Toni Costa deletes Adamari López from Instagram

Toni Costa deletes Adamari López from his Instagram. The Spanish deleted his ex-fiancee and now he only follows his daughter Alaïa. Has t...

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  • Toni Costa deletes Adamari López from his Instagram.
  • The Spanish deleted his ex-fiancee and now he only follows his daughter Alaïa.
  • Has the dancer finally accepted the end of their relationship?

Toni Costa deletes Adamari López. He accepted it? About 15 days have passed since Adamari López announced to the media the separation between her and her ex-fiance the Spanish Toni Costa, but despite the fact that the Puerto Rican has been quite firm with this decision, this wasn’t the case for the famous dancer.

On this occasion, everything seems to indicate that the hopes of getting back together are over, since in his Instagram profile, the dancer has deleted the Puerto Rican host from his social network account, making it seem as if he has finally accepted the end of their relationship and has given up any hope of returning with Adamari.

Toni Costa removes Adamari from her Instagram

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López 4

It should be remembered that since the separation of the famous couple was announced, only the Puerto Rican was quite convinced that they would no longer resume the relationship. But that was not the case for Toni, since in a statement she posted on the social network, she said that they would do everything possible to revive the flames of love.

This romance lasted for about 10 years, when Adamari López was devastated by cancer, the Spanish Toni Costa came into her life and things were different for the Puerto Rican, who had not been lucky in love, after breaking up with the singer Luis Fonsi.

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López: He only stays with his daughter

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López 2

Previously, the Spanish dancer had in his Instagram profile photo an image where his daughter Alaïa and of course Adamari appeared, all united as a family, confirming that Toni still hoped to return to his beloved who was with her for 10 years .

But what was surprising is that Costa eliminated his daughter’s mother from his photo, removing that image where the three appeared together, and replacing it with a snapshot where only Toni and Alaïa appear, where he has probably already resigned himself to the situation that such Once there is no reconciliation.

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López: He focuses on his Zumba classes

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López 3

Previously, little Alaïa’s father made a tour in the state of California to give different Zumba classes, in which he shared several videos on his Instagram stories, obtaining a great response from his followers who have shown that they love him too much. .

The same dancer has confirmed in his social network, different dates for his new Mastreclass tour, where apparently he is already going to focus completely on his work, on the hopes of returning with Adamari, they seem to have vanished with this change of photograph that he made On Instagram.

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López: How did Toni and Adamari meet?

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López 4

It was in 2011, when Adamari decided to accept the invitation to participate in the program “Mira Quien Baila”, where she would meet the Spanish dancer Toni Costa, who was her dance partner, with whom she became friends during the first months of the program. .

This program turned out to be one of the most important tests in the career of Adamari López, since it was thanks to him that she discovered a new facet in her career and where she would meet the future father of her daughter. After several weeks of competitions, the actress established herself as the absolute winner of the contest. Months later, Adamari López and Toni Costa announced their relationship.

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López: Antecedents of the Puerto Rican

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López 5

Adamari was married to Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, whom she met in Mexico. Their commitment occurred in 2004, formalizing the union on June 3, 2006 in Puerto Rico. Their marriage ended in 2009. Years later, it was learned, thanks to an interview that the host gave, that the actress’s illness had caused a distance between the couple that could not finally be resolved.

In 2014, the Puerto Rican couple and the Spanish dancer shared that they were engaged and, weeks later, announced that they were expecting their first daughter. The following year in 2015 Alaïa Costa López was born, who is her only daughter.

Toni Costa eliminates Adamari López: Adamari López presents her ‘new love’, boyfriend at the door?

YouTube: Karol Tamiko

Two weeks were enough for Adamari López to ‘change’ Toni Costa for a ‘new boyfriend’? whom he calls his ‘love’, because a recording of the weekend shows the Puerto Rican having a very comfortable dinner with a group of people but it was a mysterious man who ‘stole’ their glances and raised suspicions.

A few days after rumors and speculations about the separation of Adamari López and Toni Costa spread like wildfire, many theories have been handled by the separation, alleging infidelities on the part of both, different sexual preferences of the Spanish dancer, and even financial problems.

The mysterious ‘date’ that Adamari López had with her ‘new love’


Adamari López has been very happy with her new figure and wearing outfits that have highlighted her for good after criticism about her body and her weight that had tormented her since she suffered from cancer, so she now takes advantage of her discipline and her fewer kilos to show off her physical achievements.

But when a few days ago she went to Utah for a friend’s wedding, she did not do it alone, as she was accompanied by several friends, but also by a mysterious man named Carlos, who appeared in videos and photographs sharing special moments with the Puerto Rican and even with his daughter Alaïa. Filed Under: Toni Costa Eliminates Adamari López

Carlos already lived with the daughter of Toni Costa


And it is that the weekend of the trip, Adamari López enjoyed her time without Toni Costa who was already by her side playing golf, while she was portrayed in natural landscapes with her friends and ‘her love’ Carlos, so that people’s speculations about the Puerto Rican woman and her ‘new relationship’ appeared.

As if that were not enough, it was identified that Carlos would have a connection with the ex of Adamari López, Luis Fonsi, with whom photographs of the singer’s wedding with the Spanish model Águeda López appeared in salt … could it be that the Puerto Rican wanted to send him a message your ex now ‘dating’ your friend? Filed Under: Toni Costa Eliminates Adamari López

The supposed new man of Adamari López would have a relationship with Luis Fonsi


And it is that according to Karol Tamiko, the connection that Carlos has with Luis Fonsi is surprising, but first he shared the video of the weekend in which the host of ‘Hoy Día’ consented to her employees and the visit she received by taking them to dinner, but in the video you can see how he calls the mysterious man ‘love’.

“Alaïa is going to eat meat with rice and chips and my little friend Eliane, who also came to visit Puerto Rico to whom I also have to consent, is going to eat a ceviche and a triphong that has banana, yucca… my mother… Carlitos, my love, my other ma… (husband), my everything, some mushrooms with fried meat… finally I send you all to have an excellent weekend, I am going to continue to spoil these princesses and the whole family ”, commented the Boricua in the video. Filed Under: Toni Costa Eliminates Adamari López

People speculated on who was the new ‘boyfriend’ of Adamari López


When Adamari López began to lose weight and show a radical change in her image, and on top of that she announced the separation with Toni Costa, people began to speculate about whether she was preparing to look for a new man and as a result of the ‘appearances’ with Carlos Is it confirmed that he would be in a relationship?

On Karol Tamiko’s channel it was specified: “We received about 67 times if that was the new boyfriend, what do you know about this new boyfriend, is it because of this new man she left Toni for? Well, here is the answer to your many questions, Carlos Pérez Ruíz for the moment is one of Adamari López’s best friends, that is, she has cried on that shoulder, it is her handkerchief of tears… ”, commented the woman. Filed Under: Toni Costa Eliminates Adamari López





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