They capture Kamala Harris exercising on public roads, but her bodyguard ‘stole her attention’ (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris appears in a video exercising on some stairs Her bodyguard gets the heads of her for the way he takes care of her “Po...

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  • Kamala Harris appears in a video exercising on some stairs
  • Her bodyguard gets the heads of her for the way he takes care of her
  • “Poor his bodyguard, he who is to blame”, they commented

Kamala Harris stairs bodyguard. The new one vice president from the United States, Kamala Harris, was captured on video exercising on some stairs at 56 years of age, but her bodyguard amazed by the way she takes care of her, according to Telemundo.

Harris continues to impress, and attract the attention of citizens, not only for his actions in politics, but for his amazing physical condition.

In very Rocky Balboa style, the vice president went down and up some stairs, in which she showed that she is still in great physical shape, by the way so fast in which she moved on the steps.

Kamala Harris Stairs Bodyguard



In the video Kamala Harris is seen, performing cardio, wearing her sports kit, her cap and her mask, but it was her personal security element, who captured the attention this time.

And it is that it is observed as his secret service, he follows her as much as she can wherever she goes, and this time he also went down and up the stairs, but not with the condition of Kamala Harris.

“Poor his bodyguard, he who is to blame, that’s how it was”, “And the bodyguard would have put tennis on him too”, “Super happy his bodyguard going up and down with dress shoes #cayos”, some users commented.

It is worth mentioning that the stairs are located directly in front of the famous Lincoln Memorial in Washington state, and although the video only lasted a few seconds, it received a lot of reactions.


Reactions on social media

Through the program’s Instagram account Tell me what you know, published the recording where the vice president and her bodyguard are seen exercising.

Kamala Harris Stairs Bodyguard 2


#KamalaHarris, was captured during an exercise routine, but while going up and down steps, what her bodyguard was doing took all eyes, “they wrote in the video.

Here are some of the comments that different users made in the recording, where Kamala Harris is training.

Kamala Harris Bodyguard Stairs 3


“Beautiful, I like how humble she is and honor having her as vice president … and if it doesn’t seem like it to you, avoid the fatigue of commenting ok it’s my opinion you have yours and I respect it”, “Spending the taxpayers’ money, paying the secret service to take care of her while she does her antics “,” As you can see she has nothing to do “,” And the security with those uncomfortable jogging clothes too “,” Ridiculous! They always want to attract attention. Why don’t you go up and down the stairs of your shack? “

“Very good Kamala Harris, that is so that we see that wherever you want you can exercise, there is no excuse not to do it. Blessings “,” The secret service there also exercising next to her! “,” Good for her until there perfect. But the gentleman of Tuxido next to her also touched the poor up and down. Occupational hazards”.

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