Thousands of people in California are left without power due to strong winds

Thousands of people in California will be without power due to strong winds It is planned to cut the electricity supply to 361 thousand c...

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  • Thousands of people in California will be without power due to strong winds
  • It is planned to cut the electricity supply to 361 thousand customers in 36 counties
  • The “devil’s winds” and power outages will last until Tuesday

Thousands of people in California will be without power due to strong winds. Strong “devil winds” force blackouts in Northern California, thousands of Northern California residents will be without power.

The foregoing, as part of the measures taken by the service provider to reduce the risks of fires due to the strong winds and the driest conditions of the season that affect the state, according to the Efe news agency.

The Pacific Gas & Electric company said in a statement that it plans to cut electricity supply to 361,000 customers in 36 counties in the state from California beginning Sunday morning.

The power outages will last until Tuesday when forecasts for strong winds, known as the “devil’s winds,” that could have gusts of up to 70 miles per hour, are expected to change.

The authorities have warned that there is a perfect combination of the devil’s winds that together with the extremely low humidity, dry vegetation and severe drought, could unleash more fires in that area, according to Agencia Efe.

“Dangerously dry conditions facilitate the start of fires and increase the potential for rapid fire spread,” the National Weather Service said Saturday in a message on its account. Twitter.

California without electricity

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The “peak” period of concern will be from Sunday night until mid-morning Monday, the agency said. The 2020 fire season has already proven devastating for the region, and meteorologists fear that dry and windy conditions will fuel fires that are already burning certain areas.

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The aforementioned message from the United States National Weather Service warned: “Today, dangerous critical to extremely critical fire weather conditions are expected in parts of Northern California, as strong offshore winds occur over critically dry climates. Stronger winds are expected tonight until early Monday morning. “

California without electricity devil winds


At least 8,000 fire incidents reported by the California Department of Fire Protection, known as calofrié, have burned a record 4 million acres and killed 31 people this year so far.

The state of Colorado is also dealing with a strong fire season. This Sunday firefighters are fighting to prevent two major accidents from uniting in the largest forest fire in the history of the state with the fastest growing ever seen, in a region that would be doomed massive evacuations and suffer “the worst of the worst ”, Warned Governor Jared Polis, according to Agencia Efe.

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Authorities in northern California asked residents to prepare for evacuations in light of the consequences of the fires that could be generated this Sunday.

The news agency AP reported that Northern California authorities on Saturday urged the population to vacate their homes in the hills, to secure patio furniture and other loose items, and to have an evacuation plan in place in light of the forecast of strong winds that could cause power outages. massive and leave more than a million people in the dark.

Pacific Gas & Electric reported that it could cut power supply in 38 counties starting this Sunday to prevent fires from starting as an arid and windy climate returns, AP said.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, customers in all counties except San Francisco could be without power this Sunday.

The preventive cuts were expected to begin this Sunday morning and last until Tuesday.

The cuts would affect 466,000 homes and businesses, or more than a million residents, assuming that there are between two and three people in each house and business premises, AP explained.

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The winds, which could be the strongest the region has experienced in the last 20 years, threaten to bring down trees, electrical wiring or other equipment that in recent years have been blamed for huge and deadly fires in central and northern California. the authorities indicated.

In eastern San Francisco, the city of Berkeley advised residents to consider vacating the peaks by noon this Sunday, especially if it would be difficult for them to leave the area quickly in the event of a fire.

In neighboring Oakland, at least ten parks will close their doors this Sunday and Monday.

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Cities across the region planned to open emergency operations centers and bring in more police and firefighters to conduct patrols in high-risk areas.

The authorities also urged the population to keep their cell phones charged or, if they have a fixed line, to connect an old telephone instead of one that depends on electricity.

“I would ask all the people who live in high impact areas to do what we do and plan in advance and organize with their neighbors, with their families and with those who live in the home in case they are asked to evacuate be prepared and not just start planning right then, ”Oakland Assistant Fire Marshal Robert Lipp said, according to AP.

The National Weather Service issued red-level warnings for many areas, predicting winds of 56 km / h (35 mph) or more in San Francisco and at low elevations, and up to 113 km / h (70 mph) in the mountain area. .

devil's winds California no electricity

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Authorities are concerned that any spark could cause flames to sweep through dry bushes and mountains.

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