They report a second earthquake in New Zealand with an epicenter in the Kermadec Islands



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  • They report a second earthquake in New Zealand with an epicenter in the Kermadec Islands
  • This was announced by the United States Geological Survey
  • This is the second earthquake reported in the area, after a tsunami threat was ‘raised’ by the first

They report a second earthquake in New Zealand with an epicenter in the Kermadec Islands, just four hours after an earthquake caused a tsunami warning in the region.

“Today there have been two major earthquakes below the Southwest Pacific. The previous M7.3 was strongly felt in much of New Zealand, ”notes the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Second New Zealand Earthquake, Quake


Are the two earthquakes related?

“The most recent M7.4 happened -4 hours later, – 900 km away. Given the great distance between them, it is likely that the events are not directly related, “added the US agency in a statement in Twitter. The second earthquake was located in the Kermadec Islands Geoscience Australia notes, which is Australia’s leading public sector geoscience organization, according to its own website.


Faced with the ‘alarming’ news of the second earthquake, the USGS responded as to whether these earthquakes are related to each other. “Earthquake stress changes generally extend only to about three rupture lengths,” the federal agency notes.

However: “These earthquakes are more than ten breakthrough lengths apart”, making it “unlikely that they are related”; “Large earthquakes in this region are common,” adds the USGS in a tweet.

Strong earthquake hits New Zealand coast and tsunami warning is issued

Earlier, New Zealand authorities had issued a tsunami warning for coastal areas after a powerful shallow earthquake struck off the northeast coast Thursday night, The Associated Press reported.

The US tsunami warning system predicted waves of 0.3 to 1 meter (1 to 3.3 feet).

Emergency officials issued the warning shortly after asking residents who felt the tremor to seek high ground or flee “as far inland as possible,” it reported. The Daily Mail.

USGS notes the magnitude of the earthquake

For its part, the United States Geological Survey said the earthquake in New Zealand measured a magnitude of 6.9.

The agency said the New Zealand quake was centered at a depth of ten kilometers (six miles) under the ocean, about 178 kilometers (111 miles) northeast of the city of Gisborne.

Second New Zealand Earthquake, Quake

Photo: Twitter.

The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said tsunami waves could be located within 180 miles of the earthquake’s epicenter.

Gisborne residents reported that they felt tremors mild to moderate and described it as a “very long, oscillating shaking”, while noting that houses made “creaking” sounds. Some witnesses thought the quake had lasted up to a minute.

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More details on earthquakes

In 2011, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook the city of Christchurch, killing 185 people and destroying much of the city center.

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The earthquake is a natural phenomenon, obviously we cannot avoid them, and we cannot predict them yet. This sudden shaking of the earth can be very dangerous depending on the magnitude of the movement.

So the best way to avoid large losses is by informing ourselves and preparing ourselves for any contingency.

What to do in case of an earthquake?

The Chilean Ministry of the Interior and Public Security released a guide for prevention and information in the event of earthquakes. These are the things to consider:

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It is important to always have the safe areas of your home, school or work identified.
In the event of an earthquake, stay away from furniture, lamps, and windows that could break.
Drop and cover. The most important thing is that you protect yourself.

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