They warn that there could be a shortage of toilet paper in the world



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  • They warn that there could be a shortage of toilet paper in the world
  • After a year of ‘panic buying’, could a stock of this product arrive?
  • Largest toilet paper feedstock producer warns ‘worst’

After a year of ‘panic buying’ of toilet paper caused by the pandemic of coronavirus that hit the whole world, and that produced memes and laughter on social networks, now they warn that there could be a shortage of this product due to a global crisis.

The largest producer of wood pulp, the raw material for toilet paper, warns that the “global crisis in maritime containers could lead to supply problems,” according to the Mexican portal The financial.

Why would there be a shortage of toilet paper?

Crisis Toilet paper, containers, ship

The wood pulp is transported mainly by cargo ships known as fractional cargo, indicates the Mexican newspaper, the company Suzano, which is the first company in the world to produce cellulose and paper using one hundred percent eucalyptus fiber on an industrial scale, ships its product in this way.

Now, with the increase in demand for ships that transport steel containers, it could be facing a distribution crisis, says the aforementioned media. Shipments of wood pulp, the raw material for toilet paper, could be affected, according to Suzano CEO Walter Schalka.

Increase in demand for toilet paper?

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According to the Financiero, the crisis in distribution occurs at the same time that the demand for toilet paper increased and when millions of people throughout the world have begun to accumulate large quantities of this product motivated by ‘panic purchases’.

For Walter Schalka, director of the company that started the production of cellulose from eucalyptus fiber in 1956, the same “that revolutionized the cellulose industry in Brazil and around the world”, according to his Official site, this could ‘get worse’.

A snowball’

Crisis Toilet paper, containers, shipGetty Images

The executive director of this important company was concerned that the situation of delays in the shipment of raw material to manufacture toilet paper, worsen to the point of becoming a ‘snowball’ to the point of creating a crisis of toilet paper .

“Significant interruptions in the pulp trade could eventually affect supplies of toilet paper if producers do not have sufficient inventories,” said the quoted outlet. The Brazilian company exported less raw material in March.

Shipping failures

Crisis Toilet paper, containers, ship

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Suzano company indicates a strong concern since during the month of March they exported smaller quantities of the raw material to make toilet paper than they expected, in addition to moving some shipments until next month.

“All the South American players who export through this type of cargo are facing this risk,” said the director of Suzano, Walter Schalka, who also assured that fractional cargo ships arrive less frequently than usual.

Toilet paper ‘at risk’ by Brazilian company

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According to the Financiero, Brazil is the main country that provides wood pulp, the raw material used for the production of toilet paper and the Suzano company produces almost a third of this product in the South American country. The container crisis could be caused by China.

In addition, the saturation of the cargo ship market could have effects on industries such as food and agricultural products. “Port traffic has become more complicated, freight costs have increased and deliveries have slowed down,” says the Mexican media.

‘Container crisis’

Crisis Toilet paper, containers, ship

According to the article of the Financial, this container crisis could be caused by the great demand from China that has been increasing in recent months. The Suzano CEO’s announcement could be one of the first signs of the problem.

“If the contraction continues to increase freight costs, the spectrum of accelerated inflation also increases,” highlights the Mexican newspaper. Next, we reveal to you how a huge ‘stuck’ ship can cause a great crisis in the world.

Ship the size of a skyscraper runs aground in the Suez Canal


A skyscraper-sized freighter got stuck in the Suez Canal and blocked all transit through Egypt’s major seaway, authorities said Wednesday, threatening to disrupt a global freight transport system already affected by the pandemic. coronavirus, notes The Associated Press.

The Ever Given, a Panamanian-flagged ship that transports containers between Asia and Europe, was stranded in the narrow canal that divides the African continent from the Sinai Peninsula. Images showed an event that had not occurred in the canal’s 150 years.

They won’t skimp to unblock the channel


Tugboats tried to clear the way as ships waiting to enter the waterway began to line up in the Mediterranean and Red Sea. It is not known when the route will reopen, through which about 10% of world trade flows and which is crucial for the transport of oil.

An official warned that it could take at least two days. Meanwhile, there are concerns that stranded ships could be targeted. “The Suez Canal will spare no effort to ensure the restoration of navigation and serve the world trade movement,” promised Lieutenant General Ossama Rabei, head of the Suez Canal Authority quoted by The Associated Press.

Japanese company apologizes for stranded ship


The Japanese company that owns the vessel has submitted a written apology. “We are determined to continue our efforts to resolve this situation as soon as possible,” said Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd. “We apologize to all parties affected by the incident, including ships sailing or planning to navigate the Suez Canal.”

As work resumed at dawn Thursday, an Egyptian canal authority official said they hoped to avoid having to unload the containers from the ship, as this would take several days and extend the closure. The official spoke to The Associated Press, on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to report to the press.

They don’t know when the ship will be released


Lieutenant General Osama Rabei told a press conference that an investigation is underway although he did not rule out the possibility of human or technical error. Rabei said it is impossible for him to say when the boat might unblock.

A Dutch company tries to refloat the ship with tugs and dredgers taking advantage of the high tide. Rabei expressed confidence that the vessel can be released through dredging, without having to remove the cargo, but noted that “we are in a difficult situation, it is a terrible incident.”

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