They assure that Alejandro Fernández’s son is already planning a wedding with his girlfriend (PHOTO)

They assure that Alejandro Fernández’s son is engaged to his girlfriend and is already preparing the wedding Alex Fernández Jr. ann...

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  • They assure that Alejandro Fernández’s son is engaged to his girlfriend and is already preparing the wedding
  • Alex Fernández Jr. announces that his girlfriend Alexia Hernández will be his wife
  • Finally, after 8 years of relationship, the descendant of ‘El Potrillo’ will ‘settle down’

They assure that Alex Fernández, son of the singer Alejandro Fernández ‘El Potrillo’, is finally engaged to his girlfriend Alexia Hernández with whom he had been for nine and a half years relationship, according to the Instagram account of Wake up America.

This information is revealed Hola magazine, exclusively and immediately replicated by various entertainment news portals.

On one occasion the son of ‘Foaly’ confessed for Venga la Alegría in a verbatim way: “I also thought I was going to be the first to get married.”

Imagfen taken from Insatgram @ alexfernandez.g

And he added about the recent wedding of his sister Camila: “The truth is that they caught us all like that, in a curve, but well I say, good for them, the truth is that I am very happy.

Just 5 weeks ago the ‘Heir’ published a photograph next to his partner, to celebrate more than 9 years of relationship.

Now, everyone is aware of the date of the wedding and the place, as well as the guests, since it is believed that it will be full of celebrities.

The couple of Alex Fernández Jr. and Alexia Hernández is one of the favorites of the public, as they receive many congratulations on their courtship.

In social networks they always receive good comments from their postcards together, which has led them to be one of the most beloved couples.

On the next page we will leave you the photograph that Alejandro Fernández’s son posted to celebrate his engagement, which we now know is prior to his wedding.

After revealing the information on the wedding of Alejandro Fernández’s son, who is finally engaged to his girlfriend Alexia Hernández, people did not stop giving their opinions on social networks.

In the account of the program Despierta América, people gave their first impressions about the marriage of the son of ‘El Potrillo’.

Immediately one person said: “I hope I’m not like your dad.” Someone else reiterated the previous comment: “Well, I hope she does not do the same as her father, and history repeats itself, so many years of boyfriend and then to end in divorce.”

One person regretted the ‘hasty’ decision and recommended: “He would have waited a bit, his career is just beginning and many projects await him”.

One woman preferred only to congratulate the happy couple: “May they be happy forever, do not listen to envious, frustrated and hateful people, love is eternal and is what the world needs.”

Another person raised suspicions with the following question: “What if the newly married sister is pregnant?”

“Their names and surnames are almost alike, surely not, sometimes children come out more responsible than parents, blessing and so many years, he is a handsome boy and loves his mother very much, he will be a good husband,” predicted a follower.

Image taken from Instagram @ alexfernandez.g

However, criticism was the order of the day after hearing the news that Alejandro Fernández’s son is finally engaged to his girlfriend Alexia Hernández and there will be a wedding.

Someone without any restrictions expressed his opinion about what he thinks of that future marriage: “I hope he does not come out as a scoundrel like his father and an abuser like his brother.”

For its part, on the Instagram account of @ chamonic3, a follower commented on the future wife of the son of ‘El Potrillo’: “It is like his social media assistant, they already have years of dating, they invite us.”

Another person said: “As young as he is, after a while success comes and later the divorce.”

This news made it clear that the young man maintains a good image before people, but what ‘damages’ him a bit is the one that people have of his father and his family.

Despite this, the couple’s happiness is at its maximum and there are long tablecloths because one more wedding was held in the family recently.

On the next page we will give you more details of what has been the relationship of Alejandro Fernández’s son with Alexia Hernández.

Image taken from Instagram @ alexfernandez.g

Alex, son of the famous singer Alejandro Fernández ‘El Potrillo’ published a video on Instagram to show off what he does during the quarantine for the coronavirus in the company of his girlfriend Alexia Hernández, however, he never imagined that they would tell him morbid comments for a detail that people detected in their routine.

The also singer, a member of the Fernández dynasty, published the material on social networks to publicize how he entertains himself during the quarantine ordered by the Federal Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, next to his girlfriend, but Internet users did not leave pass up the opportunity to tell him risque comments for a position they took while exercising.

And it is that in the video it is seen that Vicente Fernández’s grandson holds his girlfriend by the legs, while she is intertwined around his waist, to be able to exercise her abdomen, but people noticed that it was a too sexual pose, so they did not wait to comment on the fact.

Alex Fernández commented: “This is how the quarantine is used.” To which people immediately responded: “So who is not motivated”, “in that position as anyone”, “even inside.”

Some women showed their love for the ‘Heir’ and told him in such a way: “Train me.” Others, more daring, showed their desire to be with him and said: “Is it okay to take over?”

To see the video click here.

Son Alejandro Fernández wedding

Image taken from Instagram @ alexfernandez.g

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