The truth about COVID-19 and the vaccine from experts (Video)

The truth about COVID-19 and the vaccine from experts (Video). The coronavirus vaccine continues to be a topic of debate in the Hispanic ...

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  • The truth about COVID-19 and the vaccine from experts (Video).
  • The coronavirus vaccine continues to be a topic of debate in the Hispanic community.
  • The vaccine is used to fight a virus, said one of the interpreters from Northside Hospital Atlanta.

The truth about COVID-19 and the vaccine from experts. MundoHispánico senior reporter Mario Guevara had a conversation with a Northside Hospital Atlanta medical team to address one of the issues that most concerns the Hispanic community in recent days.

And there are still Hispanics from the community of Atlanta Georgia that are not one hundred percent convinced to get the COVID-19 vaccine due to theories not proven by experts, but rather because of comments they hear from others.

Most common mistakes the community makes

The truth about COVID-19
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According to Dr. Sindy Chavez, a Peruvian national who has been working at Northside Hospital for seven years, one of the most common mistakes the community makes is with the use of a mask. “Here you see three perfect examples of the use of the mask covering the nose,” he said.

During the conversation, which was broadcast on a FaceBook Live to guide not only the Hispanic community in Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia, but also the entire audience of MundoHispánico, the expert in the health area explained how it should be used mask correctly.

The vaccine helps fight the virus

The truth about COVID-19
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“Several people are wearing this (the mask) under the nose, in the throat, covering only the chin, no, that is one of the things that is going to save lives. And also washing your hands is something that you can teach children, everyone in the family, it is something they can have by washing their hands, you are going to change things, ”said Dr. Chavez.

Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Chavez indicated that the fact that a citizen gets the vaccine does not mean that they will not get COVID again if they have been given it before. “What the vaccine will prevent is that if the reaction you have COVID gives you, you can fight the virus,” he added.

Vaccine Side Effects: Myth or Fact?

The truth about COVID-19
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Dr. Chavez recommends that those who are afraid of receiving the vaccine, whether due to some myth or lack of information, go to a source of information where they will provide truthful information instead of just listening to rumors that others say.

“What one is a little afraid of is the side effects that yes, the CDC tells you what to expect after the second vaccine, headache, fever, body aches, chills, those are effects that do they wait, ”said Dr. Chavez.

Interpreter team for the Hispanic community

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Northside Hospital has a team of interpreters for those who do not speak English and to provide the necessary assistance to the Hispanic community of Atlanta in relation to official information about the vaccine and the coronavirus virus.

Part of this team are Angélica Brito, who has been working in the hospital for more than 7 years, three and a half years almost four in the emergency room and Diana Petayes, an Argentine national, who has been working as an interpreter for five years, four of them in the emergency room. Filed Under: The Truth About COVID.

Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine

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According to Dr. Chavez, both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines provide 94 or 97 percent protection, and she recommends that either of the two that the patient wishes to receive is effective. “Either one, there’s no real preference,” he added.

“On the Johnson & Johnson vaccine they stopped for a little while but now it is approved to continue. I think it is only the people who have low platelets that can cause blood clots, but there are always options. If you are not very comfortable with Johnson & Johnson, now it is easier to have either of these two vaccines, ”said Dr. Chavez.

Religious believers doubt the vaccine

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One of the interpreters who works at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Angélica Brito, said that many of the people who have a religious belief, who believe in God, are reluctant to get the coronavirus vaccine because they have many doubts.

“First of all I think it is very important to recognize that many people who believe in God also died from COVID, so there are things that I think one should go a little further, hear a little more about science, get closer to the media that know about science ”, highlighted Brito. Filed Under: The Truth About COVID.

Most patients in 2020 were Hispanic

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Angélica Brito also said that last year the majority of patients who received social work services were Hispanic. “In that year we had a huge number of patients from the Hispanic community. Our patients, the majority, were from the Hispanic community ”, he highlighted.

“Why? Because also at that time we had this problem of the myths that if I go to the hospital they will inject me with COVID, that if I go to the hospital they will kill me, I better not go, etc., and the community lowered its guard and stopped listen to science and we suffer enormously at all levels and at all ages ”, said Brito.

Vaccines Weren’t Steamed

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“So now there is the opportunity to get vaccinated and it is important that our community understand that vaccines were not made by steaming, that vaccines have been studied for many years this type of vaccine, so it is something that was carefully prepared, it is not something. It was done at the last minute, ”added Brito.

For her part, Diana Petayes said that vaccines are totally safe because they do not make any changes because they do not enter the DNA cells, in relation to the myths that with the vaccine they can change the DNA of those who apply it. “The vaccine is used to fight a virus, that’s what the vaccine is for,” he said. Filed Under: The Truth About COVID.

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