Top 10 of the most embarrassing moments of celebrities. Earth swallow me!



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Top 10 of the most embarrassing moments of celebrities. Earth swallow me!

Top 10 of the most embarrassing moments of celebrities. Earth swallow me! Who has not happened to find yourself in a situation that you would like the earth to swallow you or for you to say I am lost. But imagine that this happened to a celebrity and the thing is that the Famous they are exposed to the public eye and everything they do goes viral in a matter of minutes, sweeping the internet and any platform.

And not only that, but they are also exposed to being taken by all the cameras present and reaching millions of people who can see that ridiculous thing.

Do you want to know which figures in the public arena have had to live these embarrassing moments? Keep reading and we present you the top ten of the moments. Earth swallow me!

10.- Rosalia

Rosalía, Top famous embarrassing moments

Instagram La Rosalía

The artist Rosalía became one of the most beloved Spanish singers today, after a concert on her tour in Madrid that was attended by various Spanish celebrities, both singers and actors. Politicians did not want to miss this event either.

In an embarrassing video uploaded to Twitter by the Minister of Culture and Sports of Spain, we can see how Rosalía does not recognize the Minister of Culture of her country. And that is where this video by the minister himself goes viral, which was posted on social networks emphasizing the good humor of the Spanish.

9.- Cristian Castro

In 2014, the singer shared a photo where he only wears a thong and appears next to his masseur. Castro himself uploaded the photo to Twitter without thinking that it would become the center of attention when the singer was questioned about the image in an interview. He took it with a good humor and assured that he uploaded the photo on the internet because he wanted to show his excellent figure.

Top famous embarrassing moments

Cristian castro

But hey, this is not the first incident where the word “thong” and Cristian are involved. So he is one of the Top Famous Embarrassing Moments.

Let’s remember at a concert by the artist while he was singing in Argentina, his fans, very excited, began to throw their thongs on him and this one, neither short nor lazy. Not only did he grab them, he smelled them too.

And it should be noted that it was not her first time grabbing thongs on stage. Could this be your fetish? What do you think?

8.- Belinda

During an X Factor show, singer Belinda stands up to the performance of a boy she apparently loved. However, when he was about to take his seat again by force, his chair was moved and he went straight to the floor.

Top famous embarrassing moments


Well, it is certainly a very funny moment and to the surprise of many, the interpreter of Luz sin gravity gave an interview where she herself laughs at her fall, to include it in the list of Top famous embarrassing moments.

7.- Andrea Legarreta

The Televisa host was a trend on social networks thanks to some comments about the devaluation of the dollar. And it is that he assured, in one of his live programs, that not because the dollar rises the price of everything rises and he also explained that not because the dollar rises, the price of everything that families consume rises.

Andrea Legarreta, Top famous embarrassing moments

Andrea Legarreta

I do not want to know why after these statements, social networks were invaded with memes mocking their comments and even dared to question who wrote the script to the presenter or how much they would have paid the government of Mexico to make these statements .

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After this, the host spoke on the subject. Through tears she spoke of how much it affected her, since people did not have compassion on social networks, they even wished her and her children death.

6.- Lucia Méndez

Lucia Mendez

Instagram Lucía Méndez, Top famous embarrassing moments

The famous actress and singer was in Venice at a film festival where she received a special award. Hours later he shared an image on social networks where he appears in the middle of the great filmmakers George Clooney and Alfonso Cuarón.

And the image read. “I was happy to meet figures like George Clooney, Sandra Bullock and many more.

However, Internet users discovered that it was a Photoshop and a user replied: “It looks like a Photoshop montage”, to which Lucia immediately replied: “How great is envy! Only Latina on the Red Carpet in Venice.

After countless memes mocking the singer, she herself came out to say that the image was a mistake by her social media team, ensuring that it was not she who uploaded the photo and it was not she who responded to the comment.

5.- Maluma

Maluma photography


Colombian singer Maluma was invited to the 2019 MET Gala. This glamorous gala is held every year at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where the most coveted celebrities from around the world attend.

On the red carpet of this event are the photographers of the most important media worldwide, where they await the arrival of celebrities with their ostentatious costumes. But unfortunately, Maluma’s arrival did not attract much attention.

Despite wearing his elegant Moschino suit, we can see through a viral Twitter video that the Colombian singer-songwriter went practically unnoticed on the event’s carpet, where he tried to draw the attention of the photographers by greeting them. But still it was not enough for them to want to photograph him.

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4.- Ninel Conde

The Mexican singer wanted to give good faith advice to those affected by Hurricane Patricia in 2015. However, the words she chose to do so were not well received by Internet users, since the image that was uploaded to the internet was accompanied by the following phrase: “Praying for our brothers from #jalisco, #nayarit and #colima. Come out, don’t stay at home until Hurricane Patricia ”.

Ninel Conde

Hundreds of comments immediately began to emerge such as: “Gentlemen, buy canned supplies, water, locate public shelters and ignore Ninel.”

Others wrote: “Meanwhile, Ninel Conde invites everyone to come out of her house to see the beautiful spectacle of nature.”

For her part, the actress said in an interview that the intention of her tweet was positive and was aimed at people who do not take warnings about bad weather seriously and refuse to leave their homes. However, he also accepted that it was not very clear on the context and therefore was misinterpreted.

3.- Juan Gabriel

The late singer Juan Gabriel had never taken. Despite the fact that this talented Mexican singer gave us countless songs that reached our hearts, we have not been able to forget his fall during a concert in Houston, Texas, in 2005.

The Divo de Juárez was so moved by one of his songs that he couldn’t measure his dance steps and suffered multiple broken wrists, a concussion and an embarrassing fall from the stage. However, Juan Gabriel requested to be discharged the next day, since he wanted to continue his tour in the United States.

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2.- Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini

Instagram Laura Pausini

During a concert in Peru, the singer wore a black robe which moved a little and to her bad luck she ended up showing her most intimate part.

Apparently, she felt the skin uncovered and immediately covered herself. But what do you think? It was already too late! The cameras were focused on his entire body and the image was seen on all screens. Before leaving, the singer said: “If they have seen, they have seen” taking it with great humor. He also assured that it is equal to all.

1.- Pedro Sola

Pedro Sola

Instagram Pedro Sola

In 2017, during a Ventaneando program, Pedro Sola, who is also the host of this program, was recording a mayonnaise commercial on the program’s forum. He only had one saucer on the table. She immediately tosses some mayonnaise on it and advises viewers to use this delicious dressing as well.

The downside is that the driver mentions the strongest competition for mayonnaise with mayonnaise.

A second later it seems that the prompter tells him that he was wrong and Pedro apologizes and says Oh, sorry! And he repeats it several times.

The same driver assured in several interviews that his video went viral, but because of that big mistake they now know him even in the farthest corner. So he had no choice but to take it in a good mood.

In this digital age we are all exposed to making a fool of ourselves and also going viral, so head up, because you could be the next victim.

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