Tornado watch is issued for parts of Georgia and Alabama

A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Georgia and Alabama this Monday. Radars indicate that a tornado is heading for Atlanta, Geor...

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  • A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Georgia and Alabama this Monday.
  • Radars indicate that a tornado is heading for Atlanta, Georgia, so the alert was activated.
  • Authorities ask the inhabitants who reside in the path where the tornado warning was issued to take the necessary precautions.

Caution from this moment on. Authorities have issued a tornado watch for towns in Georgia and Alabama this Monday. Other tornadoes struck and devastated Mississippi on Sunday.

A tornado watch is in effect until 4:00 p.m. ET on Monday for various parts of Georgia and Alabama, the television network CNN reported this morning.

Tornado alert

Photo: Twitter.

According to CNN, a thunderstorm in the Atlanta area produced a radar-confirmed tornado this morning, and additional thunderstorms could produce some tornadoes in this watch area until this afternoon.

This alert includes Atlanta and Macon in Georgia and Montgomery in Alabama. Hail of up to 1 inch and damaging winds of up to 70 mph are also possible with some of these storms.

Tornado Warning for Downtown Atlanta

tornado alert
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In an update to the report, it was reiterated that a tornado warning has been issued, already confirmed by radar, which includes downtown Atlanta and the CNN Center, the world headquarters of the television channel where its main newsrooms and studios are located. from various news channels.

Previously, the warning was valid until 10:45 a.m. EST, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Atlanta. Shortly after 10 a.m., the storm was southeast of Douglasville, moving east at 35 mph to impact downtown Atlanta. About 450,000 people were in the storm’s potential path, the NWS noted.

Powerful storm activates tornado alert

tornado alert
Photo: Anny Mercedes

The newspaper 11 Alive He also indicated that sand has issued a warning of storm electrical power failure for some metropolitan Atlanta counties, including Dekalb County and Gwinnett County, and that such a warning would end at noon today.

In turn, a tornado alert was activated for the north of the state of Georgia until 4:00 in the afternoon on Monday, according to the National Weather Service, also cited by the local newspaper 11 Alive.

Tornado Alert: What to Do If You Are on Track

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CNN explained some important actions that you could take for your safety and that of your family and friends if you are in the path of a tornado, such as the one that is expected to occur today in several cities.

If you are in the tornado zone, CNN said, you should avoid dangerous places like the area under highway overpasses. While sheltering under a bridge may seem like a good option if you’re stuck in your car, the narrow passage can act as a funnel and amplify the winds.

Security advice

Outskirts of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Photo: Kamila Daza / MH

Outdoor. There are no safe options if you get stuck outside during a tornado warning without a permanent shelter nearby. As an absolute last resort, stay away from trees or other independent objects, crouch in the lowest area you can find, and cover your head.

Upper level floors. If you live on an upper floor of a building or work in an office building, find a way to safely locate a first-floor shelter. An interior hallway can be a safe bet, CNN described.

Tornado Warning: Precautions

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In its report, CNN also mentioned the importance of head covering. The best advice is to keep a helmet handy or at least cover your head with your arms. If you have time, put a mattress on top, as it can also help keep you safe.

Make noise. According to the aforementioned television network, meteorologists suggest that you keep an air horn or a whistle wherever you take refuge, so that first responders can hear you if you get buried under the rubble.

Don’t forget your shoes

Photo: Twitter.

Although it seems obvious, it is always good to remember: wear shoes. If a tornado occurs, there could be dangerous debris that you don’t want to step on as it could injure you.

CNN also reminded you to avoid dangerous objects: If you get trapped in a building hit by a tornado, be sure to stay away from downed power lines, broken gas lines, and sharp objects.

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