understand how the accident happened

Train accident hits minivan leaving three injured minors
Immediately through social networks, Internet users were present in the comments, writing their different opinions about the accident. Where most do not understand how it is that the driver has not seen the train and the signs go by.
“To this day I still don’t understand it. A train track and crossing how the hell don’t you see a big ass train going down its tracks. Put down your phones. No, wait, this has been happening long before telephones “,” I never understood how a train crashes into a car, “were some comments.

Train hits minivan: Train crash with truck

Train hits minivan in Indiana

Previously there was an accident where at least 48 people died and dozens more were injured when a passenger train derailed after crashing into a truck that had fallen to the track and several cars derailed at the exit of a tunnel on the east coast of Taiwan, local police said. With the train still partially inside a tunnel, the survivors exited through the windows and walked along the roof of the train to safety after the fateful accident.

Hualien authorities indicated that the rescue operation was continuing. The incident occurred near Toroko National Park around 9 a.m. on the first day of a long holiday weekend when many people were boarding trains on Taiwan’s sprawling rail system. On board the train were more than 400 passengers, according to local media.

Train hits minivan: Train in Taiwan derails, kills at least 48

TAIWAN train
Photo: AP

The National Fire Service confirmed the death toll, which included the young and newly married train driver, and said everyone on board had already been accounted for. More than 100 people were injured, he said. Railroad news officer Weng Hui-ping called the accident the deadliest rail disaster in Taiwan.

Weng said that a construction truck operated by the railway administration rushed off a cliff and fell onto the tracks, the train crashing into it at the exit of a tunnel. No one was in the truck at the time. The official said the speed at which the train was going was unknown.

Train hits minivan: Dozens of survivors exited through train windows

Photo: AP.

With much of the Taiwan train still trapped in the tunnel, many escaping passengers were forced to rush out the doors and windows and climb the sides of the train to walk across the roof to safety. And so he can save his life.

The truck was reportedly hit by the Taiwan train as soon as it exited the tunnel, with the most serious damage occurring to carriages 1 to 5, the Hualien County Rescue Department said, The Associated Press reported. The accident happened a few weeks ago.

Disturbing images

Photo: AP.

Television footage and photos posted of the scene on the official Central News Agency website showed people exiting through the open door of a carriage just outside the tunnel entrance. The interior of one of the carriages was flattened against the other side. To watch the videos press HERE.

The accident occurred on the first of the four days of Qingming, an annual religious holiday in which people return to their hometowns to reunite with their families and pray at the graves of their ancestors. An investigation into the accident was launched and there was no immediate news of arrests. Filed Under: Train Hits Minivan

The deadliest rail accident in the country

railway derails
Photo: Twitter.

The country’s last major rail accident occurred in October 2018, when a fast train derailed around a sharp curve on the northeast coast, causing at least 18 deaths and nearly 200 injuries. The deadliest was in 1991, when a crash in western Taiwan killed 30 people and injured 112.

The country’s vast rail system has undergone major updates in recent years, especially with the addition of a high-speed line connecting the capital, Taipei, with cities on the west and south coasts. Filed Under: Train Hits Minivan

Heartbreaking accident

heartbreaking accident
Photo: Twitter.

Taiwan is a mountainous island, and most of its 24 million people live in the plains along the northern and western coasts that are home to most of the agricultural land, the largest cities, and the high-tech industries of the Island. The sparsely populated east is popular with tourists, many of whom travel there by train to avoid the mountain roads.

In a tweet, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said that emergency services “have been fully mobilized to rescue and assist passengers and railway personnel. affected. We will continue to do everything possible to ensure their safety in the wake of this heartbreaking incident. ” Filed Under: Train Hits Minivan

“We must prevent this from happening again”

Photo: Twitter.

Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang said the Railway Administration should immediately carry out checks along other tracks to “prevent this from happening again.” About 50 volunteers from the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation stationed in an aid tent near the crash site said the children were among the dozens who escaped from the train cars. They were treating minor injuries and offering lunches.

“We see people getting off the train and they look shaken and nervous,” said Chen Tzu-chong, leader of Tzu Chi’s team at the scene. Taiwan’s extensive rail system has seen substantial improvements in recent years, particularly with the addition of a high-speed line connecting the capital, Taipei, with cities on the west coast to the south. The train involved in Friday’s derailment, Toroko No. 408, is one of the newest models in Taiwan. Filed Under: Train Hits Minivan


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