They create a virgin to whom you can pray and beg for a ‘miracle’ if you catch coronavirus (PHOTO)

They create the Virgin of Confinement in Spain, in honor of the victims of the coronavirus The artist Juan Manuel Martín García made it i...

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  • They create the Virgin of Confinement in Spain, in honor of the victims of the coronavirus
  • The artist Juan Manuel Martín García made it in his workshop and has already been blessed by a church
  • The figure is already in the Sanctuary of María Auxiliadora, in Jerez, Spain

The artist Juan Manuel Martín García, surprises the world in full increase of cases of Covid-19 and creates in Spain, the Virgin of Confinement, in honor of the victims of the coronavirus pandemic, according to information published on the news portal of Telemundo.

According to the first reports, the image is in the Sanctuary of María Auxiliadora, in Jerez, Spain, and will be exhibited for the congregation in general, as a show of honor to all the people who have suffered from this disease.

Currently some countries in Europe experience an increase in cases of contagion, as the winter season approaches, so authorities of the World Health Organization advise, if necessary, another quarantine.

Image taken from Twitter @NoticiasYaLA

The religious figure has already been shared on social networks and it is assured that it has already been blessed by a Church, which is why it has powerfully attracted the attention of the faithful, since it contains several symbolic aspects that do not stop causing astonishment.

In the image of the figure created and known as the Virgin of Confinement by the coronavirus, you can see three tears that signifies each month of confinement since its creation, a bow that symbolizes the shield of Seville and the purple color to honor the deceased .

Currently there are more than a million people killed around the world due to complications from Covid-19.

In America, the United States is one of the countries most affected by both infections and deaths, as well as Brazil and Mexico.

Germany, France and Italy are beginning to experience an upward curve in contagion cases as the winter season approaches.

In Mexico, the concern lies in the appearance of cases of coronavirus and dengue, as well as in the application of the influenza vaccine at this time.

When it became known that they created the image of the Virgin of Confinement in honor of the victims of the coronavirus, some people gave their opinions about it.

“The bible says that we cannot praise or worship false images and this can be creativity, but how many Virgin Mary want to create? Are they not satisfied with what they already did? Now they want another! How ignorant mankind is ”.

Some more people commented: “Hahaha, stop inventing so many virgins, they don’t do anything they just stand”, “definitely idleness is the mother of all vices”, “it doesn’t transmit anything, it’s a plaster image with a face that doesn’t transmits neither peace nor harmony ”.

Most of the comments did not approve the creation of this religious figure, in the midst of the COVID pandemic around the world.

Image taken from Instagram @fotocerrada

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In early September, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country has registered a coronavirus vaccine, saying that his daughter has already been inoculated with the drug.

As reported by the AP news agency, in remarks at a government meeting, Putin indicated that the vaccine had proven its effectiveness during tests and offered long-lasting immunity against the virus.

The president stressed that the vaccine had passed the necessary tests, and mentioned that one of his two daughters had received an injection and was feeling fine, AP detailed.

“I would like to repeat that it has passed all the necessary tests. The most important thing is to ensure the total safety of using the vaccine and its efficacy ”, he emphasized.

He detailed that his daughter had had 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 Fahrenheit) on the day of the first injection, which dropped to 37 degrees (98.6 Fahrenheit) the next day. After the second injection she had a slight rise in temperature again, but that was all.

“He feels good and has a high number of antibodies,” said Putin, who did not specify which of his two daughters – Maria or Katerina – had been vaccinated, AP reported.

As Russian authorities have already indicated, health personnel, teachers and other risk groups will be the first to be vaccinated.

With Putin’s announcement, Russia became the first country to register a coronavirus vaccine. However, the AP noted, many scientists within and outside the country have been skeptical, questioning the decision to register the vaccine before phase 3 trials, which typically last months and involve thousands of people.

Image taken from Twitter @PartidoPSUV

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