They kidnap a member of Marco Flores y la Jerez’s team; after supposing that he was murdered, they find him (PHOTO)

Instagram: Marcofloresylajerez
  • The singer Marco Flores y la Jerez had reported the kidnapping of his driver
  • The singer used his social networks begging for help to locate his member of the Banda Jerez team
  • After presuming him as murdered, the man appeared alive

A few days ago, Marco Flores, vocalist of the Jerez Band, published on his social networks the kidnapping of a member of his work team who served as a driver, because they found his taxi empty and open in the middle of the morning.

“His collaboration is requested, he is missing, he is the driver of my Band. Maximum Alert ”, was what Marco Flores published on his Instagram account along with a Photography of Jesús Gaitán Valdéz, name of his driver.

“Taxi driver missing. His name is Jesús Gaitán Valdéz, he drives taxi 147, he left for Monte Escobedo this morning and so far there is no information on his whereabouts, ”reads the photograph of the Jerez Band driver.

The portal Zacatecas Online, reported that an operation was mounted to find the whereabouts of a member of Marco Flores y la Jerez’s work team, who was even presumed murdered.

Marco Flores and the Jerez kidnapping (Instagram)

Marco Flores and the Jerez kidnapping (Instagram)

According to data from the media, at first it was presumed that the Jerez driver had been killed inside the taxi, but it was denied because the empty vehicle was found empty in front of the garden of the Ermita de Guadalupe community, in Jerez, Zacatecas , Mexico.

It is unknown if Marco Flores and la Jerez negotiated with the kidnappers, because after the operation deployed by the authorities, it was reported that Jesús Gaytán appeared at the facilities from the Malpaso Regional Unit in Villanueva, to give his statement and tell what happened, as he was released.


Marco Flores and the Jerez kidnapping (Instagram)

Marco Flores and the Jerez kidnapping (Instagram)

Through a Facebook post by ‘Marco Flores y la Jerez’, the band’s vocalist wrote: “Thank God my Chuy was found safe and sound, thank you all very much for your prayers.”

So far there is no more data regarding who the kidnappers were or the motive for the plagiarism of the member of the Jerez Band team.

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