They report what happened to Trump’s votes in states most affected by coronavirus

In places where the virus is hitting the hardest now, Trump enjoyed enormous support. Most were rural areas in North and South Dakota, Mo...

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FOTO The Associated Press
  • In places where the virus is hitting the hardest now, Trump enjoyed enormous support.
  • Most were rural areas in North and South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Iowa
  • State health officials are reflecting

Coronavirus counties voted Trump. According to the Agency’s report The Associated Press, American voters went to the polls deeply divided over how they view President Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic coronavirus, with a surprising twist.

In places where the virus is hitting the hardest now, Trump enjoyed tremendous support.

An analysis by The Associated Press reveals that in 376 counties with the highest number of new cases of the virus per capita, the overwhelming majority – 93% of those counties – voted for Trump, a rate well above other less-hit areas.

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Most were rural areas in North and South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Noting the contrast, state health officials are reflecting. At a time when they worry about the rising number of infections and deaths, they hope to rephrase their messages and try to change public sentiment now that the election is over.

“Public health officials have to pause, listen and understand people who are not taking the same position” on mask use and other preventive measures, said Dr. Marcus Plescia of the Association of State Health Officials. and Territorial.

“I think there is the potential for things to become less burdensome and divisive,” he said, adding that there is an opportunity for a reformulated public health message to unify Americans to reduce the number of cases so that hospitals do not look overwhelmed in the winter months.

The AP’s analysis was limited to counties in which at least 95% of the voting centers had reported results and grouped the counties into six categories based on cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents.



Coronavirus counties voted Trump. In addition, several hundred people demonstrate in Philadelphia, the main city of the state of Pennsylvania, so that all the votes are counted and the democratic process that must end with the counting of the ballots sent by mail is respected.

The protesters peacefully called for time to recount in the presidential race between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump.

Some were concentrated near the convention center, where the vote cast by mail is being counted against the clock in Philadelphia, the most populous city in the state and which has delays in the count due to the avalanche of this type of ballot due to the COVID pandemic. -19.

The rallies, which were also attended by supporters of President Donald Trump, who has raised the fear of fraud without providing evidence, take place the day after the elections and when the state has begun to resume the scrutiny of the vote by mail , after a long night focused on voting in person.

With “All Votes Counts” signs, the protesters took to different parts of the city center and also gathered near where members of the Trump campaign explained in a press conference their decision to sue Pennsylvania election officials for not allow them to observe the fairness of the process, in their opinion suspect.

In addition, the same campaign asked that the recount be stopped in Michigan, while anticipating that it will ask for a new recount of the ballots in Wisconsin, where Biden’s margin is less than 1%.

Most of the media give Biden the winner in Michigan and Wisconsin and the Democratic candidate himself is confident that he will be able to proclaim himself the winner in Pennsylvania, where Trump maintains an advantage.

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Coronavirus counties voted Trump. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger indicated Thursday at a press conference that there are still 61,367 votes to be counted.

Raffensperger explained that they have received the highest number of early votes in the history of the state, however, everything seems to indicate that the results will not be as soon as expected.

The Secretary of State stressed that they will continue to work hard all day and all night to have the results as soon as possible.

“It’s okay to be fast, but it’s more important to be precise. Accuracy is what will make people trust these elections, win or lose, “Raffensperger said.

If it took an unexpected turn, the state would go Democrat and make Joe Biden the next president-elect of the United States.
The Georgia Secretary of State said they would do their best to count all the ballots by the end of the day.

For his part, Gabriel Sterling, an electoral official from Georgia, indicated that it is the first time in 20 years that this state has used paper ballots, reported CNN.

“We told people they could expect some results on election night, we got a lot out of it,” said Gabriel Sterling.

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