They open the possibility of eliminating a law that deports immigrant families in an important US city

The 287 (g) program has caused the deportation of hundreds of immigrant families Cobb Major Wants to End 287 (g) Program Craig Owens Says...

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  • The 287 (g) program has caused the deportation of hundreds of immigrant families
  • Cobb Major Wants to End 287 (g) Program
  • Craig Owens Says Not All Immigrants Are Criminals

How many cases of immigrant families separated by the program of the 287(g) have you heard or lived?

Said 287 (g) program has caused panic in the Hispanic community, hundreds of Latinos live in fear their day to day without knowing if perhaps tomorrow they could be deported under this program.

Major Craig Owens, who is running to become County Sheriff of CobbHe wants to change this and says that if he wins the election one of his purposes is to completely eliminate the 287 (g) program or reform it in Cobb County.



“We want to reform,” Owens said, adding, “it costs all taxpayers too much, a lot of time and resources. The program is not being actively used in this police department, ”he assured.

Owens believes that not all immigrants are criminals, therefore not all should be taken to deportation proceedings.

“They are just trying to get to work and I don’t think they should be detained for a long period of time for minor traffic violations. This is how I feel, I feel that we can be better without any doubt, ”said Major Owens.

Carlos García, a leader of the Hispanic community also spoke about the benefits of ending this program and said, “the benefit of dissolving or dissolving 287 (g), because it is very true because that way our community would no longer live in fear deportation if they land in the county jail for a minor offense. “

Craig owens

Craig owens

Owens also stated that his intention was to get dangerous criminals off the streets and emphasized that he was referring to criminals with serious charges.

The candidate believes that people who truly represent a danger to the community should be deported, but not all migrants, adding that the program is manifesting something that it was not intended to do.

“I admire anyone who leaves their homes and families and comes here to seek better opportunities. In fact, I think it is very brave of them. America was founded with immigrants and that is how the nation we know has always been. open and free, ”said Owens.

The sheriff’s candidate expressed the opinion that the money invested to finance the las287 (g) program could be used to implement it in programs that truly benefit the Hispanic community and expressed: “We will use the extra money that would be obtained from this 287 (g) and we would put him in programs for Latinos and thus build security and have programs so that we can build trust and have a relationship so that they trust the police ”.

For his part, García said that, “the intention of his leadership is to keep families together that is part of his main message, to keep families together and families should not worry about being deported their children.”

The last day to register to vote is October 5 and voting is November 3.

Owen is a military veteran with more than 30 years of experience and tells the Hispanic community to vote, “so they can make changes, have a voice and be heard the way they want.”

Abuses La Palma. A coalition of organizations released a series of letters in which immigrants denounced abuses of power and medical negligence within the ICE La Palma detention center in Arizona, including at least nine suicide attempts.

In one of the letters sent by a group of 11 Cubans, the immigrants claim that they are treated as if they were “in a maximum security prison” and not as asylum seekers.

“They treat us like animals; we have received even blows ”, they affirm in the letter released by the organizations Trans Queen Pueblo, Detention Watch Network, No Más Muertes, Planned Parenthood and Santa Fe Dreamers Project.

They claim that the conditions are so unbearable that at least nine people have already tried to commit suicide.

According to the immigrants, several of them have cut their veins, others have tried to hang themselves, while one more “swallowed” a blade and a chain link.

The group maintains that the immigrants are desperate for the time of confinement, without an exit date, and that the Immigration and Customs Service (ICE, for its acronym in English) has not provided them with any type of psychological help and that they only choose for sending them to isolation cells.

They indicate that in addition to the people who have attempted suicide, at least 140 others have gone on hunger strike or protested against the treatment they receive on La Palma.

Similar complaints were expressed by immigrant members of the LGTB community in other letters in which they ensure that their complaints are never heard and that they are victims of sexual harassment.

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