They discover them! The wildest and most macabre Hispanic infidelities (PHOTOS + VIDEOS)



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  • Errors in photographs or text messages have caused many unfaithful Hispanics to be discovered by their partner
  • In some cases, jealousy has led many to commit crimes
  • We present you a review of the wildest and most macabre infidelities

Currently, social networks have been the tools of many to discover the infidelities of their partners. This time we present you a review of the wildest, most unexpected and some macabre infidelities of Hispanics. The first story is about a mariachi in love who was left with a ‘broken heart’, realizing that the woman he was hired to serenade him was his girlfriend and that was not all: she was married!

According to SDP Noticias, the events occurred in recent days in a neighborhood of Coyoacan, in Mexico City, where the neighbors enjoyed a free ‘show’ with the brawl that broke out. And it is that the musicians had to prevent the mariachi from beating the woman’s husband, who had just hired them to serenade her.

Mariachi discovers his girlfriend’s infidelity in the middle of a serenade (PHOTO)

Hispanic infidelities
Photo: Facebook.

According to Radio Fórmula, it all started when the singer sang the song ‘If we are left’ and discovered that the one who was leaning out on the balcony was the Hispanic woman with whom he had been dating for the last few weeks. It was then that the sorrowful man threw himself on the man who hired them, believing that this was the lover. But what was her surprise when she realized that in reality he was the other, because that was nothing more and nothing less than her husband.

The witnesses said, according to SDP Noticias, that the woman had been dating both men; one her husband (the one who paid for the mariachi), and another the singer. The rest of the members of the group calmed down the fight and forced those involved to withdraw. The mariachi finally admitted that he had been a victim of his girlfriend’s infidelities and revealed that he did not know that she was married.

MACABRO: He discovers that his wife was cheating on him and unleashes infernal revenge (PHOTO)

Hispanic infidelities
Armando and Britany Barron. Photo: New Hampshire Police Station

The horrendous details of what he did were contained in an arrest warrant for a New Hampshire couple. They were Armando and his wife Britany. Both are accused of murdering 25-year-old Jonathan Amerault. But the details of why and how are really macabre.

Britany confessed everything after wildlife conservation officials found her at the camp where her husband allegedly ordered her to dispose of Amerault’s body … or what was left of it, since they found him decapitated. Britany claimed that her husband Armando had her cut off Amerault’s head after shooting him three times and then buried her in the ground of a camp, underground.

Woman sends photo by WhatsApp in babydoll to her fiancé and he discovers her lover (VIDEO)

Photo: taken from YouTube of WhatSappazoo!

The story of the alleged infidelities of the Hispanic woman through WhatsApp went viral on the Facebook social network. According to the newspaper, the woman always maintained communication with her fiancé, so she decided to send him a photo in which she was wearing a sexy white babydoll, with this she wanted to seduce and motivate him, however, she backfired and the separation took shape .

The fiancé noticed that in the room there were a pair of men’s tennis shoes in red, the problem is that he did not recognize them as his own and then he concluded that another was in his place. This is how a simple photo that tried to captivate a man, ended up opening his eyes to realize the alleged infidelity of his wife, for which he demanded a divorce. To watch the video press HERE.

Mother-in-law follows her daughter-in-law to the motel and grabs her red-handed (VIDEO)

Hispanic infidelities
Photo: YouTube video capture.

A woman chased her daughter-in-law to a motel to show off her infidelity. In a video broadcast on social networks you can see how the woman complains to the young woman, she replied that they only went to talk. But not knowing what to answer, he starts crying in front of his mother-in-law. Apparently not only are Hispanic men not the only ones who are unfaithful, many women are as well.

In the images it is observed how the woman enters the room, where ‘Karina’ is next to a half-naked man. But worst of all, ‘Karina’ was about to get married: “You were going to marry my son and you are with this man. It is not possible for you to do this, what a shame; you came to our house and we have given you everything ”. Apparently this happened in Ecuador. To watch the video press HERE.

Woman discovers her husband’s infidelity thanks to a selfie he sent her from the bathroom (VIDEO)

Photo: TikTok

A woman on TikTok, shared a video of some photos of her husband where she discovered that he was unfaithful, and launches a challenge to Internet users to discover what were the reasons why the young man is now single, according to the TN portal. Everything seems to indicate that the woman found something that made her ex-husband suspect, since in her video she invites users to discover the evidence of his infidelities. To watch the video press HERE.

“My husband sent me photos trying to look cute in his casino suite, but I noticed some strange things, he is single now. Can you guess what it is? ”This is how the clip mentioned was posted on the social network. Among the objects for which the woman discovered her husband, was a hair straightener that is in the sink next to an apparently woman’s bag, in addition to the fact that the young man was not wearing his engagement ring.

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