Tornado watch: after the ‘devastation’ caused by storms in southern United States



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  • Tornado watch: after the ‘devastation’ caused by storms in southern United States
  • A number of severe storms hit southern United States.
  • There is material damage and at least one dead after the storms

Tornado watch: after the ‘devastation’ caused by storms in southern United States. A tornado watch from the National Weather Service has reached the cell phones of millions of Americans in Atlanta, Georgia, as a warning of the emergency.

“Take shelter now in a basement, or in a room located on the lowest floor of a sturdy building, if you are outdoors in a mobile home or in a vehicle, move to the nearest shelter and protect yourself from flying debris,”the message said.

Tornado warning in Atlanta after ‘devastation’ by storms in the south of the United States

A series of severe storms hit several areas of the southern United States on Saturday, destroying real estate in the northeastern part of Florida, known as the Panhandle, and sending hail into a coastal city in Alabama, says The Associated Press.

In Panama City Beach, Florida, a store and home were destroyed by what appeared to be a tornado, city officials said in a Facebook message. A photo taken by a resident and published by The Panama City News Herald shows the store’s ceiling and walls torn down, but its shelves and the merchandise on them appeared unscathed.

One dead in US storm emergency

According to New York Times, at least one person has died and seven injuries are reported after the emergency caused by these storms. Floods were reported. Several thousand people were without power, according to, A portal that monitors blackouts.

In Louisiana, authorities confirmed that one person was killed and “at least seven others were injured in the storms that moved through the area around 2 am local time,” according to the New York Times. The conditions of the injured during this storm emergency are not yet fully established.

Images show ‘devastation’ after storm emergency

Photo: AP.

There were no reports of injuries. The town is in Bay County, which was heavily damaged by Hurricane Michael in 2018. In Pensacola, Florida, the storm ripped the roof off a downtown brewery, local media said. The National Weather Service has not confirmed whether it was caused by a tornado.

Media footage showed car windows smashed by baseball-sized hail in Orange Beach, Alabama. The storms brought downpours and strong winds to parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, the AP says.

They warn of emergency due to storms and tornadoes

Photo: Getty.

South storms in the US. A storm system threatens much of the southern United States with potential tornadoes, damaging winds and hail the size of a baseball, forecasters said, according to information from The Associated Press news agency.

At least a few tornadoes are expected Friday in parts of northeast Louisiana and Mississippi, according to the National Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. The threat will continue into the evening hours, forecasters said.

Southern US Storm Emergency Threatens Millions

Photo: Shutterstock.

Nearly 1.6 million people in a region that includes parts of Louisiana and Mississippi will be at increased risk from severe storms on Friday, the Storm Prediction Center said in its forecast for Friday. The area includes Jackson, Hattiesburg, and Vicksburg in Mississippi; and Monroe in Louisiana.

Large hail will also be possible in parts of the this from Texas and Oklahoma and western parts of Arkansas and Louisiana. Baseball-sized hail will be possible over much of Mississippi, the National Weather Service said.

South US storm emergency: Severe weather throughout the region

Photo: Twitter.

“A complex severe weather scenario is expected to develop across the Mid-South to the Southeast late this morning into the afternoon and overnight,” according to the NWS forecast adding that “major severe storms are expected, including widespread damaging winds, and at least some tornadoes in parts of northeast Louisiana into Mississippi, especially overnight.”

In southwestern Georgia, a severe storm on Friday morning likely included coin-sized hail near the town of Blakely. “Vehicle damage is expected,” the weather service said in its severe thunderstorm warning for that area.

Nearly 80 million under risk of storms in the southern US

Storm Emergency, Atlanta Tornado Alert
Image taken from AP

Nearly 80 million under risk of storms in the southern US According to CNN, nearly 80 million people in the south are at risk of severe weather from Friday to Saturday. The areas under greatest threat are parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama that the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC) rated as Level 4 out of 5, or “moderate risk.”

“Significant severe storms, including widespread damaging winds, and at least some tornadoes are expected in parts of Northeast Louisiana toward Mississippi, especially overnight,” Spc said. The agency also noted that other areas of the region could have hurricane force winds of at least 74 mph.

Electric storms

Storm Emergency, Atlanta Tornado Alert
Photo: Getty.

According to forecasters, there will be heavy rains and thunderstorms across the southern US on Friday, and they fear that many of those storms could turn severe. Severe storm warnings have been issued in some southern areas. The SPC indicated that while storms are possible throughout the day, the greatest risk will be on Friday night.

“While tornadoes are possible, it appears that straight-line winds will be the primary concern,” said the National Weather Service office in Jackson, Mississippi. “Having said that, there could be swaths of wind damage that resemble EF-0 to EF-1 (tornado) damage, so people should take the threat of wind seriously,” the agency said.

Risk of night tornadoes

Storm Emergency, Atlanta Tornado Alert
Photo: Shutterstock.

The National Weather Service Office in Fort Worth indicated that environmental conditions are expected to be “similar to what was seen in the Denton to Wylie (in Texas) and Dallas / Van Alstyne hail events of the past decade as it concerns the size of the hail ”. The bureau added in its discussion that there can be hail “the size of a golf ball even the size of a baseball or softball.”

The SPC warned of the risk of tornadoes at night, which are often more devastating. The threat will change from primarily large hail during the day to tornadoes and destructive, hurricane-force winds at nightfall. “Severe gusts and tornadoes will likely become major hazards as storms move east through northern Louisiana east into Mississippi and into western Alabama on Saturday morning,” said the agency.

Storm Warning Poses Risk in Multiple States

Storm Emergency, Atlanta Tornado Alert
Photo: Twitter

“This is a multi-state, multi-day event with significant severe storms that continue through the night in many places. Make sure you have multiple ways to get your local warnings, “said CNN meteorologist Chad Myers.

The weather characteristic that drives these storms “will likely support a continuation (of the storms) across the Gulf Coast in the morning and perhaps persist into the afternoon,” said Spc. Likewise, forecasters do not rule out the risk of flooding associated with these storms.

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