They perform a concert with plastic bubbles to avoid COVID

Since last March, the arrival of the Covid put an abrupt halt to certain activities that, otherwise, would continue to be carried out on ...

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Since last March, the arrival of the Covid put an abrupt halt to certain activities that, otherwise, would continue to be carried out on a regular basis.

One of the markets most affected by the pandemic has been entertainment.

What once seemed to be an everyday activity, today has become a distant memory that, according to some experts, would take a long time to reestablish.

Against this background, the group The Flaming Lips made the decision to challenge the Covid and risk performing one of their concerts in United States.

To do so, they implemented an innovative measure: the use of plastic bubbles to protect attendees from potential contagion.

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  • The ravages of the pandemic have affected activities that used to be daily, such as going to concerts: is the solution in special suits?
  • The Flaming Lips challenged the Covid and were encouraged to hold a massive concert … with the audience protected with plastic bubbles
  • The concert took place in Oklahoma, and has opened the door towards the implementation of this measure to continue holding massive events

There is no doubt that the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has generated a decrease in attendance and organization of massive events.

However, this has not stopped some groups from holding their concerts. adapting to new needs that society demands.

The group The Flaming Lips decided to take charge of their own destiny, and embarked on the adventure of holding their first massive concert using a tool that has distinguished them for several years: plastic bubbles.

Photo: NPR Music

This group has used plastic bubbles as part of its scenery for several years, and it was not until a few months ago that its members had the idea of ​​starting to use them again; now, with a specific purpose: to protect attendees (and themselves) from potential contagion by Covid.

In fact, plastic bubbles have been a part of the scenery for The Flaming Lips since 2004, when they were introduced during a performance at the famed Coachella festival.

Faced with an outlook that seemed bleak, the group made the decision to perform at The Criterion club, located in Oklahoma City, where it was able to gather more than a hundred attendees.

In an interview with the magazine Variety, one of its members stated that “It turned out to be more spectacular and positive than I could have imagined. I was more concerned that something embarrassing was going to happen or that it appeared to be an unsafe measure. Now, it feels absolutely amazing. “

The leader of The Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne, said that among his initial concerns before the concert was to find a way to organize the attendees outside the venue without it becoming a crowd; get people to get inside the bubbles and inflate them without taking up too much space; Finally, one of the concerns was that, at some point, someone might decide to go to the bathroom and find themselves having to deflate the bubble.

Finally, none of the attendees felt the need to leave the bubble or the enclosure.

Photo: Youtube

Is it possible to take care of the Covid during a massive event?

Given the success of the event, Wayne Coyne has begun to consider the possibility of organizing a new concert.

For this, he has taken the task of doing an analysis of the successes and areas of opportunity that he found during the planning of the event in Oklahoma.

Questions like how many assistants is appropriate to have? it is perhaps one of the first that comes to mind to Coyne; however, he has been emphatic in saying that he prefers to perform many small concerts, than none, so he is not worried about how much space the bubbles will occupy in a future event.

But Coyne is no improvisation, and after more than two decades of using plastic bubbles, he knows what to implement to avoid a possible contagion by Covid it’s possible.

But, he says, the process of offering a ‘safe’ environment takes time and dedication.

The process of cleaning the bubbles to make them ready before and after use requires a meticulous process in which the bubbles have to be inflated and deflated, in addition to cleaning them outside and inside with a special solution that makes them look ‘like new ‘.

Coyne also reflected on the use of bubbles as protection against Covid.

In his words, he explains that “Now the absurdity is that it is reality.” and, he added, “Nothing you do is worth doing if it’s not safe.”

For the members of The Flaming Lips, the experience of the attendees is something not to be missed; there must be a balance between security, freedom and the experience of a concert.

To a large extent, according to Coyne, attending a concert is seen today as the possibility of forgetting about Covid and spending some time away from worries, “For me, if you are in a plastic bubble, you can do whatever you want, scream and enjoy, but you can’t infect the person next to you. “

And although for twenty years they have toured several cities implementing this measure, it is not until today that The Flaming Lips considers the option of implementing bubbles as its new “normal” in order to continue performing concerts anywhere in the world.

Photo: Shutterstock

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