“They killed him,” says mother of Brandon Giovanny, victim of the subway

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“They killed him,” says mother of Brandon Giovanny, victim of the subway
  • Heartbroken, the mother of the child who died in the subway tragedy says “they killed him”
  • A mass was held to say goodbye to the young Brandon Giovanny
  • His father is still in the hospital

Heartbroken, the mother of the 12-year-old boy who became one of the victims of the subway tragedy in Mexico led his funeral. “Nothing is going to give me my son back. They killed him. Nothing brings my son back to me. May it remain in people’s consciences and hopefully their karma will hit them where it hurts the most. Just as they took my son away from me,” were the words of Brandon Giovanny Hernández Tapia.

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In tears, Marisol Tapia, the child’s mother, recalled that they already had plans for next Monday, when Mother’s Day is celebrated in Mexico: “We had plans for May 10. We were going to go for a walk that day. He was saving money for his mom’s gift. And now I’m going to bury him,” the woman said according to the SinEmbargo.mx news site.

Brandon Giovanny: The tragedy that took his life

PHOTO Reform Agency

The 12-year-old boy was missing for almost 24 hours after the collapse of a section of the Metro in Mexico City, his mother located his body on Tuesday, May 4, in a morgue in eastern Mexico City, as confirmed by the Attorney General’s Office of local Justice.

Brandon Giovanny Hernández Tapia had been reported missing and as reported on Twitter by the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office, “he was identified by relatives in the forensic offices of the institution in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, who died due to the events that occurred on Line 12 of the Metro.” TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Brandon Giovanny: The tragedy that took his life

"They killed him. Nothing returns my son to me"says Brandon Giovanny's mother
PHOTO Twitter

Before announcing that Brandon Giovanny was one of the 25 fatalities of the collapse of Metro Line 12, an Ambar alert was issued to locate the minor. The Prosecutor’s Office reported that, after a citizen complaint, it applied search protocols to locate the child.

The child’s mother said that the boy lost communication with his family shortly before the crash. “They do not provide me with the list of deaths and I want to know if my son is dead,” demanded the desperate woman before the media, while she was looking at the scene of the accident for someone to offer her information.

Brandon Giovanny: His body, in a little white coffin

Brandon giovanny
PHOTO Reform Agency

The mother, Marisol Tapia, said that she found the boy’s father in serious condition in a hospital and continued to search for the minor in all medical centers, but could not find him and this led to her complaint. His search ended, when it was reported that the body of the minor was located in the forensic offices of the institution in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

The body of 12-year-old Brandon Giovanny rests in a small white coffin, after Metro Line 12 “stole his life.” His relatives have not yet processed the death of the minor, it is difficult, they shake their heads in the midst of tears, reported the El Universal agency.

Brandon Giovanny: The last goodbye to the minor

"They killed him. Nothing returns my son to me"says Brandon Giovanny's mother
PHOTO Twitter

A photo of him shows the joy of a happy child. The place where Brandon Giovanny is watched is a house under construction, where the owners allowed the family to say goodbye to the minor in the lower part, since they only rent an apartment.

His father is still in the hospital, on Tuesday he barely opened his eyes and recognized his family, he is stable, they say, but the seriousness does not go down for the man, who last Monday was with Brandon aboard Line 12 of the Metro, when it collapsed at Olivos Station.

Brandon Giovanny: ‘My grandson’s life was stolen’

"They killed him. Nothing returns my son to me"says Brandon Giovanny's mother
PHOTO Twitter

“They stole his life from my grandson,” says the grandmother through tears, disconsolate, the sadness is great, the anger against the authorities is unthinkable, it is not measured in words. The images presented by the local Imagen TV channel are heartbreaking, mother and daughter mourn the departure of Brandon Giovanny devastated. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Brandon and his family live in a piece of land away from the main roads in Tláhuac. It is the Zapotitlán neighborhood, a place of irregular settlements with dirt and gravel streets. To get to it, Brandon and his family had to use motorcycle taxis from the Gold Line.

“They are not alone,” the priest tells them.

PHOTO Twitter

“They are not alone”, repeats the priest who officiates the mass to dismiss the body of the minor. The injured faces endure the long hours that they have been watching over it. His body arrived at 02:00 in the morning. Friends and family have not been separated from the location of Brandon Giovanny’s body.

“The deceased do not go anywhere, they live with us. Giovanny is here. Giovanni is going to start a mission with his Creator, now he needs prayers to move on. Brothers, we are going to look at God with the eyes of faith, not to understand what is happening now, no. It is about the Lord helping us so that we can face this situation ”, the priest repeats.

His last resting place
PHOTO Twitter

According to the El Universal agency, his body will rest in the Civil Pantheon of San Lorenzo Tezonco, a few meters from Olivos Station, the place of the accident on Line 12, where he died next to 24 other people. When leaving the wake to go to his last resting place, the boy’s body was fired amid applause and shouts of justice.

“That I love him, that I love him, that I love him very much, he was very happy, very tender mijo, it is horrible, the truth is horrible, the truth is I do not wish it to anyone, the truth is that very badly how those things happened, no I wish it to anyone, from one moment to the next, my son was undone, “said Pedro Hernández, a relative of the child, to ImagenNoticias.

The tragedy of the Mexico City metro raises suspicions

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Operators of the Government of Mexico City intensified work today to lift the rubble of the bridge of Line 12 of the subway, whose collapse on Monday left 25 dead, while the majority of Mexicans believe that the tragedy was due to serious negligence, reported the EFE agency.

“A lot of sadness and anger because they are things that could have been avoided. It was not a tragedy due to natural reasons, it was negligence from the beginning, ”María Gómez, a resident of the area who came to observe the scene of the accident, told EFE that took the lives of at least 25 people and almost 80 injured.

The tragedy that shook Mexico

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The tragedy occurred on Monday night when a beam of an elevated bridge of Line 12, between Olivos and Tezonco stations, in the east of the capital, causing the fall of a train with passengers that was stranded in a “V” shape.

That night, relatives of the victims had to undertake a long pilgrimage through the ruins and hospitals in the area until they found their loved ones in the morgue of the Prosecutor’s Office. Maria was not on that miracle train. That day he had not gone to work because he was missing some materials and he stayed at home. From there he heard a “very loud noise” and the power went out.

Political responsibilities

PHOTO Twitter

“There is not one, there are many responsible for this negligence, because this line from the beginning had problems and problems,” said this neighbor. Like María, 82.7 percent of Mexicans consider that the subway tragedy was due to a “negligence” by the authorities, according to a survey released by the Strategic Communication Cabinet.

Line 12 of the metro, inaugurated in 2012 as the great work of the then mayor and current Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, has been involved in controversy from the beginning. The train ended up costing much more than was promised and between 2014 and 2015, part of its operations were suspended due to numerous failures.

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