Tornado ‘hits’ Missouri and Illinois

Tornado damaged buildings and cut power supply on the Missouri and Illinois border. The report is made by the National Meteorological Ser...

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  • Tornado damaged buildings and cut power supply on the Missouri and Illinois border.
  • The report is made by the National Meteorological Service.
  • Authorities send inspection teams to affected areas.

A tornado damaged buildings and cut the power supply in communities along the Missouri-Illinois border, and damage was reported in other parts of the states due to severe weather. Sunday night’s tornado passed through St. Mary, Missouri, about 55 miles (88 kilometers) southeast of St. Louis, before crossing the Mississippi River into Chester, Illinois, the National Weather Service reported.

There were no reports of serious injury according to AP and The Sun. A large system of fall storms developed over the central United States on Sunday and strengthened as it passed through the St. Louis region, St. Louis-based weather service expert Jared Maples told The Associated Press on Monday.


Tornado Missouri Illinois
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The storms caused heavy rain, causing some flooding around tributaries and in low-lying areas, and spawning several suspicious tornadoes in eastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois. Authorities monitor the weather and are attentive to any eventuality that may arise in the next few hours to serve the population.

“There are structures around the Farmington and Fredericktown area of ​​Missouri that have been affected,” Maples said. “Chester, Illinois, is another area that was hit hard.” Authorities from the national meteorological service sent inspection teams to confirm whether those areas were affected by tornadoes, the interviewee said.


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It was likely a tornado that swept across the north side of Chester, a city of about 8,700 across the Mississippi River from St. Mary, knocking down trees and power lines and damaging homes, according to Larry Willis, a Randolph County spokesman in the LA Emergency Management Agency. Willis said he had preliminary reports of a tree falling on a home and damage to the roof of a nursing home.

Willis said the nearby village of Bremen “took a direct hit” before the storm dissipated about a mile (1.6 kilometers) east of that community. In its wake, a large storage building in Bremen was destroyed and Illinois Route 150 was closed due to downed power lines and poles, so they expect a review in the next few hours.

Missouri Illinois Tornado: WEATHER DOES NOT GIVE ‘TREGUE’

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Just a few days ago, several tornadoes hit Oklahoma at night and early Monday morning, according to reports, causing damage, although there were no reports of deaths or injuries at the moment. Bad weather also led to downpours, lightning and wind in parts of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas, authorities said after a preliminary report.

Tornado alerts and damage reports began to be reported in Oklahoma Sunday afternoon. As of Monday morning there was still no close number of tornadoes. A possible tornado struck Coweta, a Tulsa suburb, Sunday night, causing significant damage to a high school, homes and a gas station, according to media.


Tornado Missouri Illinois
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A hail storm smashed windows and dented cars overnight in Norman, according to media. Norman was about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Oklahoma City. This triggered the alert in the authorities who had to make a study of what had happened at that time to assess the damage reported everywhere.

At first, no deaths or injured people were reported. Oklahoma Gas & Electric said in a statement that teams were working to restore power. Lightning from what appeared to be the same line of storms delayed the NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Chiefs in Kansas City, Missouri by nearly an hour. Filed Under: Tornado Missouri Illinois


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But it is not only in the United States that these types of natural phenomena have been seen, recently a tornado was reported in the German port city of Kiel that left several injuries, four of them serious, according to authorities. Dozens of emergency workers participated in an operation to rescue a group of rowers who were caught by surprise by Wednesday’s tornado off the Baltic Sea coast.

Videos shared on social media showed a tree uprooted and a whirlwind lifting chairs and other objects. The incident occurred around 18:00 (1600 GMT). Every year between 20 and 60 tornadoes occur in Germany, according to the Severe Weather Phenomena in Europe Database. Filed Under: Tornado Missouri Illinois



The tornado was likely not very strong, although it could have caused considerably more damage had it hit the city center rather than a sparsely inhabited area, according to a member of the German meteorological agency DWD quoted by the German news agency dpa. , for which an alert was generated in that area of ​​the country.

The authorities used all the protocols of reaction to this type of natural phenomena that cause destruction in their wake and sometimes leave fatalities. For this reason, they ask the population to be attentive to everything that is announced through official channels and especially through social media channels, which is where most people watch the news. Filed Under: Tornado Missouri Illinois

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