They assure that impeachment against Donald Trump will be “fair and honest”



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  • At 1:00 pm “fair and honest” impeachment trial against Donald Trump begins
  • The former president of the United States is singled out for inciting protests
  • The assault on the Capitol led to violence that left injuries and deaths in the legislative headquarters

At 1:00 pm Starts “fair and honest” impeachment trial against former United States President Donald Trump for assault on the Capitol, reported the news portal of Fox 43.

The Senate scheduled the diary of this day for the impeachment of the ex-president, so it is ensured that it will be as objective as possible.

Verbatim, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that the plan agreed with the minority leader “ensures that the trial is fair to both impeachment managers and the defending“.

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And it is that Donald Trump will face impeachment, after he is accused of inciting his followers to the protests that unleashed in the assault on the Capitol.

De has said that there will be a debate and a subsequent vote to see if it is even constitutional to prosecute the former president who is no longer in office.

Trump’s impeachment managers and attorneys will have up to 2 hours to show all their arguments on constitutionality.

The process will be as follows: After both parties present their arguments today, it will be up to the Senate to vote, at this point and if a majority of legislators vote, the case becomes constitutional, before this the trial will continue the next day .

It is then that on Wednesday, February 10, the impeachment managers and the defense will have up to 16 hours each to present their case.

Each presentation should not exceed 8 hours and each party may only use up to two days to show their case.

The historic second impeachment trial of Donald Trump in the Senate, over the Capitol case, is an unprecedented effort in American history.

The former president, defeated at the polls, has been accused by the House of Representatives of inciting the attack of a violent mob against the United States Capitol to overturn the electoral result, what the prosecution described as “the most serious constitutional crime.”

Trump’s lawyers insist, before the trial begins on Tuesday, that he is not guilty of the one count of “incitement to insurrection” and that he only took literary license in his combative words when he called the crowd at a rally to “ fight like hell ”for his presidency. The assault on the Capitol on January 6 shocked the world, which witnessed how the insurgents raided the building trying to stop the certification of the victory of the president-elect, Joe Biden.

No witnesses are expected to be called, in part because jury senators who had to flee to safety will see explicit videos recorded that day. Donald Trump, entrenched in his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, has rejected a request to testify.

Trump, the first president to face trial after leaving office, and the first to go through two political trials for crimes and serious offenses during his term, continues to defy the country’s civil norms and traditions even in defeat.

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Security is still very high on Capitol Hill. Although it is likely to end with an acquittal, the trial will test the country’s attitude toward his presidential style, the determination of Democrats to hold him accountable, and the loyalty of his Republican allies in defending him.

“When trying to understand a second trial of Trump, the public must bear in mind that Donald Trump was the first president in history to refuse to accept his defeat,” said Timothy Naftali, associate clinical professor at New York University and expert in the Richard Nixon impeachment saga, which ended with Nixon’s resignation, rather than impeachment.

“This trial is a way to have that difficult national conversation about the difference between dissent and insurrection,” Naftali said.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that Biden will be busy with the duties of the presidency and will not spend much time watching the process televised. “He will leave it to his colleagues in the Senate,” he said.

In their previous documents, the former president’s lawyers attacked various aspects of the accusation and dismissed the process as “political theater” in the same Senate room that the mob invaded.

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The trial will begin Tuesday with a debate and vote on whether the Constitution admits to prosecuting the former president, an argument that could attract Republicans who want to vote to acquit Trump without appearing to accept his behavior.

Under an agreement between Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, opening statements will begin at noon on Wednesday and each side will have up to 16 hours to make their presentation.

Then there will be hours for deliberations, witnesses and closing arguments. The trial could continue through the weekend and into next week.

This has become a historical fact that captures the eyes of the whole world.

Donald Trump impeachment

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