The suspect in the shooting that left three dead in Austin has been arrested: His victims would be his wife, daughter and her boyfriend

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The suspect in the shooting that left three dead in Austin has been arrested: His victims would be his wife, daughter and her boyfriend
  • Authorities arrested the suspect in the deadly Austin shooting on Sunday.
  • The suspect in the Austin shooting was a former police officer.
  • According to the New York Post, the victims of the triple homicide would be the former police officer’s wife, daughter and her boyfriend.

The hunt is over. Authorities managed to arrest this Monday the suspect in the shooting registered yesterday in Austin, Texas, which left three people dead, who would presumably be his wife, daughter and her boyfriend.

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A former Texas police officer was captured on Monday after a search that began after three people were shot to death in Austin, authorities cited by the AP news agency reported.

Austin shooting suspect falls

Former police officer Stephen Broderick, 41, who was carrying a pistol, was arrested without resistance at approximately 7:30 a.m. on a rural road in Manor, an Austin suburb, Manor Police Chief Ryan Phipps said, according to the report. of AP.

Ryan Phipps said police had received two phone calls alerting to the presence of a suspect matching the description of Stephen Broderick, who was later transferred to the Travis County Jail, whose authorities have not yet responded to messages left. Monday by AP.

Austin shooting suspect knew his victims

Austin shooting suspect

The aforementioned news agency detailed that the Acting Chief of the Austin Police, Joseph Chacon, indicated that Stephen Broderick was a suspect in the deaths that occurred on Sunday of two women and a man, whom he knew. However, the AP has not yet identified the deceased.

At first, police warned Austinites living near the scene to take cover, but lifted that request later Sunday when they stated that it was unknown if Stephen Broderick was still in town.

Austin shooting suspect confirmed to be a former police officer

Austin shooting suspect

Acting Chief Joseph Chacon mentioned that Stephen Broderick is a former police officer for the Travis County Department, which is based in Austin, Texas, the aforementioned news agency said.

For his part, Travis County District Attorney José Garza said in a statement cited by the AP that Stephen Broderick was arrested for sexual assault of a minor in June last year and was released on $ 50,000 bail. He added that the district attorney’s office filed a motion Sunday to revoke that bond.

Former police officer problems

Austin shooting suspect

Police chief spokeswoman Kristen Dark told the Austin American-Statesman newspaper, quoted by AP, that Stephen Broderick, a property crime detective, resigned after the arrest at the time.

The newspaper also reported that Stephen Broderick’s wife filed for a restraining order and divorce shortly after his arrest for sexual assault in June last year.

Victims would be his wife, daughter and her boyfriend

Although the AP did not identify the three victims in its report, the newspaper New York Post published this Monday that the deceased would be relatives of former policeman Stephen Broderick, or at least two of them.

The three people allegedly shot to death by a former sheriff’s detective in Austin, Texas, were his wife, teenage daughter and her boyfriend, who was a high school football star, the New York Post reported.

Suspect in Austin shooting reportedly murdered his family

Quoting from KXAN, the New York Post reported that Alyssa Broderick and her boyfriend Willie Simmons III, who had signed with the University of North Texas, were identified Monday by the Elgin Independent School District.

The mother of the young woman, identified as Amanda Broderick, would be the other person who died in the attack on Sunday, according to the reporter on Twitter. Kris betts, who cited Austin police.

Painful departure

Alyssa Broderick, who had accused her father of sexually assaulting her when she was 16, was known as a star athlete in her high school. “She was an excellent student and athlete, enrolled in our Early College High School program and played on our girls basketball team,” Elgin Superintendent of Schools Jodi Duron told KXAN.

Her boyfriend Willie Simmons III, a captain of her high school football team, had signed up to play at the University of North Texas. “He was an exceptional young man and a leader among his peers,” said Duron, adding that the athlete was a member of the National Honor Society and “represented the best of Elgin ISD.”

Criticism of the system

Austin shooting suspect

Quoting the Austin American-StatesmanThe New York Post said the suspect was largely unsupervised by the criminal justice system months after his daughter and wife claimed in affidavits that they feared he would hurt them.

The former police officer spent 16 days behind bars last summer on charges of sexually assaulting a child member of the family, according to the newspaper. On June 22, Stpehen Broderick posted a $ 50,000 bond and was ordered not to contact or come within 200 feet of his daughter. He was also ordered to use a GPS tracking device. But on November 5, a Travis County judge ordered the device removed after Broderick’s attorney argued in a written motion that he had worn the monitor for 142 days without substantial violations.


State District Judge Karen Sage agreed, a decision that left the former cop largely unsupervised months after his wife, who had filed for divorce, and their daughter voiced their fears.

Sage told the Austin American-Statesman on Sunday that he generally agrees to remove the tracking devices when a defendant has shown a pattern of compliance and has had no violations.

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