Traffic stop ends with two men arrested and seizure of drugs valued at more than $1 million

Two men were arrested after a traffic stop in Tucson, Arizona. Authorities seized drugs valued at more than $1 million after making the t...

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  • Two men were arrested after a traffic stop in Tucson, Arizona.
  • Authorities seized drugs valued at more than $1 million after making the traffic stop.
  • The police also reported the discovery of an “unknown substance” at the traffic stop.

A traffic stop led to the arrest of two men and the seizure of drugs valued at more than one million dollars in Tucson, Arizona. In addition, officers found an “unknown substance” at the scene according to authorities quoted by various media.

AZ Family and ABC 15 reported on Saturday, November 6, that police from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) carried out a major drug bust just north of Tucson early last week in an operation that had started as a regular traffic stop.

Authorities make huge drug seizure after traffic stop

Traffic stop
Photo: DPS

On Thursday, November 4, Arizona DPS stopped the driver of a Ford pickup that was traveling on Interstate 10 near Marana,  just north of Tucson. During the stop, officers found 34 pounds (15 kilos) of fentanyl pills. The driver, identified as Mario Quiñonez Osuna, 30, of California, was arrested on charges of transporting drugs for sale, AZ Family said.

Later and thanks to that first operation, the police obtained another search warrant for a Dodge truck and, when executing it, Arizona DPS then found more than 37 pounds (16 kilos) of fentanyl pills, eight pounds (3.62 kilos) of methamphetamine, seven pounds (3.17) of heroin and almost five pounds (2.26 kilos) of an “unknown substance”. The driver of that vehicle, identified as Kevin Valdez, 27, was also arrested.

“Unknown substance” found after traffic stop

Traffic stop
Photo: DPS

“We have a new drug, and this one – in my opinion – is somewhat more insidious, because it is more subtle. A pill does not have the stigma that, for example, a needle or a glass pipe does. It doesn’t take long for someone to put a pill in their mouth,” said Arizona DPS Director Heston Silbert, according to the AZ Family report.

Arizona DPS reported that it seized an estimated value of 1.7 million dollars in drugs between the two raids carried out as a result of the traffic stop. AZ Family recalled that early last week Chandler police arrested three people in connection with a drug investigation in the city of Mesa, where they found more than 25,000 fentanyl pills along with heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl powder. Also last week authorities discovered 10,000 pills of fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine in West Phoenix.

Couple arrested at traffic stop after drugs found in car

Traffic stop
Reference photo: Shutterstock

Authorities ordered a regular traffic stop, then eventually arrested a couple after agents discovered what they were hiding in their car as they drove through Zapata County, Texas, earlier this week, according to local paper LMT Online.

Zapata County officials arrested a couple after a traffic stop in which they also discovered that both were wanted by the authorities and that, in addition, they had methamphetamine and Xanax pills hidden inside their vehicle.

Couple arrested after police find what they were hiding in their car

couple arrested

At around 1:15 a.m. on Monday, November 1, officers from the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office arrived at a traffic stop that had been initiated by the United States Border Patrol. The subsequent investigation revealed that the two occupants of the car had outstanding arrest warrants.

The driver, identified as Joel Medina, had an arrest warrant pending for theft of property, while the passenger, Karina Tobías, had an arrest warrant pending for possession of marijuana. Authorities  arrested the couple as a result of both warrants, LMT Online reports said.

Police dog alerted the officers that something was wrong and they wound up arresting the couple

couple arrested
Joel Medina and Karina Tobías. Photo: Zapata County Sheriff’s Office

At the time of the traffic stop, a police dog (K-9) from the Sheriff’s Office alerted officers to the presence of contraband inside the vehicle. On inspection, a prescription bottle located inside the car contained 10 baggies of methamphetamine weighing 9.12 grams. And a second plastic container found in the car contained 38 Xanax pills with a total weight of 11.27 grams.

“Upon arriving at the Zapata County Jail, Tobías reported that he had contraband in his underwear and handed a prescription bottle to the detention officers of the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office,” the Sheriff’s Office reported, cited in the report of both media.

After couple’s arrest, police found out about other serious crimes

couple arrested

Officers then discovered 11 individually wrapped transparent substances believed to be crystal methamphetamine and a game card with crystal methamphetamine inside, authorities said referring to the couple they arrested at the traffic stop.

Karina Tobías, 31, was booked for the pending marijuana possession warrant. In addition, she was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Meanwhile, 41-year-old Joel Medina was searched for the robbery warrant. And he was also charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, LMT Online said.

Astroworld Festival: Several Hispanics Identified Among Dead According to Police

astroworld festival
First responders at the Astroworld music festival in Houston, November 5, 2021. Eight people were killed and several injured in what authorities called a human avalanche while rapper Travis Scott was on stage around 9 p.m. in the evening. (KTRK via AP)

Several families mourn the tragedy. Local media began to identify some of the fatalities that resulted from the stampede that occurred at the Astroworld music festival in Texas. This included several Hispanics. At the same time the police made an important discovery that fuels a theory about what may have unleashed the chaos.

The New York Post reported on Sunday, November 7, that several of the eight people who died in the human avalanche that occurred on Friday night during rapper Travis Scott’s concert, that took place at the Astroworld festival in Houston, have already been identified.

Victims of the stampede at Astroworld festival begin to be identified

astroworld festival
Getty Images

Danish Baig, 27, died when he tried to rescue a member of his family during the wave of chaos that broke out during the event, which was “badly managed and supervised by very horrible people,” according to what his brother Basil Biag wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday.

“My brother tried to save my sister-in-law from these horrendous acts that were being done to her, and in the process he lost his life,” said Baig, who also described his brother as a “beautiful soul” whose smile, “lit up the room and who (valued) everyone over himself. ” In turn, he added: “Last night (Friday) he showed his courage to save my sister-in-law from those horrendous things that were being done.”

Several Hispanics among the dead at the Astroworld festival

astroworld festival
Getty Images

Baig, who said he also attended the Astroworld festival, commented that fans were, “hitting and shoving,” and reportedly, “provoked,” by rapper Travis Scott, who continued his performance amid the calamity, not realizing the magnitude of the incident at the time.

Franco Patiño, a 21-year-old student at the University of Dayton, also lost his life at the concert, according to The Dayton Daily News. The Illinois native was a member of Alpha Psi Lambda, a Hispanic fraternity, and worked in a cooperative engineering program, school officials said. For more details read this note.

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