If you want to make repairs in your home you must have these tools

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If you want to make repairs in your home you must have these tools
  • What are the tools you need to have at your disposal in your home?
  • If you want to make repairs in your home you must have these tools.
  • Here is a list of household tools that you cannot miss.

A well-stocked toolbox is a family investment, which will help in the maintenance and minor repairs of the home. Now that you have your house, are you properly equipped?

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You will need some basic tools to set up or fix some things and to do simple repairs at home.

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You can buy a complete set of tools for your home or buy them one at a time, as they are required, they can be new or used, borrowed or rented.

The important thing is to have a basic repair and maintenance kit at home, in order to face these basic installations and repairs.

Carpenter’s hammer
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Always useful for putting or removing nails. Nailing or removing a nail is one of the most common tasks carried out in the home, whether it is to hang a painting, a mirror or adjust the shelves of a piece of furniture.

Perhaps it is the essential tool of the home.

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Screwing and unscrewing flat head or star head screws is also essential in your home.

Having a set of screwdrivers of all sizes and different tips is very important, because you never know when you have to adjust or disassemble.

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In many jobs you will need to cut wood, tubes or other non-metallic elements.

This is where you will demand a good saw at home, so buy one with a steel blade and 40 cm long, this will be the most versatile and functional option.

Hand drill
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There are also electric or cordless drills. It is practically the only power tool that can be considered essential in a house for general tasks.

The advice is simple when buying it: quality.

Adhesive Products
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When using wood or paper, use carpenter’s eraser.

It is also a good idea to have adhesive tapes that are one to two inches wide (2.5 to 5 centimeters) on hand for coating surfaces to be painted, and for covering electrical cables.

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