These are the winning numbers of the Mega Millions on September 18

  • Mega Millions: These are the winning numbers of the draw for this Friday, September 18
  • Today $ 20 million was at stake as a jackpot, but if the winner claims it in a single payment, it will be $ 15.9 million.
  • Find out if you are the lucky lottery winner

Mega Millions: They have already announced the winning numbers of the draw for this Friday, September 18. Check the list that we leave you below because you could be one of the lucky millionaire jackpot winners.

This time the bag The guaranteed amount is $ 20 million with a cash payment option of $ 15.9 million.

The Mega Millions draw held on September 18, 2020 already has results and are next:

26 29 41 52 64 – 11

Megaplier: 2x

LOOK AT COMPLETE SWEEPSTAKES HERE. You can also check on the page and there see everything related to the lottery and its winning numbers.

Have you ever wondered what you can do with that amount of money?

You can buy from a mansion, cars, clothes, travel, save, invest, among many other options, by winning the Power Ball or Mega Millions prize. You can even start your own business and no longer depend on a job. Or you can give yourself a life of luxury by traveling around the world and visiting the cities you always dreamed of.

Also share with those you love the most and acquire the most luxurious and spacious mansion that you always wanted. In addition, you will have the opportunity to buy branded clothing from world-renowned designers. You can have the world at your feet and you only need to buy a ticket and wait for the winner to come out.

Do not hesitate and look for the number that will make you change your life in a more pleasant and comfortable way. The chances of winning are latent and you must be ready for your fortune, so do not hesitate and participate in search of your winning Mega Millions numbers.

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