This new App lets you copy paste things in real life

ClipDrop, a new app Based on artificial intelligence, it has been launched and hopes to revolutionize the way people make use of augmente...

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ClipDrop, a new app Based on artificial intelligence, it has been launched and hopes to revolutionize the way people make use of augmented reality through a series of simple steps.

ClipDrop, the App that will allow you to ‘copy paste’ in just a few minutes is now ready to download

  • A new App called ClipDrop will let you ‘copy paste’ real life objects in just a few steps
  • The augmented reality capture of the image will operate thanks to an artificial intelligence program to transfer the physical world to the digital universe
  • The app will be priced at $ 79.99 per year starting in November 2020; so far, it can be downloaded from $ 9.99 per month

Artificial Intelligence is positioned as one of the main tools to create a new augmented reality experience through a new app called ClipDrop.

If you ever thought that the digital world had limits, and that it was only possible to select, copy and paste words within an application, you may want to think again.

Now, Artificial Intelligence allows creating more and more tools for human consumption; This time, it is an app that will allow you to ‘copy and paste’ objects of daily life through an augmented reality experience.

Cyril Diagne is the creator of the app, and his original idea was to create a tool that would allow users to increase their options through the use of augmented reality.

This will allow you to “copy” the image of a certain object from real life to “paste” it into Photoshop in just a few steps.

Until now, the app has attracted multiple investors, and although its use is seen as revolutionary, so far it has not managed to attract as much public as the one originally envisioned by its creators.

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How does this app work? Discover it here!

Cyril Diagne told the press that the app automatically detects the images, to later process and optimize them.

One of the first steps is to create a sticker of the image, by cutting out some parts of it in order to add it to a digital file.

According to Diagne, the entire process, from capturing the image to creating the sticker, takes about six seconds.

In a demonstration of the app, Diagne stressed the importance of augmented reality and its daily use, since it allows images to be taken and placed within digital documents in a simple and practical way.

The only thing that the user has to do is download the app and ‘paste’ the images they want into any program that decides.

A few months ago, when the prototype of the app was unveiled, it was also announced that although ClipDrop would be the pioneer app in this type of augmented reality, some devices would begin to be manufactured with this configuration.

Photo: Yahoo

ClipDrop, the app that aims to transfer the physical world to the digital world

The way the ClipDrop app works is as follows: the app allows you to automatically open the camera to ‘copy’ images from the outside through a quick and easy process.

Thus, the user will not have to take a photo, send it to them by mail and download it; you can do it in less than 10 seconds anytime you want.

What images can be ‘copied and pasted’? According to its prototype, ClipDrop has the ability to capture images such as plants, televisions, clothes, accessories, decoration and then place them within a document already optimized.

This app is not only presented as a useful tool to create stickers of real life objects, but also for those professionals who master programs and applications such as Photoshop, Canva, Google Docs, Microsoft Power Point, etc.

The good news for users is that not only pThey will be able to download the app on their mobile devices on iOS and Android systems, but they can also do it on desktop computers with Windows and macOS systems.

From before its launch, the app generated great attention from the public and investors.

Its beta test registered more than 100,000 people on its waiting list to test the functions of the app.

It was precisely this beta test that allowed its developers, Cyril Diagne and Jonathan Blanchet, to analyze the effectiveness of the app to be able to market it in the market.

Although the beta version has already been tested, its developers do not rule out the possibility that ClipDrop has some initial bugs in its operation.

Despite this clarification, the app seems to have worked well. The Gizmodo portal recommends using the app in well-lit places, since otherwise the shadows could hinder the process of capturing and transferring the image to the desktop or to the application you want to use.

A new application to experience augmented reality in the physical world and the digital world

Users already have the possibility to access this app on iOS and Android.

It has a free version, which offers the opportunity to use five photo clips; however, if the user wants to access more functions, they will have the possibility to pay a monthly or annual subscription.

During October, the app will cost $ 39.99 per year; Starting in November, it will be marketed at a price of $ 79.99 per year or $ 9.99 per month.

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