Warning of a new pandemic that may be caused by pigs in China (PHOTO)

They warn that after coronavirus a new influenza pandemic caused by pigs may appear They have detected two cases of an EA H1N1 type G4 vi...

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  • They warn that after coronavirus a new influenza pandemic caused by pigs may appear
  • They have detected two cases of an EA H1N1 type G4 virus after a study on farms across the country
  • Now is the time to apply the necessary measures to prevent the new virus from spreading

Experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, warn that after the coronavirus the appearance of a new pandemic of flu caused by pigs, according to information published by the news portal of Daily Mail.

Chinese scientists are too suspicious that this new virus could become a threat for humanity, after it was detected that all the conditions exist for it to spread to humans.

Two cases of this strain confirmed as EA H1N1 type G4 virus in people aged 46 and 9 have even been reported.

China pig pandemic

Image taken from Twitter @EvanKirstel

These cases were found in people in 2016 and 2019, after a study was done on farms across China.

The danger of the pandemic caused by pigs in China is a concern of the team of researchers, which is why they launch an alert to be attentive to its development.

Following research, experts have noted that pigs are a “key intermediate host”, hence their importance.

So far, the study authors have not given more information about the possible symptoms that an infected human has.

However, for this, the virus was tested in ferrets, animals that presented cough, fever and sneezing, very similar to coronaviruses (Covid-19).

In the first statements of the experts of the Academy of Sciences, they explained how the research was carried out.

They explained verbatim, according to the Daily Mail: “The epidemiological survey found that the two patients had neighbors who raised pigs, which suggests that the EA G4 virus could be transmitted from pigs to humans and cause serious infections and even death. ”.

This news of what could trigger a new pandemic caused by pigs in China, has powerfully aroused the concern not only of the scientific community, but of all humanity that this 2020 does not stop witnessing all kinds of apocalyptic events.

They also shared a fragment of what their conclusion could be: “All this evidence indicates that the G4 EA H1N1 virus is a growing problem in pig farms, and the widespread circulation of G4 viruses in pigs inevitably increases their exposure to humans.”

The result of the investigation is clear from an isolation that they made from a specific number of pigs in various farms in China.

To get a broad picture of the situation, the experts said that only 10.4 percent of the total samples from pigs in the entire country have the ability to create antibodies against this virus.

However, the group of scientists was pleased to launch one of their warnings and that is that they said now is the time to apply the necessary measures to prevent the new virus from spreading throughout the world, as happened with the coronavirus (Covid -19).

But the fear has grown increasingly due to the opinion of the head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge, James Wood.

He said there is currently no vaccine that can counter or protect people against this new virus that can trigger a pandemic from pigs to humans.

“The work comes as a healthy reminder that we are constantly at risk for a new emergence of zoonotic pathogens and that of farm animals,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

China pig pandemic

Image taken from Twitter @abc_conocer

As the concern for the appearance of a new virus that could trigger a pandemic caused by pigs in China is uncovered, it is reported that that country, where the coronavirus was born, begins to have more cases of the virus.

The National Health Commission of China reported that the new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus detected this Monday in the Asian country totaled 19, of which 7 were diagnosed in Beijing, where in recent weeks there has been a re-outbreak.

On this occasion, however, Beijing did not account for all the infections registered by local transmission of the day, since the eastern city of Shanghai also diagnosed a case of this type.

In addition, the health authorities recorded 11 new positives from abroad, the so-called “imported” cases, which were located in Canton (southeast, 4), Shanghai (east, 3), Sichuan (center, 3) and Gansú (center-north , one).


Image taken from Twitter @EVTVMiami

The 19 total cases represent a slight rebound compared to 12 on Sunday, while 17 were detected on Saturday.

Likewise, the source explained that, until last local midnight (16:00 GMT on Monday), 9 patients had been discharged and one was removed from the state of severity, bringing the total number of active infected in China it is 428, 7 of which are serious.

Image taken from Twitter @AlbertoRodNews

The National Health Commission did not announce new deaths from Covid-19, so the figure remained at 4,634, among the 83,531 infected officially diagnosed in China since the start of the pandemic, and of which 78,469 successfully overcame the disease and they were discharged.

To date, 762,376 close contacts with infected people have been followed up, of which 6,809 continue to be observed, and 7 of them would be suspected cases of having been infected with the virus.

As for the asymptomatic infected, China registered 4 new cases in this latest report, which leaves the total of people in these circumstances under observation at 99.

Image taken from Twitter @elportaldemetan

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