Tornado Watch is issued for areas in south Texas

Tornado watch issued for areas of Texas. Storm Prediction Center warns of strong winds. 9 million people in the US are in danger. The Sto...

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  • Tornado watch issued for areas of Texas.
  • Storm Prediction Center warns of strong winds.
  • 9 million people in the US are in danger.

The Storm Prediction Center has issued an alert this Wednesday morning, October 27, 2021, before the possible formation and passage of a tornado that would affect some parts of southeastern Texas, USA, including Houston, Harris County and southern and central Louisiana, Lake Charles, according to Cnn en Español and KHOU 11.

The alert call would take effect from 4 in the afternoon, local time and is for a total of 9 million people that live in the areas where it could form, due to a series of storms that were registered in the Gulf of Mexico and that are expected to advance during the day, which is why authorities already prepared all the protocols of protection and reaction.


Texas tornado warning
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However, there is a threat that cannot be missed and that is that the winds are expected to be too strong, therefore, the risk of tornadoes is expected to increase after the end of the morning and afternoon of this Wednesday, according to the report issued by SPC, which maintains monitoring to give advance notice to the vulnerable population.

The winds can be fatal and destructive in some areas of the United States, as they can reach speeds of 70 mph with some of the storms, along with the threat of a couple of “strong tornadoes,” added the SPC in his morning report, for which some inhabitants have already begun to foresee the way to take shelter and have provisions during the day.


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Following this alert, authorities from the King County Medical Examiner’s Office also confirmed the identities of two people who died after Sunday’s windstorm that toppled a tree in their car, according to a publication on the website of news Newsbreak. The deaths were by accident as both died from multiple blunt injuries, the Seattle Times reported.

The people who died were Camille Martlin, 59, and her son Max Martlin, 22, lived in the Bellevue home where Camille grew up. They both liked to row and walk together, often with their pets, a rescue pit bull named Pebbles and his small breed ‘friend’ Smokey, friends and family said after confirmation of their deaths. Filed Under: Texas Tornado Warning


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Authorities’ preliminary report indicates that they had both gone to Preston to pick pumpkins and were moving home when a huge tree slammed into their white sedan, almost instantly killing them both, according to Max’s father and Sgt. King County Sheriff’s Office. Tim Meyer, was published on the Newsbreak website.

The tree was detailed to be 8 feet (2.4 meters) in circumference at its base, Meyer said. The two were traveling along Preston-Fall City Road Southeast, a tree-lined highway connecting Interstate 90 to Fall City, when the tree fell on the car. “It was really a collision of centimeters and that a mother and a son were needed is tragic,” Meyer said. “That that tree hits at that moment is really a strange incident.” Filed Under: Texas Tornado Warning


Texas tornado warning

Just a powerful storm hit the northeast coast of the United States on Tuesday, and authorities warned that it could cause flooding, high winds and power outages. New York and New Jersey issued emergency declarations ahead of the storm, which is forecast to pick up steam throughout the day as it moves toward New England.

Parts of New Jersey received more than 5 inches (12.5 centimeters) of rain Tuesday morning, causing flooding in some areas, according to the National Weather Service. Strong winds will hit the area until Wednesday night, which carries the possibility of blackouts, experts predicted. Filed Under: Texas Tornado Warning


Texas tornado warning
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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy postponed the opening of state offices until 11 a.m. due to rain and wind. The storm caused Rutgers University to move classes online for the day, while some colleges and school districts canceled classes.

In New England, authorities warned of flooding and blackouts. The worst was expected for that Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, lashing the region with heavy downpours and powerful winds. The storm forced the cancellation or delay of flights and federal authorities warned of delays and cancellations in the region. Filed Under: Texas Tornado Warning


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Wind gusts of up to 120 kilometers per hour (75 mph) were forecast at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and sustained winds of 72 kilometers per hour (45 mph). The Weather Service warned that waves off the coast could reach 5.8 meters (19 feet).

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority suspended ferry service for Tuesday and Wednesday. In Salem, which celebrates one of the biggest Halloween festivals in the country throughout October, the city canceled ferry service to Boston, calling on visitors to take the train. Filed Under: Texas Tornado Warning

Texas tornado watch: TORNADOS HIT US

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Just two days ago, a tornado was said to have damaged buildings and power outages in communities along the Missouri-Illinois border, and damage was reported in other parts of the states due to severe weather. Sunday night’s tornado passed through St. Mary, Missouri, about 55 miles (88 kilometers) southeast of St. Louis, before crossing the Mississippi River into Chester, Illinois, the National Weather Service reported. There were no reports of serious injuries.

A large system of fall storms developed over the central United States on Sunday and strengthened as it passed through the St. Louis region, St Louis-based weather service expert Jared Maples told The Associated Press on Monday. Charles, Missouri. The storms caused heavy rain, causing some flooding around tributaries and in low-lying areas, and spawning several suspicious tornadoes in eastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois.


Texas tornado warning
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“There are structures around the Farmington and Fredericktown area of ​​Missouri that have been affected,” Maples said. “Chester, Illinois, is another area that was hit hard.” The weather service sent inspection teams to confirm whether those areas were affected by tornadoes, he said.

It was likely a tornado that swept across the north side of Chester, a city of about 8,700 across the Mississippi River from St. Mary, knocking down trees and power lines and damaging homes, according to Larry Willis, a Randolph County spokesman in the LA Emergency Management Agency. Willis said he had preliminary reports of a tree falling on a home and damage to the roof of a nursing home.

Texas tornado warning: DESTROY BUILDING

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Willis said the nearby village of Bremen “took a direct hit” before the storm dissipated about a mile (1.6 kilometers) east of that community. In its wake, a large storage building in Bremen was destroyed and Illinois Route 150 was closed due to downed power lines and poles.

However, now the outlook seems to be more dangerous, so the inhabitants of Texas are already preparing for the possible impact of the tornado, while the authorities monitor its formation, to issue reports in a timely manner, to avoid the greatest possible damage. , both buildings and injured or deceased people in the warning area.


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Days earlier, several tornadoes hit Oklahoma Sunday night and early Monday morning, according to reports, causing damage, although there were no reports of deaths or injuries at the moment. Bad weather also caused downpours, lightning and wind in parts of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

Tornado alerts and damage reports began to be reported in Oklahoma Sunday afternoon. As of Monday morning there was still no close number of tornadoes. A possible tornado struck Coweta, a Tulsa suburb, Sunday night, causing significant damage to a high school, homes and a gas station, according to media.

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