Tik Tok’s Ban is delayed due to lawsuit: Find out until when

Everything seems to indicate that the ban on Tik Tok in the United States is far from becoming a reality. For several months now, the Uni...

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Everything seems to indicate that the ban on Tik Tok in the United States is far from becoming a reality.

For several months now, the United States, one of the most powerful countries in the world, started a legal battle against the Tik Tok platform with the aim of achieving its ban in the country.

According to the Donald Trump administration, one of the main threats of Tik Tok has to do with the handling of data, since these could endanger the physical and moral integrity of users, in addition to threatening the security of all a nation.

This time, it has been three influencers who have managed to stop the ban on Tik Tok: How did they do it? Find out here!

  • The dispute between Tik Tok and the United States government continues: will its download finally be banned in the country?
  • This time, it has been three influencers who have managed to avoid the total ban of Tik Tok in the United States, arguing that this would violate the freedom of expression of users
  • According to the lawsuit, the accusations that the Donald Trump government made against the platform occurred in a hypothetical scenario that does not match reality.

The United States is not the only country that has raised its voice against the alleged dangers of the Tik toK platform, but so far, it is the only country that has failed to ban the use of this social network.

The current president of the United States has repeatedly expressed his concern about Tik Tok, and has reiterated that this app “It is a threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States,” and that “the collection of data threatens to allow the Communist Party of China to have access to the personal information of Americans.”

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Now, a few days before the presidential elections on November 3, Tik Tok has managed to save himself once again from the threat of a total ban in the United States.

In accordance with information provided by the DW portalEfforts by the US government to ban Tik Tok have been postponed thanks to a new legal hurdle that was unveiled last Friday.

In late October, a federal judge ordered a preliminary injunction to postpone the restriction of Tik Tok in the United States.

This time, the app has been backed by the demands of three American content creators.

Comedian Douglas Marland, musician Alec Chambers and fashion designer Cosette Rinab requested a review of the accusations made by the current administration against Tik Tok, since they consider that a ban could represent a threat to the freedom expression.

Both Marland and Chambers and Rinab have more than a million followers on Tik Tok, and they say their income could be affected if the platform were to stop working.

Judge Wendy Beetlestone agreed with the plaintiffs that the ban on Tik Tok could mean a monetary loss for the creators, in addition to limiting their job opportunities.

Beetlestone stated that the platform’s ban was scheduled to take effect on November 12, and stated that the platform is used by “around 700 million individuals around the world.”

The ban of Tik Tok in the United States could mean millionaire economic losses, both for the company and for content creators

The United States has not been the only country to speak out against the potential dangers posed by Tik Tok.

Pakistan has also banned the download and use of the app, as the country’s telecom regulator concluded that it had tried unsuccessfully to filter content classified as ‘immoral and indecent’.

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Another of the countries that have made this radical decision against Tik Tok has been India, which last June banned the use of the application throughout its territory, claiming to have received reports that TikTok and other applications from China were found in the process of “stealing and covertly transmitting user information.”

The main concern of the current administration is that applications of Chinese origin represent a threat to national security.

It is believed that Chinese authorities could have access to the data of more than 100 million Tik Tok users in the United States alone.

However, Judge Beetlestone determined that, so far, the accusations that the US authorities have made against Tik Tok have been based on assumptions, so she proceeded to pause the legal process until the Court reaches a resolution. evidence-based verdict.

And responds to his fans

Tik Tok has already come out to testify about the decision made by Beetlestone, and thanked the support of the three content creators who successfully achieved the pause in the legal process against him.

“We are deeply moved by the countless shows of support from our content creators, who have worked to protect their freedom of expression, their careers, and to help small businesses, especially during this pandemic.”

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