3 dead, including a child, in a shooting in Salem, Oregon (PHOTOS)

3 dead, including a child, is confirmed in a Salem, Oregon shooting Hearing shots, police forced entry to intervene in the situation Oreg...

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  • 3 dead, including a child, is confirmed in a Salem, Oregon shooting
  • Hearing shots, police forced entry to intervene in the situation
  • Oregon State Police shooting to be investigated

Authorities confirmed the death of three people, including an 11-year-old boy. And it was an incident with hostages, in which hehe talks were abruptly interrupted, causing police elements to mobilize quickly.

According to the newspaper New York Post, the agents arrived at the house in Marion County, Oregon, where they contacted the suspect José Jesús López-Tinoco.

The agents sought to control the situation in a calm manner, but upon hearing shots they forced entry to intervene in the situation. There they found 34-year-old suspect José Jesús López-Tinoco, who apparently committed suicide by shooting himself.

In addition the agents found Diari Bustos-Bustos, 24, and an 11-year-old boy who were identified as dead, however his name will not be shared.

New York Post reported that a 43-year-old woman, identified as Laura Rocío-Bustos, was taken to a nearby hospital with serious gunshot wounds.

A 13-year-old minor who was reported by county agents as unharmed was also rescued, the minor was identified but without mentioning his name.

The Oregon State Police through a release uploaded to one of his official sites said that one of his agents opened fire upon entering the property, but the number of bullets emitted was not mentioned.

Hostage Shooting Oregon Salem

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In turn, in this same statement it was announced that the police will not give more details without the authorization of the Marion County prosecutor, where the events occurred.

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The statement issued by the Oregon State Police indicates that agent Ricky Kittelson, with a career of more than two years in the position, along with the other agents who were involved in the case, were sanctioned with an administrative license due to the protocol that must be followed with respect to these situations.

It was not reported whether it was the shots fired by the Oregon State Police officer, Ricky Kittelson, that wounded Laura Rocío-Bustos, or those that took the life of Diari Bustos-Bustos, 24, and a child. 11 years old, whose name is not shared.

The situation arose, as reported a few hours ago, when the agents answered a call that was made around 12:30 on Monday, September 28.

In the following photograph published by The Sun Through Twitter, you can see the elements of the Oregon State Police at the scene located in Marion County.

Hostage Shooting Oregon Salem

PHOTO: Twitter

Several elements arrived on the scene, including a negotiator from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Hostage Negotiation Team, an expert who collaborated, but the extent of his involvement in the case was not stated. According Fox, The house is located at 600 Juneva Place Southeast, near Mahrt Avenue Southeast in the city of Salem, Oregon.

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The investigation continues while and not too many details have been given. What was reported was that no Oregon State Police officer was injured during the events.

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The causes that led José Jesús López-Tinoco to become the suspect behind the events, nor what would lead him to suicide are still unknown.

The relationship that López-Tinoco had with the deceased has also not been disclosed: Diari Bustos-Bustos, 24, and an 11-year-old boy whose name has not been revealed. In addition, the relationship between Laura Rocío-Bustos, who was injured in the shooting, and the 13-year-old minor who was unharmed with the aggressor, has not been reported.

At the moment no more information has been given about the case, nor has additional data been shared through social networks, neither those of the Oregon State Police, nor those of the city of Salem, where the events took place.

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