They create a smart mask that allows you to translate your voice into 8 languages

The use of a mask has become an essential requirement to be able to carry out the most common activities in most countries. Faced with a ...

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The use of a mask has become an essential requirement to be able to carry out the most common activities in most countries.

Faced with a new wave of infections in European and American countries, the use of a mask is seen as one of the more viable options for keeping a social distance adequate without running major risks of contagion.

The Donut Robotics company has taken the opportunity to create a new mask model that will be capable, among other things, of translating the user’s voice into 8 different languages.

Read on to learn more about the Donut Robotics C-Face Smart Mask

  • A Japanese company has created a mask capable of translating into 8 languages, as well as transcribing and amplifying the user’s voice
  • The C-Face Smart mask works through an app and an integrated microphone that connects to devices via bluetooth
  • This new mask is expected to be useful to facilitate communication in the midst of a pandemic, in which social distance is paramount to ensure people’s safety

Faced with a world panorama in which the economy needs to adapt to the circumstances of a global health emergency, the Japanese company Donut Robotics has used its resources to enter the market with a useful, safe and effective product.

It is the C-Face Smart mask, which the engineers behind the startup Donut Robotics designed to offer the market an innovative product that has two fundamental questions as a starting point: making social distancing easier, and offering an alternative based in technology to mask users.

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C-Face Smart: the next-generation mask that will translate your voice into 8 languages

The mask is very simple to use, according to Donut Robotics.

Like many other products, it requires an app to function, through which the user’s voice can be transcribed and amplified.

In addition, its main attraction will be the automatic translation into 8 different languages.

The purpose of the creation of this new mask is to cover certain needs that, after several months, have proven indispensable in the market.

One of them is to provide adequate visibility to the user.

Given that the masks cover a good part of the face, it is necessary to offer an article that does not obstruct the breathing of users, and although the C-Face Smart model is not created precisely to protect the population from the coronavirus, it can be used over a protective mask.

According to the CEO of Donut Robotics, the C-Face Smart model is designed to be used over a conventional mask, and is made of plastic and silicone.

Given that one of its main attractions is the ability to translate into eight languages, the mask works by adapting a microphone that connects to the user’s electronic device via Bluetooth.

A mask capable of translating into multiple languages? It is already a reality!

Donut Robotics has determined that the machine translation will cover eight languages: Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, French and English.

In accordance with information provided by CNN, the C-Face Smart mask is the result of various attempts by Donut Robotics to use artificial intelligence to make life easier for its customers.

Since last year, the Donut Robotics company had started working on an ambitious project to develop translation software, which they called Cinnamon.

However, with the arrival of the pandemic, this project took a new course: implementing the software in a mask.

With just six years of existence in the market, Donut Robotics is one of the companies that have decided to enter the market with an innovative product adapted to the current context.

The idea, according to one of the engineers responsible for the project, Takafumi Okabe, is “to change the world with small and portable communication robots.

Photo: DonutRobotics

It is positioned as the first step in a growth stage for Donut Robotics

Since 2016, the Cinnamon robot had been selected by Donut Robotics as one of its flagship projects.

His initial idea was to offer useful information to tourists arriving at an airport. Today, although international travel continues to be a reality, tourism has taken a back seat, and its place has been taken by a health emergency that involves new needs.

Company executives assure that “Cinnamon technology is better than Google API or any other similar technology.”

The project had been successfully tested at Haneda airport in 2017, but it was not until the beginning of 2019, when Asian airports experienced a sharp decline in their operations, that the company found it necessary to cover other potential markets.

In order not to go bankrupt, Donut Robotics decided to take advantage of the current needs of the international market to adapt the Cinnamon software and offer a new product that had great sales potential during the pandemic.

With the help of a fundraiser in June, Donut Robotics managed to raise around $ 265,000 USD in less than an hour, while in July it raised $ 539,000 USD.

With that money, they will be able to start mass production of the C-Face Smart mask model, and they hope to manufacture between 5,000 and 10,000 of these masks by the month of December.

The price of each will be between 40 and 50 dollars, in addition to an additional subscription price for the use of the app.

The bad news for tech geeks is that this product will only be available in Asia, but is expected to reach Europe and America in the first months of 20201.

Photo: DonutRobotics

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