Toño Mauri suffers a terrible fall while recovering from COVID-19



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  • Bad news for Toño Mauri.
  • The Mexican actor suffers a terrible fall while recovering from COVID-19.
  • In addition, he said that in a few months his book will be ready, in it he will share the story of his fight against this terrible disease.

Only a few weeks have passed since he was discharged from the hospital after receiving a double lung transplant, and now Mexican actor Toño Mauri suffers a terrible fall while recovering from COVID-19: “I no longer have enough weight to support myself,” he confessed.

Through the official Imagen Entretenimiento Youtube channel, you can see an interview that the former member of the musical group Fresas con crema gave to the program Sale el sol, where he also revealed that in a few months his book will be ready where he will share the story of his fight against the coronavirus.

Toño Mauri will share the process of his illness

Toño Mauri suffers a terrible fall while recovering from COVID-19
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“A person who has already made several books and who has made books about friends of mine approached me, and talking with him I really liked the way he understood me and we started by telling the story and he captured it very well, he perfectly captured how is the sense of a testimony like this”.

In addition, the Mexican actor shared that the interviews are over and this person will begin to write and then send him the essays, and if everything goes well, in two or three months, they will begin to prepare it for editing: “To anyone who goes through a This situation helps a lot because whoever can read it or whoever wants to read it can find a solution to something that is weighing on them ”, he commented (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

“Two days ago I fell”: Toño Mauri

Toño Mauri suffers a terrible fall while recovering from COVID-19
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And when no one expected it, the Mexican actor, who is a few weeks away from his 57th birthday, commented that two days ago he fell, so they had to put some points on his right eyebrow: “I tripped over my right foot It got stuck in the ground and I went forward because I no longer have enough weight to support myself.

“As time goes by, my nerves and my muscles are activated, so I managed to fall sideways, to move sideways, then with my head I hit the floor and I opened up here and my hip hurt a little; I was tested, I have nothing broken ”.

They express messages of support

Toño Mauri suffers a terrible fall while recovering from COVID-19
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Internet users, moved by this news, expressed their messages of support for the Mexican actor: “Toño, a brotherly hug, keep recovering, be careful”, “Blessed God, you already look much better, blessings”, “Let the days go by and months so that he recovers very soon and becomes very handsome ”.

For his part, one person went all out against Toño Mauri’s family and expressed himself as follows: “With those irresponsible children he has, of course it is a miracle that he is still alive, because they infected him by partying! !! ”.

Share what your life, therapy and work are like

Toño Mauri suffers a terrible fall while recovering from COVID-19
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Four months after leaving the hospital where he was hospitalized for almost 300 days due to the coronavirus, Toño Mauri gradually resumed his working life and is about to release a film in Europe, he is preparing to record a series and has just finished a book where he will relate your experience with the disease.

The actor will fulfill, on June 26, one year after entering the medical center where he remained four months in a coma and then underwent a double lung transplant. From there he left in February, weighing 49 kilos, to which he has added seven; He says that he can eat anything and goes with daily inhalation and stretching therapies.

“I think I have a mission”

Toño Mauri suffers a terrible fall while recovering from COVID-19
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His voice is already heard without problems. The only detail is that the drugs “throw” it for a few minutes. But day by day he sees the positive results of everything: “I believe that I have a mission and I ask God to enlighten me, to put me wherever I am; I have been giving testimonies of my experience and many people have looked for me ”.

“Now they did it to be part of a program that is organized to promote organ transplantation in Mexico, we are putting together a beautiful campaign. I also finished the narration of a book, I estimate that in a month and a half I can have it and in it I do touch on specific topics of my experience, I hope it helps someone not to go through it and, if it falls, to know that it is a struggle until the end”.

Towards internationalization

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Once he woke up from his coma, Toño was initially found out by his son Toño Mauri Jr., of the status of the projects he was in as a producer. One of them was La casa del caracol, a thriller starring Paz Vega (The immoral life of the ideal couple), whose filming took place in August in Malaga, as part of the revival of European shootings.

To the tape, the Mauri entered via their company Hippo Entertainmente Group and an economic participation. Next week opens the 49 Huesca International Film Festival, it will also be part of Malaga, two of the most important competitions in Spain to, days later, commercially premiere in that country.

Serial recordings will begin

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“Here we are going to put her in Morelia, to see if she is selected. And with that Spanish group the commitment, the idea, is that we have to make three films in the following months, we are seeing which one is the first and it could be The Caddy, of which we already made the short (with Ron Perlman, Hellboy) ”, details.

Toño Mauri had spoken about the project on June 17, practically days before his entire family fell ill with Covid-19 and he was admitted to the hospital. For October, he anticipates, they will begin recordings of “Mariachis”, a series in which Hippo is a partner of MGM and that will go to the HBO Plus platform.

Toño Mauri would return to acting

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Vadhir Derbez, Pedro Fernández, Natalia Jiménez, Consuelo Duval and the Catalan Oscar Jaenada, the latter playing the antagonist, make up the cast. The Mauri will also be there, while Toño Papa will own a construction equipment factory, Toño Jr. will be a rock star.

“It’s about a mariachi family, it’s about Alzheimer’s, it has taken us a long time to adapt, correct and there will be a lot of music.” At the same time, the company is in the bioseries of Miguel Bosé, who is also a producer and whose casting is in process.

Toño Mauri’s fight

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“With therapies there are good and bad days, you get very tired. It is the normal period of adaptation with the transplant and it has been a year in the adjustments, I am going to half, there I take it ”. In June 2020, Toño, his wife Carla and their children Karla and Antonio were infected with Covid-19 even while they were locked up at home.

The singer is admitted to the Sinai Hospital, in Miami, for Covid-19; His health deteriorates, so he is transferred to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, for a double lung transplant. In November, the actor deals with the aftermath of the virus, such as mobility problems. A month later, he underwent a double lung transplant. In February of this year, he was discharged, weighing just 49 kilos. Last month, already recovered, he handed over his daughter Karla to the altar (With information from Agencia El Universal)

He reappears at his daughter’s wedding

Photo: File Agency EL UNIVERSAL / EELG

Mexican actor Toño Mauri reappears unrecognizable after almost dying of COVID-19 at the wedding of his daughter, Carla Mauri, with her boyfriend Pablo Fernández, and the producer Carla Estrada shared an image of this unforgettable moment on her social networks: “A wonderful miracle ”, he expressed.

According to information from El Universal, this celebration, which took place in Miami, Florida, was only attended by close relatives of the bride and groom and the ceremony was broadcast online. In the program Release the soup, it was reported that the priest who officiated the mass emphasized that the presence of Toño Mauri was a true miracle.

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