The US says Iran attacked the ship off the coast of Oman

The United States says Iran attacked a ship off the coast of Oman The Government recognizes that cyberattacks are here to stay Russia app...

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  • The United States says Iran attacked a ship off the coast of Oman
  • The Government recognizes that cyberattacks are here to stay
  • Russia appears to be responsible for the cyberattack suffered in a North American meat processing company

Washington, Aug 1 (EFE News) .- The United States Government declared this Sunday that Iran was responsible for the attack on an oil tanker last Thursday off the coast of Oman, which caused two deaths, and stated that there will be an “adequate response” shortly. In a statement, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, indicated that, after analyzing the available information, the US “is sure that Iran carried out the attack”, so it is working with its partners to “consider the steps to follow” and determine the “appropriate response.”

“There is no justification for this attack, which follows a pattern of attacks and other bellicose behavior. These acts threaten the freedom of navigation through this crucial seaway, as well as international trade and the lives of those on the ships,” Blinken said. The attack – carried out by a drone – caused the death of two members of the crew, a Romanian citizen and a British citizen, and Israel directly accuses Iran of having committed the aggression.

Iran attacked the ship off the coast of Oman


When it was attacked on Thursday night, the vessel, run by a company owned by Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer, was in the northern Indian Ocean on its way to the United Arab Emirates. The incident raised alarms among the Israeli authorities. Israel views Tehran as its main enemy in the region and an existential threat. Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in Syria, it has intermittently bombarded the positions of Iranian or allied militias that support the Syrian forces of Bashar al-Assad.

In addition, it is fervently opposed to the 2015 nuclear agreement between various powers and Tehran, to which the US is proposing to return after former President Donald Trump withdrew from it in 2018. For its part, the Iranian government denies the Israeli accusations, now supported by the UK and the US. In his weekly press conference, Tehran Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Jatibzade called Tel Aviv’s accusations “unfounded” and stressed that “it is not the first time that the occupying Quds regime (Jerusalem) has attributed such accusations to the Islamic Republic ”. EFE News

The US recognizes that cyberattacks “are here to stay”


Washington, Jun 6 (EFE News) .- The Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, assured this Sunday that the cyberattacks of “ransomware” “are here to stay” and warned that they will probably “intensify”, which is why he urged companies to reinforce their security after the last episodes suffered in the US. Raimondo remarked in an interview on ABC television that “the first thing” to do about cyberattacks is “recognize that this is reality.”

“We must assume, and companies must assume, that these attacks they are here to stay and, probably, they will intensify ”, he stressed, pointing to the need for the private sector to reinforce security in this area. Aware of the problem, the White House has presented a program with the Department of Energy to modernize cybersecurity defenses in “essential infrastructure” in the face of the “growing threat.”

Cyber ​​attacks are serious

Cyber ​​attacks are dangerous

The United States has recently suffered two major “ransomware” cyberattacks, which lock down computer systems that are not released until companies or institutions pay the hackers a ransom. At the end of May, the company JBS, the second largest meat processor in the US, suffered one of these attacks and was forced to temporarily suspend its operations.

A few weeks earlier, the Colonial Pipeline company, which owns several pipelines in the US, suffered a similar one, this time launched by the Russian-based criminal organization DarkSide, which affected the fuel supply on the country’s east coast for days. Colonial Pipeline later acknowledged that it paid the hackers a $ 4.4 million ransom because it was unsure of the scope of the attack or how long it would take to restore service. EFE News

White House targets Russia after cyberattack against JBS company

Cyber ​​attacks will not stop

Washington, Jun 1 (EFE News) .- The White House on Tuesday pointed to Russia as the ultimate responsible for the cyberattack against one of the largest meat processors in North America, the company JBS, which has caused the suspension of the company’s operations, and said it is in contact with the Russian authorities. The deputy spokeswoman for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, told the press on the Air Force One plane that the US Government is in contact with the Russian on this matter and has made it clear that “the responsible States do not give refuge to the ‘ransomware’ criminals ”.

In these statements on US President Joe Biden’s trip to Tulsa, the spokeswoman added that JBS suffered a “ransomware” attack and that the ransom request “came from a criminal organization probably based in Russia.” He also noted that the FBI is investigating the incident and the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA) is coordinating with the FBI to offer technical support to the company.

White House is assessing the damage

Damages are assessed by the White House
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The attack on JBS comes shortly after the criminal organization DarkSide carried out a similar cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline, the largest network of pipelines from the country. Ransomware attacks lock down computer systems that are not released until companies or institutions pay the hackers a ransom.

In the case of Colonial, which caused gasoline supply problems in the United States, the company paid DarkSide $ 4.4 million in bitcoin to regain control of its computer systems. Jean-Pierre added that the US authorities are evaluating the impact of the attack against JBS, responsible for up to 20% of the meat products processed in the United States and that the Department of Agriculture is verifying that other companies in the sector have not suffered a similar cyberattack. .

Cyberattacks are important to the Biden administration

It is important to stop cyberattacks

“The fight against ‘ransomware’ is a priority for the administration (Biden),” concluded Jean-Pierre. Following the cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline, which each day transports up to 2.5 million barrels of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from refineries in the Gulf of Mexico to large areas of the country, Biden also placed part of the responsibility in Moscow although he declared that he had no evidence of the involvement of the Russian authorities in the attack.

“At the moment our intelligence personnel have no evidence that Russia is involved although there is evidence that the person responsible for the ‘ransomware’ is in Russia and (the Russian authorities) have the responsibility to deal with this,” Biden said then. On Sunday, JBS said it had detected a cyber attack affecting its servers in North America and Australia and that the company’s backup servers were not affected by the attack. The attack prompted the company to suspend operations in North America and Australia on Monday. Today, JBS also suspended several work shifts at its North American plants. EFE News

Hackers attacked New York’s transportation network last April

Hackers harm the community with cyberattacks

New York, Jun 2 (EFE News) .- The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA, in English), which manages the largest public transport network in the country, confirmed this Wednesday that several of its computer systems were attacked by hackers last April. According to local media, the hackers did not access the control system of the New York subway trains, so the security of the passengers were not in danger, said the MTA representatives, who specified that the intrusion hardly caused any damage.

“The MTA responded to this attack quickly and aggressively with the help of Mandiant, a leading cybersecurity company, whose forensic audit found no evidence of impacted operating systems, no employee or customer information was accessed, and no there was loss of data or changes in our vital system ”, specified the head of the Department of Technology of the MTA, Rafail Portnoy.

Transportation is kept safe

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The representative also assured that the different levels of security their systems have fulfilled their function, at the same time that he pointed out that the agency remains attentive to cyberattacks, “which are a global threat.” Specifically, ABC News noted that the cyberattack affected 3 of the MTA’s 18 systems, which as a result forced 3,700 users of its system to change their password.

The MTA reported the cyberattack to federal authorities, but until Wednesday it had not publicly confirmed the event, something it was forced to do after publishing details about it in The New York Times. This is the last cyber attack that has occurred in recent weeks in the country, which has affected everything from oil pipelines, with the attack on the Colonial network, to the food supply, with the attack on the meat products processor JBS. EFE News

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