Tour bus crashes, killing 45 passengers, including 12 children

Police confirmed a tour bus tragedy in Bulgaria. A tour bus crashed, killing 45 passengers. At least 12 children are among the fatalities...

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  • Police confirmed a tour bus tragedy in Bulgaria.
  • A tour bus crashed, killing 45 passengers.
  • At least 12 children are among the fatalities, authorities said.

A tragic dawn shocked the residents of Bulgaria. Authorities confirmed that a tourist bus crashed and caught fire in the early hours of Tuesday, November 23. It killed at least 45 people, including 12 children, according to various national and international media.

The AP reported that at least 45 people were killed on Tuesday after a bus carrying a group of North Macedonians home from a tourist trip crashed and caught fire in western Bulgaria, local authorities and media said. .

How did the deadly tour bus crash happen?

Tourist bus

The accident occurred at approximately 2:00 a.m. (local time). There were children among the victims, according to authorities. Seven people were taken to hospitals. The cause of the accident was not initially confirmed. However, the tour bus apparently collided with a highway guardrail before crashing and catching fire, the AP explained.

The tour bus was part of a caravan of four. The authorities are opening an investigation. Photographs taken shortly after the incident showed the bus engulfed in flames and thick smoke rising from the scene.

“The image is horrible”

Tourist bus
Photo: Getty Images

“I have never seen anything more frightening in my life. The image is hideous. The people who were on the bus have turned to coal. It is impossible to say how many there were. There were four buses traveling together and it is possible that passengers changed buses at stops,” Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov told the reporters at the scene.

The AP reported that Bulgaria’s Acting Prime Minister Stefan Yanev, who also visited the crash site, told the reporters that it was “a huge tragedy.” He added, “I take this opportunity to send my condolences to the families of the victims. Hopefully, we learn lessons from this tragic incident and avoid such incidents in the future.”

At least 45 confirmed dead in tour bus crash: survivors describe the nightmare

Tourist bus
Photo: Getty Images

Macedonian embassy representatives visited some of the victims in the hospital, according to the Bulgarian news agency Novinite, which was quoted by the AP. North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told Bulgarian broadcaster bTV that he had spoken with one of the survivors.

“One of the passengers told me he was sleeping and was awakened by an explosion,” Zoran Zaev told the television station. The authorities will gather information that is, “important to the families of the dead and the survivors,” he added.

12 children are among the dead

tourist bus
This image taken from video provided by Nova TV shows emergency service workers next to a burned-out bus in Bosnek, Bulgaria, on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. (Nova TV via the AP)

The AP did not specify the number of children who died in the tour bus accident on the Struma road, near the town of Bosnek in western Bulgaria. However, ABC News stated that there are at least 12 minors among the fatalities.

The bus, carrying 53 people, was returning to the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, after a tourist trip to Istanbul, Turkey, reported Monika Markovska, an official at the North Macedonian embassy in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Interior Ministry confirmed that the bus was registered in North Macedonia, according to the ABC News report.

What caused the tour bus accident?

Tourist bus

Most of the people on board were Macedonians, apart from one Belgian national. Among those killed are 12 children, Markovska told ABC News. Seven people were admitted to the Pirogov Hospital in Sofia. Those patients—four men and three women—suffered burns and lacerations, but all were in stable condition, Dr. Ljubo Topkov at the Pirogov Hospital said.

So far, the cause of the accident is still unclear and is being investigated. Traffic stopped in both directions on the freeway as first responders and investigators worked at the scene, ABC News said. Citing data from the European Commission, the AP recalled that Bulgaria is a member country of the European Union with seven million inhabitants. In 2019, it had the second highest road mortality rate in the block of 27 countries, with 89 deaths per million inhabitants.

Suspect who caused the Wisconsin parade tragedy arrested

christmas parade

Investigators determine whether the driver of an SUV that crashed into a Christmas parade in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin—killing at least 5 people and injuring 40 more—was fleeing a crime, a police officer told the Associated Press.

On Sunday, the joyous scene of bands and children dancing in Santa hats and waving pom-poms turned deadly in an instant as the truck ran over barricades and rammed dancers, musicians, and others. In one video, a woman yells, “Oh my God!” over and over after the van hit a group of dancers. One father spoke of going, “from one twisted body to another” to search for his daughter. Among the dead were members of the Dancing Grannies group.

Who is the suspect and what was the crime he previously committed?

wisconsin tragedy
Photo: Twitter

One person was detained after a Waukesha police officer opened fire to stop the vehicle, authorities said. Investigators are questioning the person about a prior crime, which was an argument involving a knife. The official, who said the investigation was still in its initial phase, was not authorized to speak publicly about the case and spoke to the AP on the condition of anonymity.

The detainee is 39-year-old Darrell Brooks. Two police sources with knowledge of the matter revealed his identity to the AP. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity, as they were not authorized to release that information publicly.

Suspect had a criminal past

According to online police records, a person named Darrell Brooks, 39, has two criminal cases open in Milwaukee. In one, dated November 5, he was accused of resisting an officer, murder, disorderly conduct, evading a court hearing, and assault. The records indicate that a $500 bond was posted on November 19.

In the other case, from July 2020, Brooks was charged with endangering another person and illegal possession of a weapon. Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said he did not know if the policeman’s bullets had hit the driver, but no bystanders were injured. According to various media, the suspect is a rapper known on YouTube as “MathBoi Fly.”

At least five people died in the Wisconsin tragedy

wisconsin tragedy
Photo: Twitter

The Waukesha municipality confirmed on social media that the incident killed at least five people. The event was recorded by the city’s live broadcast and the spectators’ cell phones. A video shows the moment when the vehicle made its way through the barricades. The sound of what seems to be several shots can be heard in the video.

Another video shows a little girl dancing in the street as the truck sped just a few feet (about one meter) away before charging into the parade participants. A video of pom-pom ballerinas ends with a group of people tending to a girl on the ground. For more details, read this post.

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