They visit the tomb of the Pirate of Culiacán, but the gift they brought him disappoints (VIDEO)

They visit the tomb of the Pirate of Culiacán, but criticize something And it is that the gift they made to the deceased disappoints Afte...

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  • They visit the tomb of the Pirate of Culiacán, but criticize something
  • And it is that the gift they made to the deceased disappoints
  • After a video published, followers blow up the singer for a song he played

A video posted on Youtube It became viral when noticing that a group of people went to look for the grave of the deceased Pirata de Culiacán, to bring a song as a gift, but the detail did not go as expected.

In the video you can see a couple of subjects who were in the pantheon of Villa Juárez, to search for the tomb where the remains of Juan Luis Laguna, popularly known as El Pirata de Culiacán, rest.

One of them seemed to be a singer (on guitar), who planned to dedicate a song to the Pirate when they found the grave.

While they were walking, they also told how difficult it was for them to find the pantheon where El Pirata was located, since the family of the deceased does not give information about where it is located.

But something happened that made the followers begin to criticize the video, as it turns out that the subject who had the guitar decided to give a sample of the surprise he had for the deceased, but ended up disappointing with how he sang.

“Who else fell for the chin … that one with the guitar”, “hahahahahaha no ma … neta, I expected more from the guitarist”, “a minute of fame Hahaha”, “well out of tune”, “that compa is like me , he only carries the guitar as a trophy ”,“ no ma…, the man sings to see… and plays worse than Professor Jirafales and Don Ramón together ”,“ the one with the guitar is worth just seeing… to sing ”, were some criticism of the guitarist.

But also the followers who watched the video were amazed to see the Pirate’s tomb, all abandoned and also that it is a very humble and simple tomb.

“It is what happens that there are never friends, always the friend is your family and God. May he rest in peace “,” dfter seeing the pirate’s tomb so abandoned, I was even saddened … remember, friends do not exist, they are only acquaintances “,” oh, how has the grave, it had the soul. Pure abandonment of the family, that’s why what happened happened ”,“ people only hung out with El Pirata for his fame on social networks and money, he never had a real friend ”, commented the followers.

It should be remembered that Juan Luis Laguna, better known as the Pirate of Culiacán, was assassinated in the month of December 2017 in Guadalajara.


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Culiacán Pirate Tomb. Through a video that is already circulating on the YouTube platform, Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales, the famous character known as El Pirata de Culiacán ‘reappeared’ to say that he is not dead, which caused the astonishment of all his fans.

The young man was born in 2000 in Villa Juárez, in the state of Sinaloa, the birthplace of famous drug lords and a region dominated by narcoculture.

The young man who grew up without his parents and cared for by his grandmother, became popular on the networks because during the parties he attended, he ingested large amounts of alcohol and drugs, to later be recorded in a completely drunken state.

The charisma and ‘courage’ presented by Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales, El Pirata de Culiacán, led him to be famous on the Internet and many people wanted to party with him.

Culiacán Pirate Tomb. So here we leave you the video and the words of the Pirate of Culiacán, in which he explains that he is apparently alive and his execution was not true, although it is unknown if that video was recorded before the crime was committed.

In a verbatim way, he says in the video: “What a roll plebes, what am I going to be dead plebes, that if I’m dead, how dead will I be because if I’m here ching … a little donkey to see … son of the chin … anger”.

Then he takes a bite of the donkey and says: “Well cajetoso, how dead am I going to be, mom … if I’m more alive than a horse to see it … a greeting for all the people, kiss in the pure balloon knot”.

At the end he sends greetings and says: “Fierro, jalados, here I am enjoying life and you with your mothers … go to see each other a lot … relative, everyone.”

To see the video click here.

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